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outinthe_woods 03-31-2005 02:50 PM

Juice Plus..
I believe I had seen (some time ago) a post about fruits and vegetables in capsule form.

My new neurologist swears by them to build up the immune system. You have to order them from Georgia. They send you 4 months supply and you only pay for one month at a time...The product name is "Juice Plus".... :cool:

gottagetbetter 03-31-2005 05:14 PM

Re: Juice Plus..
:wave: Guys!!

I had been on Juice Plus (double the adult dosage 4 caps of fruits and 4 capsof veggies)for 1 yr. My chiro has just recently taken me off. She has put me on a liquid herbs and berries made by energique and then veggie caps by nutrimedix.

She felt my body needed a change. One thing that I have read is that lyme will begin to feed off the supplements. Quite smart litlle buggers!!

I do feel as though Juice Plus makes a good product. One thing to ask about if you have children is the childrens research. Your kids an get put on free with you on them. You have to committ to a year. But you would want to be on these for a year anyway.
~P :)

outinthe_woods 03-31-2005 06:27 PM

Re: Juice Plus..
Thanks, GottaGet:

The person I spoke to said I can call anytime with questions, I would never have thought about the "little buggers" going after the supplements..!! I'll have to remember to ask her about this and other questions I have now. Good Granny! I'm beginning to think those Spirochetes are age old aliens in disguise with long forgotten brain power...! :eek:

Life is getting curiouser and curiouser! LOL :confused:

gottagetbetter 03-31-2005 06:59 PM

Re: Juice Plus..

They are definetly good whole foods. i think now the FDA has even taken the word supplement from Juice Plus. They are now considered food. The ones that I am on now are about 1/3 of the cost. Ask your friend if you should be on regualr adult dosage or double at double it will run you 80$ a month. This is what I was on.

I can tell you that I have been doing alot of research on the liquid herbs and berries that I am on and the herbs are awesome for lyme. Just a little heads up. This is what it has in it. The other thing that I like is all I have to take is one tsp.
Liquid Herbs and berries by Energique herbal
Everything in this is organic:

Bilberry leaf
Burdock root
Ginger root
Ginko leaf
Hawthorn berry
Jiao Gu Lan
Korean white ginseng
Milk thistle
Nettle leaf
Oat straw
Camu camu
cats claw
grape seed
green tea leaf
horse chesnut
red rasberry
soybean seed
sunflower seed
tart cherry
yerba mate

this costs 30$ a bottle and lasts 3 months

Here is the info on the veggies cap by Nutri-west:
All are organic:

wheat grass sprouts
caulifower sprouts
broccolli sprouts
cabbage sprouts
kale sprouts
red clover sprouts
oat sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
maitake mushroom
shitake mushroom
flax seed
green tea extract

This one runs $37 a bottle lasts 3 months.

I don't think you could go wrong with either of them. It is definetly a good thing to get in as many organics as you can. I know there is no way I can consume all of these on a daily basis without them. Hope this helps you compare.
~P ;)

plymouth 03-31-2005 07:16 PM

Re: Juice Plus..
O. J. Simpson was the spokesperson for Juice Plus. Simpson claimed on a Juice Plus video that the product had cured his arthritis. Soon after, on trial for murder, Simpson claimed his crippling arthritis as a defense. Neither Simpson nor the Juice Plus company are credible. Juice Plus is sold by pyramid marketing which means that most of what you pay for the product is profit for everyone in the pyramid.

laurie864bla 03-31-2005 07:34 PM

Re: Juice Plus..

Thanks for all that great info!! I am going to see my best friend tomorrow in NY who is recovering from breast cancer/chemo therapy treatments. I am going to give her this info, b/c I REALLY want her to start living as healthy as possible.

I couldn't live without her, she's been am amazing friend to me forever. I was going to buy her a juicer and a book about herbs, foods, antioxidants, detoxing, etc. I have been worried she wouldn't use it--she has two active little boys and not real into all this stuff yet. Thought it might be overwhelming, ya know?

These seem just perfect for her!! Can you please share a little, (whatever you're allowed to) about where to get these and what exactly they are called, maybe some control measures that are taken with them like standardization if it is? This will help her to decide being a newbie. they want her to wait until radiation is over to start all these things, but I have been after her about foods in the meantime.

You know, the whole blueberry thing, garlic, vitamins in certain foods, etc..I wish I could get her off lunch meats--they eat a lot of that there. I love it too, but they say never again if you have had cancer. They are deadly. I want her to eat everything organic.

For all you MDers out there--I know there are some... I just heard the frederick common market, a local organic food co op, is majorly expanding to a massive store in frederick very soon. All organic, all the time. Can't wait!! That will be the only place I shop when it's done. Ok, my Abien is kickin in now--can barely type and can' see. WOOOOO, Lordy! I better crawl up those steps before I pass on out. The keys are looking very fnny, MAN this stuff works fast. My computer keys are all jubled and hte screen keeps getting closer. I think I must get off now. I'm wasted this is so weird. Everyhting is so distorted and this page is sarting to breathe, I better go straight to beb. Sometmes this hits hard. Whole page is swaying, and it looks as tho my keyboard is old and dirty, with very unlevel keys. Ok weird post now!! I am looped on this stuff! Must go to bed. Night all--probably wont remember this last part tomorrow. I love me some sleepy pills, but man! that was fast and weird. Bye.

Betterdaysforme 04-01-2005 08:26 AM

Re: Juice Plus..
[QUOTE=gerribear]Thanks, GottaGet:

The person I spoke to said I can call anytime with questions, I would never have thought about the "little buggers" going after the supplements..!! I'll have to remember to ask her about this and other questions I have now. Good Granny! I'm beginning to think those Spirochetes are age old aliens in disguise with long forgotten brain power...! :eek:

Life is getting curiouser and curiouser! LOL :confused:[/QUOTE]
Dear gerribear,
They don't have long forgotten brain power, they have our brain power. That's why they are so smart!

gottagetbetter 04-01-2005 11:09 AM

Re: Juice Plus..
:wave: guys!!

Wow!! Did NOT know that!! I'll have to look into that. I know they have been around a while. I haven't heard anything bad b4..just that it was expensive. But I know there is no way I could afford to by them all organic. Our health food store is 1hr away 1 way. DRAG!!

The new products I am on I really am liking. A little easier on the pocket book too.

I buy mine from my chiropracter...but I know you can do a ****** search and find them on the web. Feel free to ask any questions. You might want to think about them for Mark.
~P ;)

outinthe_woods 04-01-2005 01:39 PM

Re: Juice Plus..
[B]OUCH![/B] [B]Gotta:[/B] my neurologist (recommended by my LLMD who has really helped me a LOT) put me on the Juice Plus. If he's part of a pyramid scheme with Juice Plus, I'm questioning his ethics now!!!

Do we assume that all doctors/homeopaths/chiros who sell the products from their office contact with us, are in a "scheme"? This is something I hadn't even thought about! Another stressor!

I'm going to print out your info on what you're on now, Gotta. Are the ingredients different from the Juice Plus, (as you can recall) - just wondering about the price difference...I wasn't told to take double to start with. She said to just take one each a day....

Sighhhhhhhh I think I'm needing a little cheering up here!! :jester:

gottagetbetter 04-01-2005 09:39 PM

Re: Juice Plus..
:wave: Gerri,

Yes your DR is making money off of everyone you get. But just like anything they are going to sell you in their office they will make a profit off of. I know how JP plan works and they would really have to have a bunch to make any money.

Here are the ingredients for JP (I believe theyare organic but it does not say on the bottle)
Fruit juice POWDER and pulp from:
protease and cellulase(???)
date fiber
prune powder
dried plant fiber
polyphenol catechins(?)
dunalielia salina(?)
indole carbinols(?)

veggie JP:
vegetable juice powder and pulp:
gelatin lipase(?)
protease cellullase
beet fiber
barley bran
oat bran
cabbage fiber
magnesium stearate
polyphenol catechins
indole carbinols

Remember Gerri, if you get them and are uncomfortable you can always send them back for a refund. I've known some people to do that without any problems. I was kinda surprised with some of the ingredients...didn't recognize. Will have to investigate more.

I do know that the ones from Energique Herbal and Nutri-West you can get from the internet. I have spoken with the owner of Energique andthey are coming out with a produce (1 week) that is like samento but not as heavy on the pocket. The Nutri-West I have been on there sino-allergy herbals and I have not had a sinus migraine in 2 yrs. YEAH!! Had been suffering from them for over 12yrs. I will never run out of that!!

You might want to talk with your DR about your dosage. You would have tobuild up to regular/or double dose. I just know how sick we are and what we are fighting against.

Hope this helps ya!!
~P ;)

outinthe_woods 04-02-2005 09:24 AM

Re: Juice Plus..
Thanks so much for the info, GottaGet!

I appreciate anything anyone can tell me. Just the support and understanding are a tremendous help in this fight.

I'm question the "dried tree bark"......hmmmm LOL I do like specifics!!! :rolleyes:

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