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janetclarkson 03-11-2006 05:25 AM

Re: To Deejavu, Wackowoman and Jernigan users
I agree that Denise's tale of the whales gives a lot of food for thought. It is all very logical when you think about it.

The only trouble is that I am now worrying about the whales as well as everyone else. My one remaining ambition (once I am well again) is to go on one of those cruises where you see the whales.

I hope they will still be there.


Roman77 03-11-2006 09:28 AM

Re: To Deejavu, Wackowoman and Jernigan users
frango ~ i am on dr j's pale spike lobelia and also the new liquid verison of his nero-anti tox formula. i am unecided as to what is happening as of yet. i have been having a rough few weeks, but so many other things are going on that i can't be sure that it's not a reaction to those other stressors. but i have told myself i will continue on with them until i talk to dr c next week and see what he thinks about them and my meds. if i find out anything i will elt you know. i hope that you will see good tings soon from your new dr j treatements.

jeanne ~ have a safe trip and i pray you have a good visit with the doc. hopefully they can help resolve your med issues. i know that that has to be terribly hard on you. let us know when you get back home. :angel:

sleeper ~ so sorry to hear you're down. we all go there and i know you have been fighting this for a long time. will keep you in my prayers that you'll see a renewed step forward and an emotional lift to get you through this time. :angel:


wackowoman 03-11-2006 10:30 AM

Re: To Deejavu, Wackowoman and Jernigan users
Thanks for all your good wishes.

Denise, Wow, interesting about the whales!! While I wasn't on abx, that is what my body was doing those first few weeks in Kansas, extreme detox from the ammonia. Thanks for your gift of friendship.

Frango, do remember it does take awhile to detox, whether it is from abx, or other med's, or ammonia. So sorry you are not feeling good - I felt terrible those first few weeks on Dr. J's stuff. But I felt terrible when I arrived too!! I wasn't herxing, but my body was miserable trying to detox. Never fun. When I went off Ambien I went thru if Lyme wasn't enough :") Shakes, headaches, seizures. My girlfriend, who deals with patients with alcohol detox, said that was what I was going thru, so while maybe you are herxing, maybe it is drug withdrawal. Whichever, I am sorry you are going thru this. Hang on, it will get better! Know that even in Kansas, I will be thinking about you.

I was hoping you would continue to feel better and better - darn. Hate those back and forths. I always said that when I started having more good days than bad days I would know that I had turned the corner. That is where I am, and let me tell you, it is much easier to be positive now. I struggled with being positive when I was so sick. But I was being honest, and that is also important. I think the best we can do on the bad days is be honest, and try and find one little thing to be greatful for (although there were some days I couldn't even find one thing). But I believe God understood that too. My heart is with you.

Thanks for thinking about me in the midst of your hard days. This board is so supportive. I will try and check the board by end of next week if possible to check on you and Marsha's Dr. appt.'s. You are in such a hard place and you are so brave. I do so admire that in you.

I know how hard you are trying, something just has to kick in soon! As always, I am thinking of you.

I was so touched by your post (it might have been on this thread but I can't remember - oh well.) But I read it to Dork, about how we all have to make our choices from our heart. You pour your heart into this board and you are a treasure.

You too must have a giving spirit to be worrying about whales in this place you are in. I'm glad you are on this board, you add so much.

WE MISS YOU!!! Hope you are up to feeling good soon, we NEED your sense of looking at the bright side of things even when we are down. Know you can't do that every day, but when you can you bless us.

And for anyone I've missed, PLEASE understand it is not intentional, just my brain being a little wacky (pun intended!!)

Will be thinking of you all.


deejavu 03-11-2006 11:25 AM

Re: To Deejavu, Wackowoman and Jernigan users
Hi all,

Jeanne ~ Wishing you a wonderful trip with Dr. David. I will be praying for you that you come back healthier!

Frango ~ Hope you are feeling better today, let us know, okay? Unless I missed it on a different post. That's interesting that your husband is an environmental consultant. I am also concerned about the environment, water pollution, and of course, global warming.

Sleeper ~ I'm glad you got out of the pesticide business too! I am in the routine of drinking lots of filtered water (have to slow down at night or I wake up because I have to frequent the toilet!) Hope you are feeling better today.

Mickie ~ How was the show on the ancient warrior queen? I think a show like that would put me to sleep! I like City Confidential where Paul Winfield narrates the story. But then again, I am a glutton for any murder/mystery stories. I always try to figure out who dun it. Wish they would bring back Columbo, now that was good!

Janet ~ I like watching whale stories on TV, but one day I would like to go whale watching, I'm sure there are plenty of whales left. Very intelligent mammals.

To everyone else: wishing you a good day! If you're not feeling good, force yourself to smile for 30 seconds and see what happens :)


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