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  • Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

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    Old 11-19-2005, 04:44 AM   #1
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    Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info. As you know, we (Bruce and Joyce) are new to the board. Haven't posted much but have learned a lot by reding as many of your posts as time will allow. At his point we are still in the questioning/research stage.

    As shared previously, Bruce was bitten by deer ticks in 9/01 & 4/02. He had the rash both times and reported bites to our PCP. In July 02 he had a raised blistering rash that covered his wrist and the back of his hand. It looked so bad that I took pictures to show the MD as he didn't want to go in to see him. My wonderful husband (he is !!) has always avoided doctor's like the plaque and tries to just "tough it out" to see if it will go away. Convinced him this was serious and he did see the doc and was DX with chronic cellulitis and treated .

    Just wondering if others have experienced this.
    Thanks a bunch
    Joyce (Mrs. Fallcreek)

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    Re: Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Dear Joyce,

    I have written to you before but glad to see you posting again.

    Was the rash that Bruce developed a result of the bite or within a day or so? The reason I ask is because to me this would very likely point to lyme. I think the rash is a clear indication. I never had a rash and didn't even know I had been bitten.

    I went for 4 years with an MS diagnosis and am glad I didn't ever start the meds for that. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised that cellulitis was given as a diagnosis although it is the first time I have seen it on here. Does Bruce remember if it was very painful? Cellulitis is supposed to be extremely painful. I'm not sure about a rash from a tick bite. Maybe somebody else can tell you that.

    Knowing what I have gone through for the last 5 years I would stongly urge you to have Bruce tested through Igenex in California. You can pull them up on the net and see about ordering a kit for your doctor to draw blood. Most general labs will not show lyme because they don't use 100% antigens because of the cost. Personally I would have gladly paid more for the test years ago so I wouldn't be so debilitated now.

    Bruce may not be real sick right now because some people's immune system can handle the bacteria but all that needs to happen is a stressful situation or another illness compromising his immune system and believe me it is all downhill from there. Please take this seriously. I can barely walk and hope that now that I am seeing Dr. Crist in Missouri that will be reversed.

    If the test comes back negative it could still be lyme (a lot of doctors diagnose from symptoms because the test isn't the greatest) but at least if it comes back positive you will know. It will be the best money you have ever spent I guarantee it. You may need to see an llmd if your doctor won't cooperate to get the bloodwork done but most will work with your GP after you are diagnosed and you only have to travel 2 or 3 times a year. I travel from Dallas to Missouri and a lot of people even farther than that.

    Keep us posted and please don't wait to long.


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    Re: Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Hi Joyce,

    Bruce reminds me of myself as when I had the Rash in 1996, some of my coworkers mentioned Lyme to me, and as I didn't know much about Lyme back then, I kind of ignored it and also thought it would just go away by itself. I did see 3 doctors who told me it was a form of eczema, and I accepted that diagnosis for a little while.

    Then it really hit me, the fatigue, fevers, joint pains, etc. and that's when I knew I couldn't accept those doctor's diagnoses and I pursued Lyme. It took me 5 years to find out I did have Lyme after going to many, many doctors who did not want to acknowledge Lyme (and I live on Long Island where the rate is sooooo high!!).

    Please get Bruce to a LLMD, if you post what city and state you live in, Ticker or some members here can give you Names of LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors), this is something you (and Bruce) do not want to fool around with.

    We have many member who were in complete "denial" of having Lyme which I totally understand because it is a scary diagnosis. But there is fantastic help out there and people do get cured.

    In my opinion and I'm not a doctor, the Rash alone merits Lyme, especially a blistering one. There are many pictures on the net of these rashes, I stared at many of them to compare them to my rash.

    I can't tell you how many times my blood was sent to Quest and Labcorp. over and over again for 5 years only to come back negative. It was IgeneX Labs that was the only accurate Lab and finally diagnosed me.

    I pray that both of you seek the right help because as more time passes, the more the damage.

    Please keep us posted,

    Old 11-19-2005, 08:47 AM   #4
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    Re: Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Thanks for the reply Maureen. Te cellulitis was about 2 1/2 months following the last tick bit. Bruce did have the erythema (donít know if I spelled this right) rash following both bites. I think if he did get Lyme it left him extremely sensitive to any type of trauma to his skin. This bout of cellulitis was just after being stung by a wasp. He had never had this type of reaction to insect stings until then. He also had a bout of cellulitis (a different incident) after contact with poison ivy and landed in the hospital for 4 days. At that time his arms and chest became very involved and breathing was much labored. The MD at the hospital called it a severe case of cellulitis. I was really worried that they weren't going to get it under control and he might die from it. He now has extreme reaction to poison ivy/oak but used to be able to pull it up with his bare hands to get rid of it.
    I read the article suggested by cjftworth (thanks for the info): Evidence-based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease, from the 'National Guideline Clearinghouse'. It seemed to suggest that many individuals with Lyme experience a raised blistered rash from time to time which is believed to be associated with the tick bite (perhaps co-infection?).
    There is so much info and as I stated earlier we are searching for a true diagnosis. Bruce is putting off getting referral for test because he feels his PCP will be offended by if he suggests the test himself. There is one MD in town (an internal medicine specialist) who has diagnosed at least one person Bruce knows with Lyme. He is considering going to him for this specific problem. I am encouraging this.
    Bruce recently saw a surgeon for several spots (3 on face and 3 on back) which we believe to be skin cancer. The surgeon froze all of them about 3 weeks ago but only 2 on his face are gone. One appeared to be gone for a few days but is already growing back. The three on his back are still there. He also has three tumors one on back and one on each side that will be removed surgically in MD's office on 11/22. I guess the MD will decide then how he needs to treat the remaining spots.
    There is just lot going on right now with trying to get his Social Security and retirement benefit started so he can stop working and start taking care of himself. Will be considered for SSDI benefits at he same time his early SS claim is being processed. This was suggested by the SSA rep we spoke with. She says he can start his reduced payments and if his medical info indicates disability, he can switch to that. He will also be applying for retirement benefits through the school system where he has worked in maintenance for many years. Since maintenance workers in the school system are not very well paid neither his SS of retirement benefit will be very much. We were counting on him being able to do some work to subsidize the amount following retirement but I don't believe he will be able to do much work. The counselor for the retirement system also suggested he apply for retirement and disability at t same time. He will have 6 months to get his medical records in to them and at least we will be able to survive. At his age (62) it will not mean a lot more money but might qualify him for other benefits. We thank God for this as we realize that many people don't even have this. I still work full time and will just have to work a little longer than planned if necessary.
    Thanks for listening will try to post more often. I'm very slow at typing and make a lot of mistakes so typed into my word processor to get rid of some of the typos. hope it's not too hard to read.

    Old 11-19-2005, 08:52 AM   #5
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    Re: Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Thanks Denise. I think you posted while I was typing my post.

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    Re: Thanks to all and ? about "blistering rash"

    Joyce and Bruce
    Welcome. I also recommend getting tested from Igenex and also seeing LLMD. 17 yrs ago my husband Larry and I went to Canada on a hunting trip. I came back with Lyme disease. Tested positive then but not a pos since then. Did test positive 4 months ago to 3 of the co infections.

    I was treated 10 days then and now know that was just enough to send the lyme bacteria into suppression. I found out about 4 months ago I have chronic suppressed lyme, babesiosis, bartonella and mycoplasma. No one had considered the fact that I still had lyme. I now have neuro problems along with alot of others.

    Bruce, this is very serious. Go get tested, don't assume the doctor knows about lyme, most do not. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 11 yrs ago, vascular disease (vasculitis) about 6 yrs ago, possible ms 3 yrs ago. Lyme can mimic so many others. I have just begin this battle which the LLMD says will take possible a couple years.

    I know you didnt ask for this much detail, but I hope I impressed the seriousness of this disease. Prayers to both of you.

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