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lynnp 11-10-2005 07:27 AM

Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
About a week ago, I started having stiffness in the back of my neck. A few days later it spread to my left shoulder blade and now I am also having muscle pain down my left arm (definately not heart related).

I went to chiropractor, and he said it could be a herniated disk which is pinching off the nerve causing the pain in my arm.

I am trying to discern if this is lyme related (or babiosis).

This cycle, I was treated for the first time for babesia (mepron, clindamycin, and zithromax). I feel like I awoke a sleeping giant I feel so bad in general.

Has anyone experienced this neck, back, arm pain due to lymes?

Thanks for any help you can be.

TINUVIEL 11-10-2005 08:54 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?

The neck and back pain you describe are sort of "hallmark" Lyme symptoms. I used to have neck/back pain just like that, almost unbearable sometimes, not sure if it was the Lyme or the Babesiosis (I have had both) that was causing it, perhpas both of them. Yes it flared up quite a bit when I started meds.

Now, many months of meds later, it has greatly diminished and I believe it will eventually go away completely but this will take a while. The meds definitely helped and continue to help.

One thing I found helpful during the herx is detox baths of hydrogen peroxide (I use about 8-12 ounces) and 1.5-2 lbs. epsom salts. Also it is very important to consume a lot of fluids especially water, I try to drink a gallon a day. If you are concerned about it you may want to check with your LLMD. I have found that a competent (strong emphasis on "competent") accupuncturist/OMD to be helpful with this type of thing.

Pearlscale 11-10-2005 08:34 PM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
I started having headaches, left side of face felt like the dentist had numbbed my face. Neck pain that then ran down left arm. Lf arm sometimes numb tinggly. Started having these symptons probably 10+ years ago. Sometimes I would wake in the night and feel like my arm was covered with crawling bugs. Drove me crazy. Then it happened infrequently. Now its there most of the time. Intensity varies.
About6-7 yrs ago went to ortho for his disagnosis. He said he thought surgery would help. IT DID NOT HELP. FIRST CERVICAL FUSION DID NOT TAKE. HAD TO HAVE IT REDONE. We all seem to grab at straws. I have come to the conclusion the neck surgery was not necessary.

How much do we suffer, while doctors get rich off problems that either don't exist or do exist but the dr choses to treat improperly or to hide his head in the hole.

Its been a diffulcult day. Sorry to vent to you guys so much. Thanks for caring.'
prayers to all. Marsha

ciconner 11-11-2005 04:21 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
I have similar pain. The neck is the worst. The LLMD said I have a herniated disc (MRI showed this), my primary physician says it's not that bad, the physical therapist says it could be the lyme causing the pain. It is worst when I take abx. I went to another LLMD who thinks it is lyme and co-infections. He told me the bacteria like to reside in places in the spine where there is some type of injury. I forget the word he used to describe this desirable habitat. A "crevice," I think.

It could be a combination of things going on in your neck. I'm sure you've heard it said by us lymies that whatever was wrong with us before is worse with a flare-up.

chocolatesprinkle 11-11-2005 05:24 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Interesting topic. My neck pain, stiffness, crackling, etc. is the most bothersome (physical) symptom to me. It was bothering me a lot yesterday. Today, not so. It's coming and going more often lately. Yoga helps for many things, including this, but doesn't eradicate it. The neck pain was greatly worse after trying two courses of cat's claw. The pain would shoot down the middle of my back. Couldn't stick with it. I had mentioned a number of weeks ago, I decided on a whim to get my ears candled, to help with my ear symptoms. As she did each ear, she massaged the lymph glands in my neck. That's about 15 minutes on each side of some concentrated lymph massaging. I went through about 5 days of much worse symptoms, including the worst brain fog, depression, and my neck was super hurty and stiff. And then for about a week after that, I had the best week I'd ever had since Lyme, and my neck felt nearly normal. Didn't last though. As far as the ear symptoms, who knows? I went home and read up on it, and I don't know if I would have it done again. It was relaxing. I think my ears are better. But I've also started taking sublingual Vitamin B12 - great stuff, by the way.

ciconner 11-11-2005 10:48 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
What's odd in my situation is that I had hip and shoulder pains for about 5 years. When that stopped, the neck pain started. The bacteria migrated to better environment?? It's like they live in their own world and set sail to find the new world.

The worst part is when I feel good and do something physical, I pay for it the next day or two. Sometimes just sit in the recliner with a heating pad on my neck and take pain medicine. Otherwise I end with a migraine and vomiting and can't do anything. I did some painting and running two days ago and still paying for it. It's a sin for me to try to do anything. You pay for drinking with a hangover, I pay for trying to work on the house, exercise or just do some knitting (which I stink at). It all makes my neck act up and I just feel crappy when I wake up. But I can't just stop living. I'm too young.

I hope this new LLMD finds some answers and prescribes the right meds. CS, I have those good days, but they don't last long. I felt pretty good the day I went to the LLMD, so I left out a lot of symptoms. Hard to complain when you feel good. The next day I was in agony, probably from the long drive.

My new LLMD was checking around my neck and there are swollen glands and lymph nodes I didn't realize I had. I also have been having some muscle spasms and feel like my phone is vibrating on my leg (that's pretty constant). I also had the eye twitch going last night. I don't know what's going on, but I think the lyme got a hold of me. I am starting to think I've this a long time and am so used to the symptoms that I accepted them as normal. Things like muscle spasms and memory loss.

deejavu 11-11-2005 10:56 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Hi all,

After 9 years of this crazy disease, I think I became used to all kinds of pain and as the year went on, the pain would travel to different places in my body. It would attack my hands, then my arms, then travel to my legs, and on and on....

CS, I am interested in where you purchased the sublingual Vitamin B12 as I am interested in that.

Ciconner, I also pay the next day when I do something physical whether it's cleaning, exercising, etc. I feel like I have a hangover and it can last for days.


chocolatesprinkle 11-11-2005 01:38 PM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Ditto on the hangover stuff. But I have to say it's not as bad as it used to be. I do wonder whether the things I've been doing this year have made a difference. It's hard to have perspective.

RE Sublingual Vitamin B12, brand is DaVinci Laboratories. It was one of the things (one of the millions of things) I've written down but it was high on the list to try next. I saw them in the Vitamin Shoppe, and picked them up. My body soaked this up like I'd been in the dark and needed sun. Had to back off to 1/2 tab, but now back up to 1 tab. I think it helps in many ways. More energy, focus, brain power, and it's good for the neuro system (I read). I got a super charge when I first started taking them. Why is it that you get an immediate and dramatic effect when you first take/do something new, and then as time goes on, the effect is not as great. It's as if your body says, okay, you're not fooling me anymore. Nothing new here. Do you lose perspective? Or is it just your body gets used to it. But I sure do hate when that happens. But I think the Vitamin B12 is worth it, and definitely extra magnesium (which put a halt to my migraines by the way). I am a big believer/proponent of magnesium. And funny thing, I just noticed that these two things are high on Burrascano's list of things to do. Note, these are extra, above and beyond my standard multivitamins.

deejavu 11-11-2005 01:57 PM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Thanks CS! I am a member of the Vitamin Shoppe so I always get discounts. I will most definiately buy the B12 tomorrow, yes!

As far as effects losing their power, perhaps you have to up the dose? I am back on Nutramedix Liquid Samento and I am taking more of that because I wanted to slowly build up to it to see how my body handles it.

You peaked my curiousity about the Magnesium, I will have to look into that.

Thanks again!

Betterdaysforme 11-12-2005 04:40 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Hi guys,

I have been going to write on this thread for a few days but just didn't have the energy. When I first started having symptoms, (almost 5 years ago) it started out with neck pain in the back but I was doing craft shows and just blamed it on holding my head down so much to paint. Then that summer Ronnie was trimming trees in out back yard and I had to hold the ladder for him and I couldn't stand to look up because my neck hurt so bad and was "weak".

When I finally decided that it was more than just the crafts my left arm near my shoulder but really just my arm was very painful. It felt as though somebody had a rubber band around it and was pulling it as tight as you could get it. For a very long time (years) this is really the only pain I had. In fact most of the pain I have exprienced is from taking a fall not just the lyme. Of course all the falls I have taken were because of my weak legs and equilibrium from the lyme. :rolleyes: Maybe I just tolerate pain more than most?

CS & Denise, I have heard the sublingual B12 is almost as good as the shots. We even have an infommercial down here in Dallas almost every Saturday morning with some guy touting the sublingual B12 he developed. It's pretty convincing and something I should look into too. Besides all the Vit C that Dr. Crist would like you to take (15,000mg/day or until you develop diarrhea) he is also a big supporter of the magnesium. I forget the terms that are used for the kind he sells on his website but it sounds better than most. It is actually one of the cheaper things he sells too so it may be something I can afford. I didn't know that besides the magnesium you should take the Vit C at least 2 hours either side of meds because it is a detox agent. His nurse told me this a few weeks ago. Live and learn.

I am having some luck with the sublingual Melatonin he said to get. We had tried the regular kind with no luck but the Source Naturals brand we bought has completely starightened Ronnie out and he doesn't even need to take it anymore. He sleeps like a baby. Some nights I can actually get 6 hours straight sleep with just 1/2 a pill. I keep the other half on the nightstand in case I wake up because it said you can take it like this. No bad dreams and I don't feel groggy the next day because it is absorbed right away being sublinual. Maybe this would be something Jeanne could benefit from. I sure miss her and dorkdad and hope they are getting healthy.

Denise, I almost posted to you the other day because it seemed as though we hadn't heard from you for a long time but it had only been 3 days. I got used to "hearing your voice" on here daily. I even wondered if you had gone to Ohio after all. You were probably just taking a break. Something we all need now and then.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.


deejavu 11-12-2005 06:04 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Hi Maureen,

I really wasn't posting much about myself until I received my medications. So I was in a "waiting period" so to speak.

No, I never went to Ohio, silly me! I am still talking to this guy but we both know that any kind of relationship is not going to work as I am staying here on Long Island and he will stay in Ohio. He also works 18 hours a day, so what kind of relationship would that be? Not for me!!

Thanks for worrying about me, I was worried about me! But I am okay now, I just had to hang in there and wait it out until things got better and they did. There are still issues I am dealing with but at least I am dealing with them and not ignoring them.

Thanks for your input about the sublingual B12, I used to get the B12 shots in my butt and it helped me so much (this was before I was diagnosed with Lyme).

Now I want to look into the Vitamin C, that sounds good! The sublingual Melatonin also sounds good as I have not been sleeping that great, I wake up in the middle of the night which I never used to do and I hate it!

How are you feeling with the new medications you are on? I saw one post when you wrote that you weren't feeling good, could that be herxing?

I worry about you too my friend,

Betterdaysforme 11-12-2005 02:57 PM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Dear Denise,

Watch some of the channels that have infommercials on Saturday morning and I bet you will see the B12 I'm talking about. I think the Vit C is great but the pills are huge. I am waiting to see if Tinuviel likes the powdered kind she bought. My throat would appreciate that much more.

I honestly don't know if this is a herx. I mean the symptoms are much worse so maybe it is but it could also be the effects of the meds. I really don't hit three weeks on the meds until Tuesday so maybe it will get even worse. :eek: At least Ronnie kind of understands herxing after reading all of Dr. Crist's paperwork. I'll keep you posted.


chocolatesprinkle 11-12-2005 05:26 PM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Hi Maureen
I had been thinking about you as you'd been out of posting for awhile. It's good to hear from you.
Good thoughts and prayers go out to you.

deejavu 11-13-2005 12:33 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Hi Maureen,

Yes, I do catch many infommercials especially after we had to set the clock back an hour (my body is still on the "old" time). I am most definitely going to order this B12 as I know my body needs it badly.

I'm glad you are getting reactions (whether they are herxes or just simply reactions), at least your body is doing something which is good!

That's great that Ronnie is learning more and more about Lyme and herxes, most men wouldn't be interested. You are so lucky to have him! It really beat's being alone though I don't know what I would do without my dog!

Hang in there Maureen, I know you are going to get so much better!


Betterdaysforme 11-13-2005 02:51 AM

Re: Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
Dear CS & Denise,

Thanks for thinking of me. I wasn't going to say anything about this but part of the reason I hadn't posted much for a week or so was because the night before Hallowen I was in the kitchen making Ronnie something for dinner for when he came home from work and there was a moth flying around and it landed on a chair leg and I took a dish towel and swung it to stun the moth and I lost my balance and down I went. It's crazy because I barely swung the towel and wasn't feeling dizzy or anything, it just shows how bad my equilibrium is. I landed on my front this time instead of back and whacked my knee badly on the floor and it was killing me. I put ice on it right away but after 2 weeks it is still pretty sore so I am wearing a knee brace that I had a very long time ago when I played soccer. It is getting better little by little. Worse than that though is a day and a half later my left ribs were killing me. I looked up cracked ribs on the net and discovered when you crack a rib or bruise it then it usually takes a day or two to realize it because there is no pain until then. So I went back to my closet and found a back brace I had from a long time ago. Good thing I save everything. I am finally noticing a little less pain wearing the brace so I think I am on the mend. In fact the knee is still bothering me worse than the ribs. I didn't even bother going to the doctor's because I know that what I did is all you can do for the ribs and I figured the knee is just bruised, no twisting. It is totally amazing to me that the most pain I have had from this d**n disease has come because of falls. I am definitely going to have to call Dr. J's office and see what they think is the best way to help the equilibrium. I keep thinking the neuro-tox formula. Maybe this is the push I needed to do this. You have to be positive even about the downs.
I am healing and feeling better and should be back to normal in a week or so.
I hated to hear that Heather hurt her knee. I think she and Kim are like me about the pain coming from secondary problems and not just the lyme. We will all survive this I am convinced if we don't kill ourselves first. :bouncing:


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