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    Old 06-06-2005, 07:37 AM   #31
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    Musclesnjoints HB User
    Re: Info Status Thread?

    Can you please tell me what a LLMD doctor is? I suppose something like Lyme Medical Doctor but I can't figure out the first L.


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    Old 06-18-2005, 03:16 AM   #32
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    Re: Info Status Thread?

    L-lyme, L-literate,m-medical, D-doctor.

    Old 01-13-2006, 02:16 AM   #33
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    Unhappy Re: Info Status Thread?

    Location: Tennessee
    Age: 41

    Onset of symptoms: Now Iím not so sure,
    I have had tick bites over the years, but never recall the bullseye rash **shrugs**

    (Symptoms in no particular order)

    1.Sleeping problems esp insomnia
    3.Hair loss
    4.Low Blood Pressure
    5.Brain fog
    6.Severe Joint/Muscle pain
    7.Low body temp (normal for me is 96.8)
    8.heart palpitations
    9.ear pain, fluid in middle ear
    10.weight gain
    11.tingling/numbness in extremities
    12.ringing in ears
    13.night sweats
    14.Neck Pain
    15.Before hysterectomy at 28, had a barrage of problems there
    16.Always have yucky green sinus drainage
    17.gall bladder removed after being very sick for 3 months
    18.have bad acid reflux
    19.most recently, flu like symptoms to the point that I could not get out of bed, and the pain was unbearable.
    20. mouth sores!!!

    There could be more....

    I could and apparently have dismissed all of those symptoms as this or that. Are we sure that those are symptoms of Lyme?

    I was just diagnosed last week (not sure what kind of test was done) and started Doxy for 2 months, not sure about the dosage, donít have it with me, I am at work.

    I so pray my doc is wrong. I cannot imagine myself with something like this.

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    Old 01-21-2006, 05:04 PM   #34
    battling on
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    Re: Info Status Thread?

    Hi fotomom
    Sorry havent done this yet dont often come up to the top level

    Based in UK
    Im 39
    16 stone,
    Shoulder length brown hair.

    The clan consists of..

    1 cat Smudge
    I son Mr namless of 23yrs
    My mum of 74.

    Not lyme diagnosed but you dont need to be a genius, just wiser than a Most Qualified Docs

    Symptom list to follow soon.

    I realised a problem as afetr 3 years of struggle i actually gave up and no energy living on my settee as you do when lymie.

    any way i was given lithium as im mentally deranged all in the head syndrome.

    I was allergic to the lithjium and nearly died, while doctors stood by saying thats all in your head also.

    anyway, i was so ill with the Lithium that Lyme ran riot, it was the only time i had had all symptoms together at once.
    with that info gathered together i found Lyme!

    I have been asking for help from doctors since 1991 and was shoved off to phyciatrists and phycologists and physios. So after being ignored i gave up and lived with it all not sure it was all lyme but ive never felt right.

    I had a bite in 2001 that increased my vertigo and lymph swelling, and fever.
    And in Spain 2002 i had teh only viable bite, shin pain all symptoms and i was collapsing.
    Since then life was down hill.

    I am now left with an allergy to certain meds, antiphycotic meds, manic meds
    and any thing with E171 in it and possibly its nieghbour.

    im waiting on igenex test with a doctor in Wales UK.

    Thanks for reading
    jules xx

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    Old 01-22-2006, 10:03 AM   #35
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    Re: Info Status Thread?

    Hi all....know I've been around for a while but like Jules just never got around to posting my situation up here for everyone. So here goes...

    28 was living in Madison, WI pre-lyme....moved home to my parents in Hastings, MN b/c couldn't live on my own any longer this past making treks to Madison when able to. Hoping to move back to Madison for good in the next 6 months.

    Applied to social security for disability in 6/05...still waiting for their decision. But have been awarded long term disability from my past job. So that's a definite god send.

    Am seeing a llmd in Springfield MI....Dr. Charles Crist.

    Have been dxd with Lyme twice -

    AFter trip to east coast with my family at age 15, began getting sick/pain a few months later. Now remember had a big swollen red spot on my shin...didn't look like a bulls eye rash at all. But all tests through 1991-92 were negative or indeterminate but after battling for a year a doctor finally agreed to treat. Lyme went dormant. Began relapse 3 years later with onset of symptoms with increasing regularity over next 13 years, until becoming acute this past March in an alarming fashion starting with Optic Neuritis in both eyes. All of these symptoms and episodes at the time were overlooked as lyme related, and were sadly only looked and treated as seperate events. Including:

    Colds, flus, and sinus infection after sinus infection, too numerous to count.

    2 boughts with mono (1997, 2000) that each lasted 6 or more months causing me to lose 2 different jobs!

    Dxd with Hypoglycemia in 2000.

    Dxd with Raynauds syndrome in 2001.

    About 15 months of strep (onset 2002), case after case of strep in a row leading to tonisl removal at age 27 (2004) - requiring 2 seperate emergency surgeries to stop the bleeding and a loss of another job due to slow healing and recovery!

    4 months of reoccuring pink eye (up till then had never even had pink eye!) leading to a dramatic loss of vision in both eyes upon waking up one morning in 3/05 leading to a diagnosis of Optic Neuritis in 4/05.

    EEG/VER (visual evoked potential) testing confirmed episode of Opitic
    Neuritis in 4/05, forget what it's actually called but it means i have semi-permanent damage to communication highway between eyes and my brain. docs don't know if or when it will ever heal.

    Tested for Lyme using Elisa/Titer...over 4 different times from 2/05-5/05 all came back negative.

    Spinal Tap done (4/05) all normal....less than 3% of people with Chronic Lyme will test +

    MRI scans of brain/c-spine in 3/05 showing multiple areas of extreme dymelynation of white matter in vision centers, speech, as well as cognitive areas. Had to some doctors suggested MS,would have been diagnosed with it but my family wouldn't accept it so convinced me to see Dr. C in 5/05.

    Then I finally tested positive after sending for results from Ingenex labs. Postive in both IgMs ( *for bands 18, 23-25, 28, 30, 31, 34, 39, 41, 45, 58, 93)and IgG's (*for bands 30, 31, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, 93) which meet CDC requirements plus an extra 5 bands or so! So much for all the other docs being right about being negative for Lymes and having MS.

    Dxd Chronic Late Stage CNS Lyme in 5/05. Don't know if have any of the coinfections as didn't have money to test for them, but llmd is treating me as if have them. When I go to visit his office again in March am going to do tests finally and see if that's part of the problem to why i am not getting better faster.

    Dxd with Hypercoagulation.
    Dxd with Chronic Instestinal Yeast...ongoing treatment of Nystatin.
    Dxd Neurotransmitter Deficent with almost non existent levels of Seratonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Epinephrine. On Amino Acid Protocal for Non-Parkinson Related Diseases.

    Began treatment in 5/05....treated with 200mg Doxy 2 bid...3 days later Herxed for 4 weeks. 6/18 restarted Doxy at 100mg 1 bid...1 day later Herxed for 1 week...this is how my pattern has been for all orals since beginning of treatment. Herxes left and right. Have been on Zithro, Doxy, Flagyl, Clindamyacin, Biaxin, Quinine, Hydroxychloroquine, and 3 rounds of IV through a Hickman Port; Rocephin 1 round and Primaxin 2 rounds. Both of these had to be pulsed as well since I couldnt' tolerate them. Am currently on Ceftin, 1/4 of a 500 mg tab every other day. All my body will handle. Any more than that and I'm in a herx for a week or more. Still have a long way to go.

    Anyway here's a list of symptoms too ~

    chronic, severe fatigue and exhaustion
    swollen, aching, stabbing pains in all joints (varies from day to day where)
    cracking/popping joints - chronic pain
    sore/stiff/popping jaw almost like TMJ
    bruised, painful muscles all over body
    heart palpatations
    chest pains
    impaired gait (sometimes)
    severe stabbing random pains (trunk/head/stomach/spine/etc)
    intense, chronic headaches (blinding stabbing pains/pressure)
    impairment of muscle coordination
    loss of short term memory (cannot remember events sometimes from 5 mintues ago!)
    loss of ability to problem solve/make decisions (produces anxiety attacks)
    loss of ability to remember correct words/recall
    saying/writing wrong words/letters (mixed up or entirely wrong!)
    cannot follow conversation becomes to overstimulated/complex for me
    inability to concentrate
    loss of vision in both eyes (gradually came back - now have multiple images/floaters/auras/after images/grainy-fuzzy vision in both)
    chronic sore throat
    decrease in balance
    motion sickness to the point of throwing up when in car....hence no more driving for me.
    itchy all over (continue to do all the detox I can all the time, and yet still i itch.)
    sensitive points of skin/body
    buzzing/ringing in ears, throughout entire body
    numb/tingly feeling/pain throughout extremities/head
    red spots/blotches on all joints after bath/shower/stress
    swollen hands/knees/ankles, very red/painful/mottled
    change in taste, decrease of smell
    extreme thirst
    hair loss/thinning
    photosenstive/sound sensitive (to the point of wearing ear plugs to run water for a bath sometimes!)
    nausea, almost constant
    mouth ulcers
    nose ulcers
    low body temp (96.8 - 97.9)
    some days high fevers (101-103)
    sudden onset of chills
    hot/cold spots (most times one side of bod is cold/other is hot!)
    burning or icy spots..feel like a dime size spot is on fire or frozen (varies on body)
    chronic cold feet/hands causing pain and discoloration
    severe pain in heel of both feet, unable to stand for more than a few minutes
    insomnia - when can sleep only fitful for 2 hours in a row
    night sweats
    vivid dreams/nightmares
    muscle twitching/electric charges in legs/arms/neck
    tremors in fingers/toes/neck
    twitching eye muscles
    swollen glands
    multiple allergies
    extreme dry skin
    numb arms/legs/feet/face (comes and goes, lasts hours or days!)
    pressure in ears
    stiff neck/grinding and swelling of vertebraes
    burning/dry/itchy eyes
    extreme mood swings
    no patience
    intolerable of exercise, alcohol, or sugar....increases severity of all symptoms ridiculosuly.

    Could keep listing them off but these are the main ones....Anyway sorry this is so long, but felt motivated to actually cut and paste most of this from a post i put on the board months ago on a symptoms list thread and just update it a bit to what's going on now.

    Can't wait for days when I feel just plain "crappy" agin rather than super extra crappy! This lengthy battle has so far cost me 3 jobs, more money than I can count, a good deal of my youth, and a few friends as well. Nasty business this Lyme...nasty indeed. anyway I am so glad to have you all on this board...don't know what I'd do without all of your support over th past months and in the future.

    Shanna "shawna"
    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." - Romans 12:12

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