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Fluctuating body temperature?

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Old 05-24-2005, 01:06 PM   #1
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vs1988 HB User
Fluctuating body temperature?

Hey all

Still not sure if I have Lyme, my physical is in August unfortunately.

I've been experiencing a new symptom, and wondering if it could be Lyme associated.

Recently, I've been feeling either very warm or very cold, with little middle ground. When I wake up in the morning, I'm freezing, even though the thermostat is at 70 degrees. I took my temperature this morning; it was about 96.0 degrees. Last night however, was a different story. I felt extremely hot, like I had a fever. However, my temperature was about 98.8 degrees. I took my temperature again this afternoon and it was 98.4 degrees.

Is this something that occurs with Lyme? I'm concerned about the low body temperature in the morning.



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Old 05-24-2005, 05:00 PM   #2
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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Hello vs1988.

I also experience strange temperatures. First thing in the morning before I even step out of bed - it can be 94 - 97. But during a herx, it's 99-100 all the time.

Nothing surprises me anymore with this darned disease.

Good luck with your appointment in August.

Old 05-24-2005, 08:40 PM   #3
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dorkdad HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Dr Jernigan devotes about 40 pages of his book "Beating Lyme's Disease...." to this topic. He believes that optimal core body temperature should range from 98.6 to 99.0 and that anything less means that the body is not able to detoxify properly due to thickening of fluids such as blood and lymph. I finally bought a digital thermometer that I carry with me and started a log as an indicator of my progress. My symptoms are minimal and I am able to run many miles. But something is amiss as I note my morning temparature is around 96.8 and can be less at night. I have had my body temperatrure drop by 2 full degrees after an hour running down to 95.6. This suggest to me that if I ever have to stop excercising I could be in big trouble.


Old 05-25-2005, 03:56 AM   #4
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laurie864bla HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Normal body temp is LOWER in the morning and HIGHER at night for everyone. This is normal. BUT--Lymies have whacked our body temps for sure. It is just a whacky disease that screws with every part of your body.

My advice--if you're well enough--EXERCISE as much as possible to heat your body. If you can't--sauna and sweat. It is vital and Dorkdad has already figured this out obviously. When Mark wasn't doing sports, he was much worse. When he pushed himself during football camp--in 90 degree heat and full pads--he got better. Kids are real troopers tho.

Old 05-25-2005, 04:42 AM   #5
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Location: Portalnd, Oregon
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dorkdad HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Jernigan argues for several chapters that bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi have some sort of primitive ability to communicate collectively like the Borg in Star Trek. He calls it microbial intercommunication. If true, it explains some symtoms of many chronic diseases. Relating to body temp, the baddies have a vested interest in a lower body temp as it sets up a more acidic environment. The heart is a key factor in warmth regulation and overall health. He states that heart anomalies are prevalent in people in general with chronic diseases. Our LLMD naturopath thinks Lymes more strongly affects the cardiocascular system in males. This seems to be true in my case as my heart rate is all over the map, yet nothing shows up abnormally on EKG or treadmill testing.


Old 05-26-2005, 04:25 AM   #6
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sleeperwoken HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Hi Vince, I have low body temps too and it's annoying! One of my most aggravating symptoms to tell you the truth. I would suggest that you have your thryoid tested and your adrenals also. Lyme affects both of these and you may need some medication to regulate them.

Generally they say that a low temp that is fairly consistent can be thyroid and a low temp that is all over the place is more likely adrenal. Hopefully, getting rid of the lyme will bring these things back to where they should be, but meanwhile I take adrenal and thyroid support. There is a comparison of thyroid vs. adrenal troubles that was done by a Dr. Rind, I found it very informative. If you look at that you will see other symptoms of both and it may help you determine if that's the trouble.

It's not uncommon for lyme sufferers to have hashimotos hypothyroid. Has your doctor tested any of these things?

Old 05-26-2005, 06:32 AM   #7
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Betterdaysforme HB User
Re: Fluctuating body temperature?

Hey sleeper,

I have been trying to keep a firmer handle on the temp thing ever since dorkdad told me to send him a couple of days worth. I am going on day 13 of the saventaro. I had taken about 4 weeks of colloidal silver before it. The package says 1 3x a day for 10 days and then 1 a day. My homeopathic prescribed 1 3x a day for 5 days and then 2 3x a day til we get this under control. I looked at him kind of funny but he said we need to get rid of this he said.

I was doing okay the first few days on the lower dose but my butt is really dragging now for about a week or so. I almost called him yesterday and asked if I could change it but never got around to it. I can't sleep it's just that I have a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. Scary!

Anyway, when I did the temps for dorkdad they were all over the place and the last week they have been almost all in the 98.2 - 98.4 range. I even had one at 98.8. I started to question if the thermometer was wrong so my husband took his and it was 98.4. A couple of days I have had one reading at 97.6 or 97.9 but almost hourly they are all over 98. I am presuming this is good and maybe my feeling draggy is just some good old herxing going on. Should herxing just keep going on and on like that?

You are one of the few people who can relate to the hardly being able to walk business so I thought maybe you had some insight into this. I did send him the letter about the cholesteryamine and supplements yesterday and can't wait to see what he has to say.

I hope you are still doing great. I can't believe that just a couple of months ago you were in a wheelchair at Disney and now you are talking about working and golfing. Ronnie would kill for me to go golfing again. Personally I like bowling. The ball comes back to me I don't have to hunt for it. Thanks for your input.


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