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Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

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Old 01-01-2007, 10:14 PM   #1
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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

My LLMD added daily B12 shots to my protocol, in order to fight my bad fatigue.

If I sleep 12 hours, I wake up Ok, but 5 or 6 hours later, I'm ready to drop off asleep again.

Of course, in addition to this constant fatigue, I have periods where I feel drowsy and yet I can't fall asleep no matter what I try. Ambien CR taken with pain killer (tylenol with codiene) and a glass of wine can't punch through it to get me to sleep.

It's so difficult to explain how I am battling such awful fatigue and yet there are times when I cannot fall alseep no matter what I take.

Anyway, my LLMD prescribed 1cc injection per day of B12.

The needles are long, but thin. It is a bit easier than those Bicillin shots I tried for a few months. Those were torture. I still have a tough time injecting myself - but I do it 'cuz I have to.

I've only been doing it for 6 days and I have to admit that I don't feel any difference.

After the inection my pee turns red which is expected but I don't get that burst of energy which is what I expected.

Has anyone tried B12 shots of methylcobalamin?

Have you noticed a change in your daily fatigue?

I also heard that B12 shots can boost the immune system. Anyone else heard this?

I hope this works! I'm a single mom with a full time job, own my own home and I have two kids - both teenagers. Each morning at 7am, I dial into a telephone conference call, then with my laptop, I logon to the company network. My job is to test computer software.

I dial in to work at 7am each day M-F. I sure could use the overtime, so when it's offered, I may dial in 7 days a week.

Most days after I dial in, I put the phone on loud under my pillow and go back to sleep. It's so risky. I feel so guilty doing this!!

There are a hundred people in India in line for my job. I am scared.

What if my boss calls my name on the conference call while I'm asleep and I don't hear him? What if I do answer but I'm not fully out of my dream and I say something implicating?

Twice, while asleep but working, I heard something on the conference call and I was roused half-awake and then I responded by saying inappropriate things on the conference call.

Once was "Yea, he'a really good guy and a good rocker." I got away with that one because I said that I was talking to my daughter but thought I was on mute.

There was another outburst like that, where I also got away with it.

What if the next time, I don't get away with it? What if I get caught sleeping because I was roused awake and said something on the conference call about watermelon or small pox or bowling alleys or whatever I was dreaming?

I am so afraid of losing my job. Only through my income from this job can I keep my house, my truck, etc.

But when I start those bad fantasies about losing my house I try to remember that so far, I have single-handedly gone through the worst that Lyme has to offer and I was able to keep a full time technical job. I never even called in sick.

I'm not thinking of that as martyrdom -- just proud of myself for what I was able to do: suffer with Lyme and keep my job and my house and send two kids to private school.

With regards to my worry about losing my job, I try to remember Doris Day's words from the movie "Don't Eat The Daises" .... Que Ser ra Se ra .... whatever will be, will be. The futures not our's to see .... Que Ser ra Ser ra.

I'm frightened and I want to get this fatigue under control.

So, my shots are methylcobalamin, 1cc per day.

Has anyone tried daily B12 methylcobalamin shots?

Hve you noticed any difference?

Do you have any tips on the best time of day to inject?

What did you feel after injecting? How long did it last?

Is it worth long term use?

Thanks my friends. Other than this board, I really have no other place to ask these questions. Boy am I grateful for all of you!

Peace and health to all,

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Re: Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

HI MicBlues....

Yep I did the injections for years. the reason the doc put me on them was because I was anemic in the B-12. I never felt any real "Yahoo rush" either. And I do think I wa doing 3 cc.
Did have ALOT of bruises on my
Just to let you know there are smaller needles you can do the injections with. The last time I was doing them I was prescribed a real little needle. It was about 1/4 of inch long. Still does the same job as the 11/2 inch long ones.

I am sure I asked you and Marsha this before but I foget what the answer was.

Did/has your doc tested you for Epstein Barr Virus or Cytomeglovirus??? These are very important to take an antiviral for. They WILLLLL make you very very tired...another name for them (Mono)
If she didn't test for them get her to do it. You may feel better if your treated. And you would need to take Valtrex 2,000 mg a day for these.

And has she tested you to see how high your Chlamydia pneumoinae titers are?? this bacteria wil keep you feeling like crap too. Sure you have read me pushing people to read up on this bacteria...and to get checked for it. It causes ALOT OF SYMPTOMS like lymes...REad up on Dr. Charles Stratton and Chlamydia Pneumoniae. they are finding it causes dimentia, alshemiers, fibro, some cancers, M.S. ect....ect...

Weed some of these out of you and you just might find yourself feeling better.

I found some old test and the EBV and CMV were active...AND I WAS NEVER TREATED FOR THEM....
But now I am being treated for them and wow am feeling soooooooo much better!!!!

Hugs to you !!!!

You have a very heavy load Mic, but you will make it!!!!

Stay strong...

Old 01-05-2007, 05:47 AM   #3
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sleeperwoken HB User
Re: Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

Hi blues, I did get B12 shots every once in a while, but I don't remember ever feeling that great from them. No boost of energy or anything, sorry to say. I hope they work for you. You have been so tired for so long, I don't know how you work feeling like that, you are a real trooper. I guess we all just do what we have to do, but I sympathize with you.

Happy New Year, I hope it's a good one with lots of blessings for you.

Old 01-05-2007, 01:52 PM   #4
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dynawg HB User
Re: Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

Hi 6Blues- I was treated for Lyme disease and had fatique along with musculoskeletal signs- also would go night after night without being able to sleep. During this time period, I also had a Morton's neuroma (inflamed nerve in foot) and the podiatrist had suggested local B12 injections. I gave it a try for the foot, but strangely, it seemed to give me relief of Lyme symptoms. You are the first person I have come across to mention this. My pcp (not my LLMD) would not prescribe B12 for me. Hope it works for you.

Old 01-09-2007, 10:19 AM   #5
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Re: Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

Hi Mickie,

I have done the methylcobalamin once a week, and actually I did notice more energy and mental clarity. I keep meaning to ask my doc about increasing the frequency.

Since there seems to be quite a lot of disparity between individual reactions to it, I am guessing that the reason has to do with how much B12 deficiency had been affecting one's health in the first place.

Since I had a decidedly good reaction to it, that is probably because B12 deficiency had been causing some of my symptoms in the first place. For those that don't experience improvement with it, it may be because B12 deficiency is not the problem.

Old 01-13-2007, 05:47 PM   #6
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Heavenfruit HB User
Re: Daily B12 shots - methylcobalamin - I'm scared - does it work?

I have been getting Methyl B12s daily, haven't seen a real increase in energy either.

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