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sugaragus 01-18-2005 10:02 PM

Lyme Disease-cross infection Question
I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have posted here recently about my symptoms that may be lyme disease. They just ran the Western Blot but I wont have results until Friday at the earliest. I have been sick since Feb 2004. I was looking through some old test results from September 2004 and I was wondering if this was overlooked or just nothing. My Brucella IgG was 2 and my Brucella IgM was 12. The report shows the IgG in Range and the IgM as High. Could this be something or is that just normal. Please let me know what you think. Thank You.

ticker 01-19-2005 06:12 AM

Re: Lyme Disease-cross infection Question
Hi sugargus. I am not familiar with Brucella. Hopefully someone else may be able to answer your question.

Which lab ran your Western Blot?

ncgirl88 01-19-2005 07:05 AM

Re: Lyme Disease-cross infection Question
sugaragus - I don't know a whole lot about brucella other than they thought one of my Mom's dogs might have it at one point and that humans can get it through dairy products that have not been properly pasteurized.

If the test says High beside it I would call the doctor who ordered the test immediately. I don't know what you would use to treat this - probably antibiotics of course...don't know what kind.

Keep us posted...but yes, call that doctor right away. Take care...

sugaragus 01-19-2005 08:42 AM

Re: Lyme Disease-cross infection Question
Thanks for the answers, I wasn't sure if Brucella was a co-infection and caused by ticks. I'll have to ask the doctor about those results.
As to which lab did the Western Blot, I had to ask for the test myself from the doctor because they said that since the Elisa test was negative, they didn't think I had Lyme's disease, but I just wanted to make sure so I asked if we could do the Western Blot. He said yes, and we did the test at Alexian Brothers Hospital in Illinois and they are doing the lab work there too. Hopefully they know how to do it right. Is that o.k.? Thanks for your help

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