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scout316 07-16-2010 04:44 PM

Re: Undiagnosed
Hello my dear GC8!

It has been quite a bit since we talked!I was hoping to hear that you were feeling a lot better these days.I am so happy you are okay and not letting your health issues get you down too much.Gjoy is a great help to me and cheers me up.I am hardly on the computer(having light/sound sensitivity now for over a month) migraines...must be all related for sure.

My vitamin D is excellent now and I didn't take any supplements either....go figure,but I did eat the bread and margarine with the added D in I guess it worked after a couple months of that!I have my strength back now,but gaining weight is really hard for me...I'm at 103 lbs. now...better than 99 for sure!

I did not get my 30 day Holter monitor heart test results back yet.My insurance is changing on August 1 so I'm going to wait and see about changing drs.Wish me luck with finding some educated and caring drs.!

Yeah I had a few tests done....negative for HPylori,celiac,gluten,lupus anti-coagulant and rheumatoid factor.My Iga was elevated though.I think I'm going to see a rheumatologist like Gjoy has too.That way I can get tested for the auto-immune disorders.

My stomach has been better,but only because I am very careful about what I eat...actually I feel like I could eat a ton of food(poor,food deprived me!).Gastro dr. is next,but it's very expensive to pay all these specialists(and get no dx or help from all these drs. either!).....I am frustrated and feel beaten down,but I won't give up hope that there will be a dr. who will dx me completely and correctly.

Those lyme tests are hard to read and I wonder if they are any good to be honest with you.How did they test your cortisol level...just a blood test?Did they have to give you that hormone stuff also?I am interested in knowing about that test.

Like you I am trying not to think about how I feel...instead I keep my mind stayed on other things that are peaceful to me(nothing stressful....and it does help).

Keeping busy is a good thing......thanx for stopping are very much missed and thought about!Take care~


gjoy 07-17-2010 04:18 AM

Re: Undiagnosed
Hi GC8 and scout

Good to see you both back on the board. I was reading there can be lots of reasons for false negatives when testing for lyme disease. Willowpoint on his thread talked about finding a lyme literate doctor. Maybe this is what you need to do GC8.

I have had some success this week with another ENT. I was a bit nervous about this appointment as the last ENT I saw sort of snarled at me when he talked. I was wearing my hat because of my light probs. He spoke as if I was an idiot. It is hard to take when you are use treating people with respect, and receiving it back. This man was entirely different, very down to earth and friendly. Called my husband by name and also mate. He listened to my problems which i kept on topic, explaining about the head pressure and the throbbing behind my ear. He tested my ears and found the pressure abnormal in my right ear, the one with the probs. He gave me 6 weeks of antibiotics and suggested I could have a grommit in my ear. It may help with the pressure. I am hoping my ear might start oozing by itself like it did last time. He said it was worth a try. Sometimes things have surprising results. I am not so sure. He referred me to another neurologist, hopefully someone as nice as he. I think i'll wait until after that appointment, which should be within the month. They are going to ring me. What do you think?

GC8 have you ever had a spinal tap? That is one test that could have answers.

I hope Scout you get that holter monitor result. I am sure it will be worthwhile.

All the best to you both.


gjoy 07-18-2010 03:05 AM

Re: Undiagnosed
Me again:)

The other test I have just had is a hair analysis. I have been seeing a naturopath and she recommended it. She said although blood tests may look okay who may still have a deficiency. Your blood may draw from other areas of the body to keep its correct balance. She told me about one of her patients troubled by aching legs. The doctors could find nothing. The hair analysis showed she was deficient in potassium and when she went on the potassium supplement her problem went. She said the hair analysis also will show heavy metal poisoning. She said at the moment there is a problem in the US with mercury in the corn syrup. This is used to sweeten many commercial products. My results will take two weeks.

I am a great believer in the naturopaths. They have helped me a lot over the years. Have a different slant on things.If I didn't have to get medical certificates I would have been staying away from doctors a long time ago. Maybe you both should give them a try.

All the best,


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