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lol1723 05-15-2017 06:34 PM

Tested positive for "chronic" Lyme - but no help
This is my 1st post, after I have read some of your helpful posts. I have some real significant health problems, which I work on with my Primary Care Dr. but no luck. We worked on my thyroid, as it was removed by radioactive iodine, so now i take Thyroid hormone supplements. While my condition never improved, and my thyroid showed "good" blood work, I asked to be tested for Lyme Disease. This is because I am extremely fatigued every day. I am out of breath from very low exertion. frequent headaches, I get dizzy sometimes. Nausea. I had to go to ER just to get fluids this year.. as i just kept throwing up all day/night. My face heats up (sounds weird I know).. and I have to splash cold water. I have digestion issues which I never had before. The LD test came back positive. My Primary Dr. said it was "chronic", meaning it happened a long time ago. I then remembered a couple pink bites on my knee around 2012 or so and one that had a ring around it. I finally went to an Infectious Disease specialist at UC Davis. I thought she could help, but she just told me that by now my body cleared itself of the disease! There was nothing she can do.. but if I wanted to get some antibiotics..I could, noting to me they won't help. I still have all the symptoms, but getting worse. I cannot walk up/down the stairs without losing my breath.. and cannot speak. I feel like a shut in, as I cannot do much of anything without being completely worn out + I have lack of focus and brain fog so it hurts my work. My Dr. did initial test for Fibro, but the pain points don't hurt on me. I am very desperate for help. Getting out of breath from walking in my 40's is depressing. P.S. Cardio cleared my heart health. Any advice on the Lyme Disease? Do you know any good dr.s in Sacramento, CA? I appreciate any guidance! Thank you.

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