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nipdaeh 11-05-2015 08:45 PM

Help with blood test
I am looking for help with my blood test results. The doctor said the test came back negative for lyme but number came back high?
Here are the results:
lyme ab/western blot reflex

Test Low Normal High Reference Range Units
lyme igg/igm ab [B]1.47[/B] 0.00-0.90 ISR
lyme disease ab, quant, igm [B]3.38[/B] 0.00-0.79 index
igg p93 ab. Absent
igg p66 ab. Absent
igg p58 ab. Absent
igg p45 ab. Absent
igg p41 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p39 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p30 ab. Absent
igg p28 ab. Absent
igg p23 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p18 ab. Absent
lyme igg wb interp. Negative See Comments
igm p41 ab. Absent
igm p39 ab. Absent
igm p23 ab. [B]Present[/B]
lyme igm wb interp. Negative See Comments

frenchfri1003 11-06-2015 04:56 PM

Re: Help with blood test
Your numbers look very similar to mine. I had a few more positive bands. I read through the CDC specs. Seems people need to have 5 bands in the IGG and or 2 bands in the IGM. I am no expert as I was just diagnosed. The IGM is stage 1 an the acute stage which is shortly after an infection and out to a few months. IGG is stage 2 and stage 3 which may develop after the infection and can persist indefinitely. I also read somewhere that IGM is a current infection and IGG is an infection that has been in your system for years. Once you test positive for Lyme you will always test positive. Supposedly different lab are more sensitive than others.
Good Luck. Hopefully you can convince your doctor to give you the medication for Lyme anyway.

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