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Betterdaysforme 03-03-2006 04:50 PM

My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
Hi guys,

I said I would post this so brid could see mine and Frango wanted some of Dr. Crist's interpretations.


18 kDa -
22 kDa -
** 23-25 kDa - (this is what Quest & Labcorp said was pos.)
28 kDa -
30 kDa ++ (this is what should be grouped with 31 and thus a pos.)
**31 kDa -
**34 kDa -
37 kDa -
**39 kDa IND
**41 kDa ++
45 kDa -
58 kDa ++
66 kDa +
73 kDa -
83 kDa -
93 kDa +

Of course by CDC/NYS standards this is a negative because this test says 2 of the following bands must be present 23-25, 39, and 41 kDa. What I find interesting is that Quest and Labcorp both said band 25 was reactive in the past but Igenex didn't show this. If it had and you added my ++ for 39 & 41 you have a positive. :confused:

Dr. Crist has all the positive and ind bands highlighted and red marks all over the place stating why to him this is 99% positive. He writes IND = almost positive. Actually positive as far as he's concerned.

On my IGG test the only thing that showed positive was the **41 kDa with a +.

Of course then it says "Diagnosis should not be based on laboratory tests alone. Results should be interpreted in conjunction with clinical symptoms and patient history. Blah, blah, blah. :rolleyes:

Personally I think this is pretty conclusive. What do you all think?

Supposedly this handout doesn't go into as much detail as the first sheet he gave out but I think it is pretty good. This is for my bands and if you want to know more about "your" bands (if they are different) tell me the numbers.

30 kDa is outer surface protein A, like the 31. It is in the medical literature that they are the same and I (Dr. Crist) have talked to one of the world experts on ospA and she said the 30 and 31 are the same. It is just like the 23,24,25 being the same outer surface protein but of different weights. This lab (Igenex) does not put two "**" in front of the 30 but it is a classic hallmark Lyme antibody with 97% correlation with antibiotics helping. (I will say this is the reason Dr. Crist said I should have a positive because of my #30 positive because it is the same as #31)

39 kDa is from the inner part of the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria called the endocytoplasmic reticulum. It is the reddest flag of all the sixteen antibodies on the blot. Other bacteria that are like the Lyme bacteria (borrelia recurrentis, etc.) do not even have the genetics to code for this, much less produce it. The 39 appear to be unique to Lyme bacteria. It has even been suggested that a 39 by itself is enough to be a positive test.

41 kDa is the flagella or tail or the Borrelia burgdorfri and that is how it moves around, by moving the flagella. It is the most common Lyme antibody of all. Even though different bacteria (E coli, etc) may have flagella and possibly cause a false positive test result, there is a 90 to 97% correlation with a 41 and antibiotics helping.

58 kDa is a heat shock protein that helps the Lyme bacteria survive fever. It was shown at the international Borreliosis conference held in Germany in 1999 to be a significant Lyme antibody. This lab (Igenex) does not put ** after it but it should not be ignored.

66 kDa is the second most common antibody found and is also heat shock protein. It is not given significance because different bacteria may produce it, even though it is the second most commonly found Borrelia burgdorferi antibody.

93 kDa is the DNA, genes, or genetic material of Borrelia burgdorferi. This lab (Igenex) considers the IgG 93 to be significant, but not the IgM antibodies. I (Dr. Crist) disagree with this. A 93 IgM is tightly associated with antibiotic responsiveness.

He (Dr. Crist) goes on to give other info and if you like I can print it and as I said if you have any of the other bands let me know and I'll tell you what he said. To be honest with you this has been good for me because while typing it I had a chance to really digest the info and feel even better about being treated for Lyme.


Smyle 03-03-2006 05:23 PM

Re: My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
Hi Maureen:

Thank you for posting this. I also tested postitive for 23-25. I know the thread at the top of the lyme page says it is an outer surface protein. Does Dr. Crist have any more information on those bands?



brid 03-03-2006 05:27 PM

Re: My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
hi maureen! great explanation!! mi test is the same as harris told me the same thing, he consider it positive.. and the 91 positive means is cronic, so if you have the 41 indeterminate and 93 positive, is a positive for mlye 90 percent..and as you said, based on symtoms, makes it 100 percent... do you have your co infections results too?? or does any opne reading this post has it? will be very helpfull also ..thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! very very helpfull

Betterdaysforme 03-04-2006 11:50 AM

Re: My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
Dear Frango,

What Dr. Crist says about 23 - 25 kDa is that it is outer surface protein (ospC). The 23, 24, and 25 kDa antibody bands are all ospC. The kDa stands for kilo Dalton's which is weight. Think of it like pounds and ounces, but it is a microscopic weight. These are classic antibodies like a 31 and 34.


lynnp 03-04-2006 09:02 PM

Re: My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
Thank you for the detailed explanation of Igenex test results from your doctor. My test results are almost exactly the same as yours, and my LLMD told me that the only significant band that I had positive was 31. She said the other bands that were positive or IND not to pay any mind to. This puzzled me and I asked her why Igenex tests for all of these bands if they didn't matter. She said that was a good question to ask the CDC. I knew there had to be more of an explanation than what I was getting. Thanks!

6Blues 03-05-2006 05:10 PM

Re: My Igenex Results & Dr. Crist's Interpretation
Maureen: Great info. I would also say from the test results + your symptoms = you are positive.

So do you feel better about it, or worse? :) At least you're more familiar with your enemy now!

Have you had your Sticker panel tested? That was my first Lyme test and it was glaringly positive. Not sure if all docs consider it definitive.

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