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bearsfan44 02-13-2007 06:41 AM

Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Hi Everyone
I saw Dr. C. in Tampa. My labs aren't back yet, but he put me on 3 different antibiotics:
zithromax 500 mg 2 times/day
ceftin 500 mg 2 times/day
tindamax 500 mg 2 times/day

I have 3 questions
1. Is it ok that my pharmacy gave me generics?
2. Why do I keep reading about Doxy?
3. Do Dr's suggest detox baths, or is this something I should be doing?

I know I have another question, but my brain isn't up to par.

Thanks for any input. I'm so grateful I found this board, otherwise I would have never known about LLMD.

ticker 02-13-2007 07:04 AM

Re: Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Hi bearsfan44. I am glad you have started treatment. I suggest asking the doctor if the generics are okay. Some generics are, some are not. See what he prefers.

Regarding Tindimax, I believe it is similiar to Flagyl and Tinidadzole. Make sure you have no alcohol when you are on this med or it can make you very sick. This includes the alcohol in mouthwash etc.

Doxycycline is often prescribed first because it may be effective against Lyme and it treats the Ehrlichiosis and Mycoplasma co-infections. I am sure the doctor chose the meds he thinks is best for your case.

Detox baths can be helpful but start off slowly to see how your body reacts. The water should be warm, not hot. If your liver is healthy, Milk Thistle is a good supplement to take daily. Sometimes Lyme disease can cause elevated liver enzymes. This can help.

I recommend reading Dr. Joseph Burrascano's 2005 Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines For Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses. He is one of the top Lyme doctors in the country, and many Lyme doctors follow his protocols. He also discusses diet and supplement recommendations also. Eliminating processed carbs and sugar and eating healthy helps tremendously. Drink a lot of water, exercise when you can, and get enough rest.

Be prepared for the herx reaction. Also, it is good to document your symptoms daily. One way to do this is to list the three main symptoms you have each day with a numerical rating of their severity, from 1-10. Over time when you review this you can see when your herxes occur and how you are responding to the meds.

Good luck with your treatment!

bearsfan44 02-13-2007 07:36 AM

Re: Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Thanks Ticker. What is herxing? Does this mean I will start to feel better then once a month not be doing well?

ticker 02-13-2007 08:22 AM

Re: Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Hi bearsfan44. Herx is short for Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction. Often, when people who have Lyme take antibiotics, their symptoms become worse or they get new ones. When the antibiotics kill the bacteria, toxins are released making them feel sicker. It can be very scary when it happens, but it is a good sign the antibiotics are working. Although it can vary individually, many people experience this at the beginning of treatment and every three to four weeks.

When getting treated for tick-borne illnesses, it is normal to feel worse before feeling better and it can take time. I think it is good to know this ahead of time so you know what to expect.

6Blues 02-13-2007 08:32 AM

Re: Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Hi bearsfan44. Belated condolences on the superbowl.

Each person with Lyme responds differently to different anitbiotics. Your LLMD knows you best, so he/she prescribed your medicines based on thier experience and your symptoms.

It is also common for a Lyme patient to try a few different anitbiotics over the course of thier treatment.

I have tried about 8 different drugs.

As far as generics go, it could be that insurance company has a rule that the drugist dispense generics when available. If you have concerns, just ask the pharmacy. I take generics when I can. It's the exact same drug, just cheaper.

Detox baths are great for some, not for others. I tried them and they did nothing for me. I am in a lot of pain, so climbing stairs to get to my bathtub is not something I'd do for no benefit, so I stopped.

Detox'ing in general is a great idea for anyone with illness. There's a lot of tips on here, so poke around.

Some antibiotics only kill bacteria during cell reproduction. The Lyme bacteria replicates every 3-4 weeks. When the bateria die, thier contents spill into your body and your symptoms may get more intense or you may notice new symptoms.

Some people don't Herx at all. I happen to have Herx's like clockwork, about every 4 weeks. When a Herx hits, I try to remind myself that it's the drugs working and those stupid bacteria are dying! :D

Having Lyme and it's co-infections can be scary and confusing. You're not alone.

One thing you may want to do is take a high quality pro-biotic. The good quality ones have to be kept in the fridge and you can get them at any health food store. The pro-biotics (acidophilus, bifidus, etc) replace the good intestinal bacteria that your antibiotic is killing, prevents diarrhea and prevents yeast infections.

Glad you're under treatment. Stay in touch.

Peace and health to you,

bearsfan44 02-13-2007 08:55 AM

Re: Antibiotic & detox bath questions
Ticker and 6Blues - Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it. I have been reading so many past posts on this board - they are very helpful.
Good luck to both of you.

6Blues, thanks for the sympathy on the superbowl game. I got a laugh when I read your post.

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