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6Blues 08-10-2006 12:40 PM

Pain in legs & feet with swelling
I have severe pain. My feet, my legs and my knees. I couldn't walk well before, but now it hurts so bad - I don't want to.

I have the most swollen feet I have ever seen. Its scary.

Any one have intense pain only in thier lower half? Anyone have this foot swelling?

Why the heck would I suddenly swell up and have it not go away?

Alleve, Advil do nothing. I'm stiff as heck too. I look and feel like Frankenstein when I try to walk.

I thought I had troubles before, but this ... this is hell.

Should I try to walk anyway and just force myself through the pain? Should I soak my feet (detox baths out of the question - no way I'm climbing stairs)? How can I detox my ankles and knees?

I am sick of sitting around, but is stupid rest the best thing?

Didn't someone recommend a spot pultice?

And lastly ... has anyone ever gotten rid of a co-infection? How long did it take?

Pearlscale 08-10-2006 07:46 PM

Re: Pain in legs & feet with swelling
I have periods of times when my legs ankles & feet would swell like balloons and hurt like crazy. It could last months. I haven't noticed this being as bad since I started on a fluid pill. You might want to check into that. The fluid pill also helps with the headaches which have also lessoned. If I am not mistaken what I take for this is Diamox & potassium.

I am pretty sure Ticker posted a while back about beating Babesia. I think it took her several rounds of months. I'm thinking several years total. Maybe she'll come on and tell you.

I hope you get some relief. Sounds like you might be full of ammonia. One thing I have started doing that I think has helped is I drink the propel water. It has B6 B12, a touch of sugar, and lots of flavor. Other vitamins that I can't remember. It is a sports drink. I am probably drinking more water than ever in my life. 6-8 glasses. I love the stuff. One bottle of 16 oz has only 20 calories. I do believe it is helping me to detox plus adding alot of B vitamins.

I also know when I reopened the water garden business this spring, it was all I could do to handle a couple customers. I had to rest frequently. But as I have keep pushing, I have noticed my strength coming back. I am probably 50% better than April May & June. It has happened slowly, but it has happened.

I pray tonight will be a good night with alot of sleep and tomorrow will be the change you so desperately need.
:angel: :angel: Marsha

J0J0 08-10-2006 08:44 PM

Re: Pain in legs & feet with swelling
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][I]Blues when do you go to your doctor again?? Am wondering you seemed to be doing well there for a little bit ...and lately you are back down...I wish I could just reach through this computer and hug you...the other end of me is swollen....has been for almost going on 7 years soon....ummmm....those little nasty critters they just don't give a hoot where they land....

If you don't go into see the doctor soon...why don't yo think about making a call to him/her?

Hope you can sleep well...........
Hugs to YOU....
Jodie:D [/I][/B][/COLOR]

lymegirl 08-11-2006 10:12 AM

Re: Pain in legs & feet with swelling

I am sorry you are in so much pain.

Did you call Dr E? The office is there today but she doesn't see patients. She is going on vaca the week of the 21st so if you call Mon you can probabally get an appt before she goes.

know you thought this med was working for bart. Maybe it is a herx. These bugs are smart and effect you physically and mentally. I read the other thread and I think Itsmylife gives good advice about the detoxing. I know you did it for 30 days(I think) and didn't notice anything, but maybe give it a try again, what do you have to lose.

Do you have Steven Buhler's book about healing lyme? He has herbal protocols and I have been thinking about adding the andrographis. You can use it with abx he says in his book. It is supposed to be a powerful antibacterial.

I find myself questioning whether I have to work through the pain, maybe a herx, or stop what I am doing and take it easy, or maybe I just need to stick it out longer to see results. Always doubting and questioning. This is a crazy disease. What other disease requires you to get worse before better? Worse part is Dr don't know how much worse or for how long.

Some people seem to improve quickly and others do not. For those of us that have been walking around with lyme for probabally a long time before we noticed symptoms we are in the takes longer category. I am there with you too. I am not giving up on you and I don't want you to either. We will get better.

I hope you feel better. I hope you can get outside and soak up some sunshine on this beautiful weekend. Even if it's just for a little while it makes me feel more optimistic and part of the world, instead of the hermit I usually feel like.

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