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LupieOne 07-18-2004 01:19 PM

Sarah(age 10) has facial this an effect of her LD?
Hi all.
We are moved and settled and back online now. :)
Sarah is doing quite well. She is now 3 1/2 wks. into her Doxy treatment of 6 wks. total.
She hasn't gotten sick in the morn. in over a week. Some days she was still getting sick even though she ate breakfast, but it seems to have ended now and I am very careful with her timing of meals, no dairy, no lying down after the med for awhile, etc...
She hasn't complained of anything new...Thank God. :) She seems to be doing quite well so far. But...she has been having a LOT of facial tics! They involve the eyes and mouth mostly. I know a lot about tics, as my 18 yr. old son was DX'd with Tourettes at age 5. (he is now pretty much Tourettes free!!! One of the lucky few that outgrow it in adolescence!)
Sarah has always had a few facial seems to be that way in families where Tourettes Syndrome is present. Plus most people all have some type of tic or another. It never concerned me with Sarah or my other 2 boys as any tics they had were nothing like their brother's were.
But since her having LD, it seems her facial tics are always there now and worsening! I KNOW that if she too had Tourettes it would have presented itself long before now, so that's not a concern.
I had even wondered if it was due to the facial numbness she had been having and that maybe because her face was 'feeling weird' to her, that she was making facial movements that resembled tics. She says her face doesn't feel the way it did when she was having the numbness though.
So, I am wondering if facial tics can be common with LD? If so, is it temporary, as is the facial numbness/paralysis? It really is bothering her and she is afraid people will make fun of her. :(


LupieOne 07-18-2004 01:27 PM

Re: Sarah(age 10) has facial this an effect of her LD?
Damn...I just looked up info and sure enough found this...
"Tourette’s can be triggered by some infectious diseases, such as Lyme disease or strep. PANDA (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder) is the name given when antibodies to strep trigger the symptoms."

That's the last thing I wanted to learn! She will be devastated! I am now trying to find out if its a temporary thing when associated with LD. I pray that it is. I KNOW from what my son went through growing up, how cruel people can be to those with TS! I DON'T want Sarah to have to deal with THAT on top of everything else in her young life! :(

ticker 07-18-2004 03:50 PM

Re: Sarah(age 10) has facial this an effect of her LD?
LupieOne, Lyme can cause twitching. I have had eye twitching from it. My guess is that it is from Lyme. It is a good idea to keep a log of Sarah's symptoms. This will help you see if a pattern is emerging and how she is responding to antibiotics.

I am glad you are settled in your new home!

dancergirl587 07-18-2004 04:07 PM

Re: Sarah(age 10) has facial this an effect of her LD?
I also have the facial twitches due to LD. Some days they are worse then others, mine are also mostly around my mouth and eyes. But I do thionk that they can clear up over time. Goodluck and I'm glad your move went well! God bless! :)

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