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Radha21 07-15-2005 09:02 PM

only sweats in deep sleep
do those of you who get night sweats and chills only get them when you are in deep sleep or if you are awake? i only get them when i am in deep sleep whether taking a nap or at night, it happens every night, and i feel so terrible when i wake up, and i am not taking any antibiotics! even the smallest dose of abx will make the sweats worse, i wonder why this only happens in sleep, thanks for any input,

6Blues 07-15-2005 11:29 PM

Re: only sweats in deep sleep
Hi Radha21.

My body has turned into something weird. I used to perspire when I exercised hard, of course, but I would sweat like a normal person would.

Well, tonight I was walking out of the grocery store and I jogged a few feet to dodge a car. I immediately began to sweat as if I was competing with Lance Armstrong in the Tour De France!!

Pre-Lyme I used to be a dancer and dance teacher (ballroom, club, country). 3 times in the past year I felt well enough to give it a try and after 5 minutes of dancing I would perspire so bad that my clothes soaked and I was embarrassed enough to go back home.

I sweat while I sleep and I find it disturbing.

I also noticed that when I am herx'ing (during which I'm running a fever) the sweats are bad enough to wake me up once or twice a night.

I hope you find relief. Peace and health to you.

ticker 07-16-2005 07:41 AM

Re: only sweats in deep sleep
Hi Radha21, welcome to the board!

Do you have Lyme disease? Have you been tested for the co-infections that ticks can transmit--Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma? Many people who have Lyme are co-infected. Night sweats can be a big symptom of Babesiosis.

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