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Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

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Old 01-02-2007, 05:08 AM   #1
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Linnyloo HB User
Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

Happy New Year everyone!!

My husband and I both have chronic lyme. He has alot of leg and foot pain that I don't experience the way he does and I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with this. He has extreme pain that moves from the top of his foot, to the side, around the bottom etc. Right now he has pain in the bottom of his heel and says that it feels like someone is driving a nail through the bottom of his foot. His calf gets really hard (very painful but not like a cramp more of a constant pain). Eventually it will go away but always comes back another day. This time it happened because we were walking in the city doing the New York City thing for Christmas. Sometimes it starts up for no reason that we know of.

It is painful enough that I have taken him to the emergency room in the past and his legs have been cat scanned for blood clots (thank goodness none found!). Steroids help but I know that is worse for Lyme. Although I know that everything can be a Lyme symptom I don't want to blame Lyme and ignore something serious if this isn't a commom symptom. McBlue, I know you have trouble with legs-is it like this? Any help would be appreciated!

As always you are all in my prayers and I am resolving to get rid of this nightmare THIS YEAR!! You have all given wonderful suggestions along the way that have helped me on my path to wellness. God Bless!!

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Old 01-02-2007, 09:01 AM   #2
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jolts HB User
Re: Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

Linnyloo...WOW...your hubby sounds just like me. I've had LD since the low 80's. Ive had the top of foot pain that was very excruciating. I usually get it when driving my car. Each time it would get so bad I would have to pull off the side of the road. I had it for many months. The heel pain I also had, yes it does feel like a nail going through. Also I know what's he's going through with the calves, I'm the same.

I have cured the top of foot pain,& the heel pain. The calves pain only alittle. I did this a few years ago.

Now this is going so sound nuts to you but here it goes. The top of foot pain is the gallbladder meridian. Yes you heard that right. When I did my first Liver Flush(LF), that pain totally vanished & never came back, & that was a few years ago. So of course I say get busy with LF's.

I also don't have that heel pain, that went away a couple of years ago. But you know what...I don't remember what did it. It might have been the flushing. Let me look up my records & I'll get back on that one.

Back in the high 80's I torn both my calves. I still get pain there, just not as bad. Wish I had a answer for you on this one but I don't. But I can say this. Tell your hubby to be very careful with the calves. They must be very tight. I'd hate to see him tear his calves like I did. He must learn to exercise his calves very carefully & find ways to increase circulation.

Remember...lyme did this to us.

Hope this helps Linnyloo. If you have questions I'm here. I view this forum everyday. You can PM me or call me. We can even meet to discuus this if you'd like. I'm in Toms River which is very close to you.

Good luck...Pat Sr

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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Re: Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

Hi Linnyloo and Pat Sr. Happy new year to you both.

I have pain in my legs and feet.

I began treatment for Lyme in January 2005. I tried many different antibiotics and I did not have any pain at all.

My LLMD suspected I had a co-infection so she switched me to Levaquin in April 2006, which is sometimes given to combat Bartonella.

Wow! The pain hit almost immediately after I began taking it.

I have been taking Levaquin for 8 months now and I have pain all the time. Once in a blue moon it won't be that bad, and there are rare moments when it's not there, but mostly it's ouch ouch ouch all the time.

What I believe is that the Levaquin found the Bartonella and is killing it. The die off of these nasty bacteria is causing the pain. The Levaquin could also be killing the Lyme. It's a broad spectrum drug - so it could be killing all sorts of nasty things inside me.

I try to remind myself that my pain is proof that my medicine is working.

I love Levaquin. My brain fog is 90% gone and I feel much better than I did last year. I choose to live with the pain, hoping that when all the critters are dead and gone, I will be pain free.

On a scale of one to ten, my pain ranges from two to seven.

I feel as if there are razor blades sticking into the bottoms of my feet. It's difficult to describe, but I feel as if my feet will split open when I take steps. It's not muscular, it's not bone pain, it just "tissue" pain I guess.

I also have leg pain but it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly where it hurts - it's not just my knees, or just my backside, etc .... it's all over achiness in my legs that makes me groan when I stand, walk or sit.

When it's bad, I walk with a frankenstein shuffle so I don't bend the bottoms of my feet. I get a lot of funny looks from strangers.

I have tried detox baths and foot baths and creams but I have not felt any relief from these. Others here have good results though. There are detox foot pads that may be worth trying. There are also naturopathic doctors and/or therapists (healers) who can do raindrop therapy using essential oils along the body's meridian lines. I've heard that accupuncture can also help with pain management.

I do take pain pills, tylenol with codeine. I do not take them while I am working. I can't afford to feel anymore "dopey" than I normally do. The pain pill does take the edge off but it only lasts two hours.

I am so sorry to hear that you both live with Lyme and how sick hubby is. Your desription of his sufffering sounds a bit different than what I experience. I have no trouble with my calves whatsoever.

My apologies if you've told us before, but ... do you both see a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)? Are you under treatment? Were you tested/treated for co-infections? Do you perform any detox?

I wish I could offer some sage advice or a cure for his pain.

I will send up a prayer for you both to get some relief. It's awful enough to live with Lyme but his pain sounds unbearable.

Peace and health to all,

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Old 01-02-2007, 12:17 PM   #4
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Linnyloo HB User
Re: Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

Thank you both for your help!

We both go to Dr. E McBlue same as you! We have not been tested for co-infections because she feels at this time that her treatment would be the same one way or the other. At the moment I am taking Rifampin and Cat's Claw and lots of suppliments and he is taking doxy and Cat's Claw. He also has a big problem with his knees. He is considering surgery for the knees but it is always possible that what is supposed to be arthritis is really lyme and maybe surgery is not necessary. We are always second guessing ourselves because lyme mimicks everything! From what I read Levaquin can have bad effects on tendons. Since we both have tendon issues in our knees, we are hesitant to take that.

I am going to do a parasite and intestinal cleanse as soon as it arrives in the mail. Could possibly help and I don't think I can feel much worse. I am the self proclaimed guinea pig in my house-I try stuff and if I feel better I tell him about it and if I feel worse I skip it!! No sense in both of us feeling bad!

If feeling bad is good then we are doing great!! I plan on getting those detox pads you suggested when I go to Dr E on the 17th. For my hubby acupuncture is a good thought.

Jolts,after what we have been through, nothing sounds nuts to me!! Again a liver flush could be helpful-we have books about foot masage therapy but I haven't quite gotten around to reading up on it. If you figure out the heel thing please let me know.

Thanks again-it's good to know that I have such helpful people right in my own neighborhood! God Bless!

Old 01-02-2007, 01:15 PM   #5
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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Re: Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

That's right - I forgot you go to Dr. E too. Duh! Forgive my swiss cheese memory.

I had another thought - it wouldn't hurt to call her and explain just how badly he is suffering with the pain. Perhaps there is something she can do.

Also, I tried the raindrop therapy with Mei Ming in Dr. E's office. I don't know if she still practices there as I haven't seen Mei in a while.

You have a great attitude by the way!

Keep fighting!

Old 01-02-2007, 06:16 PM   #6
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Location: Jackson, NJ usa
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Linnyloo HB User
Re: Need Info About Leg and Foot Pain

Can you tell me more about raindrop therapy? I have no idea what that is. My husband cracked up when I told him about your frankenstein shuffle! I walk the same way! He said to tell you that it's not the frankenstein shuffle but rather the Morticia Glide! Makes me feel so much more glamorous and sassy!

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