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wlbox 12-24-2019 06:54 PM

5 months since tick bite, can I be helped?
its been almost 5 months since deer tick bite July 27. No rash. Started Doxycycline early August for 10 days, only tolerated 9 days of it. I was super exhausted. My GP said that was okay, I was treated correctly.
Given steroid pack for 12 days early September for neck issue.
ELISA came back negative October 22 from Neurologist.
early December started Gabapentin for nerve pain

He says its not Lyme since I had negative test. I'm now experiencing numbness, tingling and weakness. Lots of tremor type feeling internally.
tons of anxiety. lots of nerve pain. Hot feeling in back, weird feelings in legs, cannot walk much. Still no direction. Only seen neurologist and neurosurgeon for my neck and physical therapy for neck spondylosis and stenosis.

If this is Lyme is it to late to get treated properly? I just found this Message Board site. Can I stop these nerve issues? Don't know what other symptoms of Lyme I may have. No joint pain, not much fatigue, no headache or fever, no swollen lymph nodes, not achy. I do have lots of anxiety, increased eye floaters, lots of nerve pain, sleep disturbances.

I have my first appointment with Integrative Health doctor next week. had to wait a month for this appointment. Should of gone months ago but listened to my Neurologist. Do you think I can be helped? I eat healthy and used to exercise, can barely walk now. Very frightened.

Will more antibiotics be given? What should I expect from this doctor and what should I ask about my treatment. I know its going to be expensive.
thank you

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