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Sco24 05-19-2009 06:14 PM

Positive Western Blot... HELP
hey all,

Okay, so a few years ago i had the western blot done through IgeneX labs and it came back equivocal.

now, i went to see Dr. Steven Harris and he did it again because i'm trying to heal a leaky gut and food allergies, other allergies as well, that have kept getting worse over the years. I'm 26 years old, male and have been in pretty good health my life.

now this second test, which i just had done was the IFA which came back equivocal, and the western blot with the IgG and IgM both coming back positive...

so dr. harris wants to talk to me about it, but what do you all think? i never remember getting bit by a tick or any rash or anything.

i should also mention in this last test i was sick.. i had pneumonia and was still getting over it so.. it was a pretty persistant infection, still not really better from it so i think that can affect the western blot can't it?

i'm just thinking maybe i have a false positive because when i had the first borderline test they did a follow up Lyme Dot Blot test with antibiotics and it came back completely negative... so i'm totally confused and dont want to say i have lyme just because i'm trying to find some cause for the leaky gut, etc...

anyways, your help/input would be greatly appreciated.


J0J0 05-19-2009 08:31 PM

Re: Positive Western Blot... HELP
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Scott, I would trust the doctor you are seeing. He is one of the best. And with all the scandals and lawsuits and such out there I can just about bet he wouldn't treat you unless he felt real sure about it.

Many people do not remember being bit. You "Do Not" have to have a bulls eye rash. There are only a lucky 30 per cent of people that get them. I say lucky cause that is full proof. Besides all the symptoms that go along with lyme.

Did you mention to your doc that you have had pnumoniae lately? He would need to test you for Mycoplasma Pnumoniae and Chlamydia Pnumoniae.

Is he testing you for Babesia, Bartonella, Erichilia..(sp?) ...

Also Scott, you can get lyme from any insect that bites. And through having sex. It is in the Syphillis family. So you don't necessarily have to of been bitten by ticks. Or Mother's pass it on to their unborn babies.

There are also 300 strains of Lyme. Testing for Lyme as you know is not accurate. The labs are not set up to test for all 300 strains.

I feel that you will be in excellent hands with this Doctor.

Let us know how it goes.

Good Luck to you!


Sco24 05-19-2009 09:03 PM

Re: Positive Western Blot... HELP
im going to call to mention it to him again.. so if you have mycoplasma pneumonia then does that make your western blot positive? thus is my positive a false positive if i do have the mycoplasma?

i dont think he's tested for the individual bacteria, just the western blot so far.


J0J0 05-20-2009 06:08 AM

Re: Positive Western Blot... HELP
[FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Purple"]Hi Scott, I don't know how a Western Blot would turn out positive if you had other infections. Beings they are specifically looking for a Spirokette bacteria.

Now if it was the CD-57,(Stricker Panel) I have read and heard there is controversy over that test. What i mean is any kind of infection can cause a miss reading of that. Doesn't necessarily have to be lyme.

What bands did your Western Blot pull up?
In my opinion if you have a positive Western Blot then you have Lyme.

When do you see your LLMD? Soon?

Take Care,


Sco24 05-20-2009 01:36 PM

Re: Positive Western Blot... HELP
Okay.. Sp let me see If I understand this right.. So if I had pneumonia whether its mycoplasma or the other one that would not cause a western blot to be positive? Are you talking about mycoplasma because that can cause symptoms similar to lyme? I was just confused why myco or other infections matter? I actually have my app. With the doc on june 2nd. I haven't seen the test yet so I'm not sure what bands came up positive. Thanks for the help.

J0J0 05-20-2009 07:28 PM

Re: Positive Western Blot... HELP
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Scott the mycoplasma and chlamydia need to be tested seperately from the Lyme. They have their own test. Lyme is seperate. I can just about bet that they did not cause your western blot to be positive.
When you have a IND on a test that is looked at as a positive by some doctors.

You would also need to be tested for Erichliosis, Bartonella, Babesia. These are co-infections.

Well I do hope you and the doc can get to the bottom of your problems.

When we have physical problems there is "always" a reason behind it.

I hear that the doctor you are going to see is really nice.

Make sure to get copies of your test so you will have them for yourself.


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