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Danamber 10-13-2016 08:00 PM

My Lyme Disease Story
Last July a spent several days running through the woods in Connecticut. Prior to returning home to Washington State I began to aquire symptoms of what I thought to be a flu. After six weeks I finally went to a doctor. In addition to flu like symptoms there was pain through most of both arms and sholders. The pain was intense enough to prevent sleep for several days. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong and sent me home without treatment. A week later the muscles on the right side of my face began to lose strength (Bells Palsy) which prompted a trip to the ER. The doctors there quickly ruled out a stroke and brain tumor. My wife and I mentioned out trip to Connecticut and surronding states and suggested the posiblity on Lyme Disease. The doctors thought Lyme Disease to be unlikely and prescribed medication to combat a viral infection (valacyclovir) and inflammation (prednisone). A week later I visited our family doctor. This doctor ordered some blood test to be taken after the viral medication had been completed. His initial tests were were to evaluate thyroid and pituitary gland disorders as well as rheumatoid arthrits. Though our family doctor felt Lyme Disease was extremely unlikely, he agreed to our request for tests for Lyme. Two weeks later all blood tests were normal except for a positive result for Lyme Disease. I was prescribed 14 days of the antibiotic clarithromycin. After 14 days on antibiotics I returned to my doctor for a checkup. My symptoms were mostly gone including the Bells Palsy. The exception was the pain under my right upper arm and shoulder. The arm was also very week. The doctor's evaluation of my shoulder yielded no results. He did agree to extent the antibiotics for an additional 14 days. Concerned about my arm and shoulder I did some quick resurch on the internet. I concluded that I was suffering from a Winged Scapula normally associated with trauma to the Long Thoracic nerve. Pictures of my back closely resembled those on the internet. I've scheduled an appointment with a nearologist. I've read about other Lyme victims suffering from similar face and shoulder nerve issues. What I haven't heard is what they've done to correct the issue and the chances for recovery.

Any comments or advice?

I consider myself lucky. So many others are misdiagnosed for months or even years and suffer so much more. My heart goes out for those battling Lyme Disease. Hopefully, stories like mine can help the medical community better diagnosis Lyme, especially in those states were Lyme Disease cases are uncommon.


nchenSon 07-05-2017 07:37 AM

Re: My Lyme Disease Story
I think it is concerning that you were not diagnosed with lyme disease given you had just come from Connecticut. Lyme is named after the town Old Lyme/Lyme Connecticut where a cluster of cases were discovered in the 1970s. I assume Washington State doctors are ignorant to the epidemic.

I would do research on prednisone as I have heard it can have a very detrimental effect to an illness with underlying lyme disease. Also many people believe lyme disease can relapse shortly or long after treatment. 1 mo of antibiotics may not be enough.

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