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Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

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Old 03-12-2007, 05:21 PM   #1
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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

I saw in another thread that Dr. Bransfield is a psych doctor in Red Bank. Is he a psychologist/psychiatrist who specializes in Lyme patients or is he an LLMD?

I sure could use some professional mental assistance. I'm losing it b-i-g time.

(Thanks to jojo. You posted and asked how I was, which made me realize I'm close to basket case and it was time for me to get some help for my head.)

Thoughts of suicide, not bathing, not caring about going to see Dr. E again, trying to parent while I sit in bed 24/7, trying to drink & smoke myself to death, etc.

Anyone else seek mental help to deal with Lyme?

So, is Dr. B a psych? Does anyone know of a good mental professional who specializes in Lyme patients and/or patients with long term illness?

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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Re: Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

Unrelated but I HAVE to share this news .... my ex is so many months behind on his child support that the IRS intercepted his tax return and my kids are getting thier money!

Hooray. They need clothes so badly. I can take them shopping (on the internet - no way I could handle a trip to the mall).

I am very relieved to hear this news.

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Re: Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

Hi Mic B....I was going to wait to say hi in the morning...Until I read this ....

You know alot of my story...and I guess we help others by saying what a flippin nightmare we've gone or are going through...And the flippin battles we just keep knocking away from us....

I didn't know for sure I had lyme..I was not fortunate enough like many here to have found this board. I battled years of being told I was bi-polar...and oh my gosh the losses I went through...and the not feeling good. And the WHY'ssssssss.....and how comes....

Was put on antidepressants because the damn doctors just didn't want to put 2 and 2 together...they could see how sick I was...but oh no I needed antidepressants ...You know what? They NEVER worked...just another pill put in me...

And YES I saw councelor after councelor...therapist...what ever you would like to call them...and do you know ..they would say to me ....There's nothing wrong with you...but it did give me someone to become a (IN THAT TIME) a lady I saw she and I would sit and drink coffee. And talk about her struggles with her job and being a that was okay...we laughed and smiled and cried...I paid to have a friend....

Mickie I flat out didn't know for many many years what I had...I mean I knew what I had ..just didn't find the right doctor for a long time to treat then I was needing MUCH MORE THAN JUST A THERAPIST.....yikes....

What happened to you going to find that support group???? I think I remember you saying there is one around you ...Or have you possibly thought of calling the support group leader and seeing if maybe someone could just meet you for coffee...or come by and see you at your house...You truly my freind NEED to do something to get someone sitting face to face with you...
weather it is a paid friend (therapist) or a support group...You need to get out of yourself for a little while...

Lyme is nothing to take lightly as you know. I am wondering have you called your Lyme doctor and told her how poorly you are doing??? Could you make that one of your calls tomorrow Mickie? Something needs to be done. I know I got down in those holes before...Where one just wants to say I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! And it is okay to feel that way...but once you see how far down you have gotten...It is time to find a way to pull yourself back out of it! You just can't give up!! That is not an option.

Like I have said to you so many times. My gosh you are carrying such a heavy load. ALL BY YOURSELF! And it is your turn to ask for someone in person to hold your hand awhile and share a smile.

I know you are scared to have a picc line in. But that is what truly started me on the upward swing. I was pretty far down there also. Please think about that....ALSO....

Do you know that you just might be going through some withdrawls from the med's. and let's think if you aren't on anything those critters are going to start playing havoc with you again. Your doctor Mic really needs to know how you are right now...From what i have read about her she is suppose to be one of the best...LET HER KNOW!!!! She is there to help you...tell her the insanity you are going through...she just might have some suggestions for you to do around your area....

I truly truly wish I could be there for you in person....I worry about YOU and so many others on thing I learned though and I know you and others are learning it too...You can't count on anyone else to get you HAVE to do the foot work Mickie. You PLEASE reach out tomorrow and get someone to talk too...PLEASE!!!

Also...FIND THOSE TINCTURES and start taking them again. Soak in the bath tub...enjoy your bed again. It is spring time. smell the air...take a short walk...Whatever it is you need to do to pull out of the lymie funk....DON'T LET THEM WIN!!! Your a strong your doctor and ask she get back to you tomorrow...

You are always in my thoughts and Prayer's. This as you know is a good venting place...don't shut your self up...were always here for you!

Will be watching for you.....


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Re: Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

Hi 6Blues. I am very sorry things are so intense right now. You are doing the right thing to reach out.

I am not sure if Dr. Bransfield treats Lyme patients. Definitely worth checking into. There is also Dr. Brian Fallon at Columbia University. I suggest that you call your Lyme doctor and tell her how intense things are now. She may be able to recommend someone closer who can see you right away.

I am sorry that you are dealing with so much at once including your ex being so irresponsible. I am glad his tax return was intercepted!

Please call your Lyme doctor at once and tell her what you have told us here. Let us know what she says okay? We care.

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DavinoPA HB User
Re: Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

Be well! I juist started having cognitive difficulties and realized 2 days ago that I have Lyme. Now, treatment time!

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6Blues HB User6Blues HB User6Blues HB User
Re: Lyme head-shrinker (Dr. B) in NJ?

Thanks guys for the support. You truly are angels on earth

I know how much we all lost from this insidious, senseless disease. I know how much we suffer. I also know that sharing our experiences with each other can help. I appreciate that folks here are honest and share thier stories of thier struggle.

I am SO LUCKY to have my job so that I can work from home, sitting in bed, allowing me to keep my house and pay my bills. I am also lucky that my kids are a bit older and able to get themselves out in the mornings and feed themselves and do laundry and homework.

I am lucky that Lyme seems to be (at least for the moment) the only thing wrong with my body. I am also lucky that I have a great LLMD within 15 miles of my house.

Sometimes I feel the pang of guilt when I complain as I know that many here have it/had it worse than I do.

But I still have a long way to recover and I am so darned tired. Today, I'm still down; still crying; still feeling like moldy oatmeal - sluggish and slow and rotting.

I've thought hard about the root cause for my deep blues; it's not jealousy, loneliness, money problems or regret. Maybe it's mourning? Maybe it's anger at having to accept that this may be as good as it gets?

I called Dr. E's office and she recommended Dr. B in Red Bank, NJ. I called his office and checked his web site. New patient visit is one hour and cost $375. Subsequent visits are $70. First available appointment is about a month away.

I told them I'd think about it. Boy - that's a lot of money!! Maybe I'll submit the receipt to my insurance company to see if they'd reimburse me.

I will make an appointment with Dr. B but it will have to wait for a good pay day.

I guess I don't grasp what you guys mean when you talk about acceptance and attitude. I don't feel "okay" about my treatment, I don't accept that I'm doing all I can; I always thought I'd get to being myself someday. That was my goal - to get back to woman I used to be. I feel like I'm on hold. I feel like I was on the phone, talking with the world, then it put me on hold and it hasn't picked up yet.

I don't feel connected with nature and the universe like I used to. I don't feel connected to God like I used to. I don't feel like I'm living with purpose like I used to. I don't feel the thrill of being alive like I used to. I don't feel part of the world. I don't feel like a contributing, socializing, living breathing human like I used to.

Hmmm (red flag), that's an awful lot of "used to's". Am I mourning? Grieving?

I was fighting it. I was. Even when I didn't want to, I forced myself to fight this disease. Lyme can't last forever, right?

I am so drained. Just really really tired inside. I know I have a lot on my plate (kids, house, job, etc), but I used to thrive on it - really really loved my life.

All the things I had to arrange each day, the high pressure job, the kids, daily lunches, class trips, the house I was fixing up all on my own, the dog (oh how I miss her!!) .... I used to love it . I felt like I was surfing.

Now I look at myself and I don't recognize who I see; physically and otherwise. I hope Dr. B can help me. I will keep folks posted.

Love and peace and health to all.

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