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BiancaSing 03-05-2011 03:21 PM

Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia

I am in need of some help with regard to Lyme disease treatment in Asia. I have just had a clinical diagnosis of neuro lyme and started ceftriaxone iv over 2 weeks ago, which seems to help.
I live in Singapore and had my first neurological symptoms on 09 Feb, when I went to hospital in there and the neurosurgeon suggested a surgery of my spine....Needless to say, I went to a second doctor the next day, who tested my blood. Asked to be tested for ticks as well, as I had a slight suspicion and that came back positive for rickettsia (but he did not do a lyme test). Was put on 2x100mg doxy per day for rickettsia, which had quite a good reaction (lymphnodes were painful in my entire body). Symptoms started to get worse, so I demanded a lyme test. Flew out to Germany and went straight to hospital, where I am currently on ceftriaxone iv, based on the clinical diagnosis. I think I was "lucky", as was put on medication roughly 1.5 weeks after symptoms first started. Singapore serum lyme test came back negative in Western Blot (without any mentioning of bands), but this is currently being re-tested here in Germany on serum and CSF. Results pending..

My problem now is that I cannot stay here forever, as my job and family are in Singapore, where doctors unfortunately are not very familiar with this disease and I am worried about the further treatment/follow up. Similarly, in Germany, doctors think that after the 4 weeks of ceftriaxone, you are practically cured, or might need a max of one more round, but that should be it. I might be lucky and that is the case or I might be unlucky and this was not it for me and I need further treatment, for which I need to find a good doctor in Singapore or somewhere in Asia.

There was another lady on this board who also contacted Lyme's and who also was living in Singapore at that time. Her symptoms matched mine entirely. She stopped posting around April/May 2008 and I am hoping this is because she was cured. She seemed to have found the right doctors in Singapore to help her and I am now desperately trying to get in touch with her, as she is the only one I found from that part of the world who seems to have been in the same situation. Unfortunately, as a new member I cannot PM (you need to be a long time member or something....).

If anybody could help or has any other information about good Lyme doctors in Singapore/Asia, pls let me know.


singabella 07-21-2011 08:21 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi Bianca,

Just wondering if you managed to find a good LLD in Singapore. I was recently diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease (was bitten 15 years ago by ticks in UK), and after frank psychosis, Bells Palsy and myalgia, night sweats, etc, now being treated with IV antibiotics. Like you, the doctor only wants to follow the guidelines of 3 weeks, with possible extension if symptoms return upon stopping. As I have had it for so long, I anticipate that I will have chronic lyme and need a doctor who is prepared to address all the coinfections. Likewise, I am here in Singapore for work/family.

Thank you very much, and all the best with your recovery.

BiancaSing 07-21-2011 09:16 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi Bella,

So sorry you have to go through this. Are you sure you got it in the UK and were not reinfected in Asia? Pls don't believe doctor's crap over ther "we don't have lymes in SIngapore". Yes, they do and so I do I now unortunately. My dog goes to a daycare over there and I suspect he got icks or flease from there which he brought home, as I recall being bitten on my own living room couch!

Anyway, I am still in Germanz, 5 months later. Unfortunately, I was not that lucky and I developed it in a chronic form, toghether with verious co-infections and viruses.

I think te first mistanke made, was to get iv Rocephine, as this tends to get the bugers to form cysts and the risk of getting it chronically is huge. Besides, doctor's in SIng did not even know how to spell co-infections. Just horrible.

Germany has not been much better, besides that they do have LLMD's over here, who like to pump you full with AB. I got a second months worth of high doses of oral IB, which brough on a bought of CFS. I was floored.

For the last two months I was doing constitutional thereapy with high doses of iv Supplemets, detox, etc and now I have started an IPT protocol, who helps deliver the antiiotics, antivirals right into the cells. Had one session and so far so good. Second one schdule tomorrow.

During all my resarch, I can tell you what I have found out about chronical lyme disease and I am also looking into where I can continue my treatment when back in Singapore.

1. In my opinion (pls don't shoot me), once lyme is chronic, it will be difficult to erradicate it by antibiotics only. This seldom works. THe reason it got chronic, it is because there was something wrong with your immune system to start with and it could not defend itself against lyme. I used to have EBV when was younger andit turns out, my viral load is still significant, which was a huge burden on my immune system. Secondly, I have a bit of an mold isue apparently, which, with those a/c and the humidity in Asia does not surprise me. Biggest problem for me where root canal treated teath, which in my lymphocyte transformation test brought the strep titer to literally explode. Had to kiss two teeth goodbye. That in itself should give huge relief to a strained immun system.

2. Genetical predesposition - You will be surprised t find out, that most sufferes of chronic lyme, have a mutation in their detox systems, Phase I or Phase II. I have a slow Phase II GST-P1 mutation. This leads to accumulation of toxins over a lifetime, which is putting pressure on your immune system and something as major as lymes brings it to crash.

3.Methyliation - Lymes has a nasty way of creating havoc in your body, by depleting glutathion, and creating blocks to your methyliation cycle, which leads to loss of Vit B12 and a vicious cycle from there. Glutathione needs to be supplemented to help your body detox and you need to get the methyliation cycle going again (will tell you further below how to do hat inlovely, but lyme-clueless Singapore)

4. Thyroid, Adrenals and neurotransmitters - these tend to get screwd up quickly, make sure you chek them out. They can create a lot of symptoms you would attribute to lyme, but in reality is hypothyrodism, adrenal fatigue, or neurotransmitter imbalance.

5. Check out nitrostative stress - this can be triggered by a lot of factors, including bcteria, antibiotics, etc and can lead to chronic fatigue by damaging your mitochondials. Vit B12 is the solution

Now, a lot of things to consider, but how to do it in Singapore -

1. Get Igenex tests done pls. Do not relay on Singapore labs. Useless. Get IGm, IGG, PCR and if possible FISH done. SO at least you have something in hand for the lovely docs there.

2. Check out you thyroid and your adrenals, as well as your methylation cycle. I found out that Metamatrix has a representation in Singapore. They do all the tests. I will be doing the ION test once I am back and am currently doing my first one here. That will tell you exactly where you have a block in your methyliation cycle and what to supplement to overcome it.

3. Go to an integrative medicing doctor, forget "infectious diseases (non) specialists". He should be able to test for toxins and heavy metals and help you detox, which is a must if you want to get rid of this nasty disease. Heshould also be able to help you with orthomolekyular if needed.

4. Found a german naturopath when I looked only. He should be very well familiar with lymes (one would hope - we have a lot of llyme here). He also does orthomolecular medice and can help you rebuild your body, while treating lyme with a herbal approach to help your immun sytem stabilise.

5. Still looking for a knowledgable doctor (I mean tradtional one), so far nothing. Will let you know how IPT goes and if it works, it might make sense to go abroad for a few weeks to get it done, but only after having done the basis "groundwork on your body"

6. Please ook out or your gut! THe antibiotics have killed mine, along with 80% of my immune system. It's a slow, painful process to rebuild.

7. Eat as healthy as possible, preferably bio. Tanglin has "brown rice" a goo bio products shop.

9. Check our you Vit D3 (25-OH!!!) levels, they are probably going to be lo, even in Singapore. Supplement. Suuplement with Selen, Zink, Copper, Magnesium (!), Omega 3, Vitamin C and a good Vitamin B complex until you can get your metamatrix testing done.

I am afraind you can get a lot done in Singapore, but you have to setp aside from "mainstream-good-weather" doctors, look for an integrative approach and be prepared (as usual in Singapore) to shelv a lot of money out or testing. And if another doctor gives you crap about 3 weeks lymes treatment, put themin touch with me and I can tell them how far their wisdow has brought me.

Finger's crossed for you!

BiancaSing 07-21-2011 12:14 PM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Oh, and do yourself a favour. Pls print out the ILADS guidlines on Lymes Disease and take them along with you for every doctor's appointmet, even the integrative medicine one. These guys have rarely heard of Lymes, believe that it is not there and you cannot expect them to know a great deal about it. So, I am afraid you will have a lot of educational work to do on them. And when you go to see a doctor, don't leave any question marks or doubts open. Just tell him:"I have chronic lymes and I am here to get my thyroid testet (all paramenters pls) as well as my adrenal function." Don't let them decide what to do for you, this will rarely work well over there and you will end up with 20 different appointments before you have one set of blood panel done the way you want it. What would also be good to find out, is if you can instruct a lab directly, without going via a doctor. Here in Germany, if things are going too slowly for me or the doc does't want to do as I would like, I call up the lab directly and order the tests I want, so am not waisting my time convincing doctors of what is required. Works well.

anglofgig 02-04-2012 09:50 PM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi there, do you have any updates on your lyme condition. my lyme test (IgG) was positive in 2006 and my doc did not do anything as my symptoms went away. but i do feel unwell occasionally. am in singapore.

BiancaSing 02-05-2012 09:18 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi, yes, I do. Am doing considerably better now. Had one major breakthrough, which were parasites! Apparently had a huge tapeworm which I detected by coincidence and which the lab confirmed positive. Have been on repeated doses of all types of anti-parasiticals, from invermectin, praziquantel, mebendazole, albendazole, niclosamid. Went back to Singapore over Christmas and went to the university hospital and they were clueless, the professor tried to talk me into me having an autoimmune disease, even though 5 docs here in Germany confirmed lyme and parasites. I guess he could no be bothered. Then I went back to my infectious disease guy and he was actually great, so non-typical infectious disease doc, he took it seriously, prescribed additional anti-parasiticals, told me the western standard medicine is often insufficient, etc. Will go back in his care once I am fully back in Singapore in March.
Also found a nice integrative medicine doc who is good with hormones and will use him to clean up the hormonal mess once I am out of the worst.
Spoke also to a naturopath, very nice, will work with him on detox. Also ordered a FIR sauna from UK, so I can continue detox at home once I am there. Found a spa in Sing who offers FIR session around Holland Village, but they are very expensive and after 20 sessions, I practically paid for the sauna.
So you can get a lot done there. You can also get most vitamin stuff imported from US if necessary and the health food stores are fantastic, 10 times better then Germany.

The one thing you can't get done, which a few doctors confirmed to me, is to get heavy metal chelation iv. Not possible. Plain horrible. Am finishing this up here in Germany now. Am almost done, some Aluminium left, so will take malic acid, EDTA suppositories and dmsa tabletts with me. Dmsa tablets can also be imported from overseas.

The other thing you can't do, is get nutrient iv's. You can get the saline solution there, but nothing else, so will import all the necessary stuff needed for the iv, like magnesium, etc, etc.

I would recommend you not to rely on igg testing, but get a proper igenex done. Also, do not underestimate parasites in Asia! Also make sure you find a good integrative doc which makes sure your thyroid etc is working well and you nutrient levels are good before you attack the lymes topic and see if all is Ok, if you still have symptoms. Another point is to check your CD57, although you might have to do that overseas.

Btw, what really helped me big time, where enzymes. Digestive and systemic!
Another big step, was apharesis. This is where the plasma gets washed to remove toxins and other damaging stuff out of you (like immune complexes). I had 7 of those so farband they helped a big deal. There is one clinic in Germany who is specializing on this so far and they are treating lymes patients. Shunned by the regular medical community, who do not believe in heavy metal issues or on chronic lymes. Sad really, as it is very effective.

With a bit of luck, I will be out of this rather soon, as I am doing well and symptoms are well under control, with no AB whatsoever. According to the tests, I "only" have Lyme and rickettsia left, but it is not bothering me much.

silverbull 02-16-2012 12:39 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Dear Bianca,
I have been suffering from Lyme in Sing for over one year. I think I know exactly who are talking about regarding the IR-loving professor - an Australian? Could you please let me know the names of good docs here in SG? Integrated med, naturopath, Infectious Disease, etc.? I have had zero luck finding anyone but so-called "pain management" drug pushers on this island. Are there ANY physicians interested in healing these days?

BiancaSing 02-16-2012 06:05 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi Silverbull, yip one and the same, that Oz doc. Forget any help there. I had a feeling he was focused to get on his winter break and could not be asked to check up on or to have a patient with a somewhat more complicated case, so it was an autoimmune disease. Full stop.

Well, I guess Singapore is the same as everywhere else, at least here in Europe. Doctors seldom have time for cases like this and try to just deal with symptoms by prescribing tons of different tablets, whcih don't deal with the root cause. On the bright side, you should not get any issues with getting antibiotics in Singapore. So yes, good doctors are hard to find, especially on an island with a limited supply of those.

As I mentioned, my integrative doctor seems (!) to be quite good. He works with bioidentical hormones and is able to source stuff like EFRA thyroid, etc, etc from overseas. He told me that this stuff is in Singapore unfortunately not very developped as it is in Germany (good lord, I thought Germany was bad), but it is moving solwly in the right direction.

The naturopath is also OK, he is the only one so far I found that also uses homeopathy, which apparently is also something new in Singapore, as it was not allowed previously. They pump you full of various tablets, but homeopathy, well that's dangerous.....:confused: He is an Indian guy who works near Bugis junction.

There is also an Italian lady I soke to on the phone. She is a orthomolecular naturopath, who deals with nutrition. She is part of a clinic at Tanglin Shopping Centre (not Mall). Will see if either the integrative doctor, or the naturopath can et the nutrition right, if not, I will see her.

The ID doctor I am seeing is a good guy, who does not seem to be worried by more complicated cases. Will see him when I am back. Will have the prescrption from my doc here and will try to put the two in touch, so I can get my stuff. He is also Indian and has a clinic at Mt.

There is also a german naturopath in the Tanglin clinic, but he does not seem to be in the conuntry very often.

That's all I have for now, will see if this works out for me when I am back.

Hope this helps!

Btw, do you have a positive Igenex or any other lymes test? That will be helpful with the ID doc.

silverbull 02-16-2012 10:26 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
I could hardly believe the number of issues you've been dealing with simultaneously. I think I too have a heavy metal problem because even after antibiotics for a year I still have a rash of tiny acne-like bumps on my back that emit a small amount of something...and I think this is a tell tale sign the body is trying to excrete a toxin. But don't expect a doctor to recognize this! Oh no... to all of them it's only normal due to the heat. And that Oz guy...what a tragedy. He is exactly the kind of person the new world order has strategically placed in academia in all fields, especially medicine and economics. It's no wonder the world is headed toward total fascism. The dogma is all supportive of the corporate-state partnership, and that is the definition of fascism. Our disease is part of the process BTW...weeding out those without the right DNA to survive the full spectrum toxicity.

I don't have the igenix test yet because I haven't found a doc here to handle the process. I've been waiting to find a LLMD and in the mean time have been self-medicating with doxy, clarith, azith, rifampacin, bentonite clay, baking soda, salt, vit C, MMS, chlor diox, ACV, young cocnuts, coconut oil, lots of green veggies, green tea, vitamins galore, and more. I've have the symptoms under control with this regimine but it's no way to lead a life! Are you comfortable enough with any of the Sing docs to recommend as the one to go to to get the blood test and check for heavy metals? Hope you continue to find relief and the cure. Sounds like you must have been through hell with a multitude of infections. I feel bed enough with my relatively benign case.

BiancaSing 03-04-2012 07:11 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi Silverbull, sorry for the late reply. I just returned to Singapore toda and have been a bit busy sorting my life out in Europe.

Well, I think the IGENEX test is key. Call them up and order the test kit. they dont have the best service in the world and you might need 2+ months and various calls to them to get it, but you will eventually. Then take it to a doc and ask him to take blood from you. Straight forward really. I would recommend the infectious disease guy in Mt E. or the integrative doctor at Bipolis. Both should be able to help. Would PM you the names, but your PM function does not work yet and apparently, cant post the names online.
There is no LLMD is Asia, so I think this is a fact that the board here needs to appreciate, we are not in the US and things work differently around here.
Apart from that, I can tell you that my new Mino regimen works a charm. Apparently, Asian Lyme strains are subsceptible to Minocyclin and it works for me! I am having a min 2 month s course now, along with teasel, plus rockrose works great for me. I saw a Klinghardt therapsit in Germany who tested it all out for me and it works.

Regarding toxins, I have done 8 blood washes as well as 10 EDTA/DMSA iv. This has cleared all my heavy metals, apart from some aluminium. This I know address with Malic Acid and the FIR sauna I ordered. Lined up the next blood wash at the end of May in Germany. I hope by then, I got rid of most of the problems.

Please note that in Asia (ie Singapore) it is norml that toxicity is not an issue. IV chelation is forbidden here, unless you work in the ship building industry and have acute plmb poisoning. Even if they diagnose you with it, they are not allowed to treat you unfortunately. THat's why I got mine done in Germany. There, even Naturopaths can give you a chelation iv. I also inported all the iv nutrition I need for the next three months into Sing (with doctors prescription obviously (!). Iv nutrition is also unfortunately not accepted here, so if you really need it, due to malabsorption, etc, you need to get it from somewhere else.

Personally, I thing the gut and hormonal system plays a huge role in what constitues the persistance of this disease. It unfortunatley emphasises the genetical issues that were already there, but your body has handled fine before the infection. So you need to know what thos weaknesses are. I have run the Yasko panel and the metabolic test and know now where I have issues. THis has helped a lot. Especially if you want to get detox going again.
I have also started to drink freshly squeezed veggie juice once a day and fresh weatgrass juice, so helathy! There is a company that delivera all that stuff to you in Singapore so you can enjoy that fresh every day. I also figured out that heakth food stores here in Sing are 10 times better then Germany.

All in, I had it all, parasites, metals, lyme+co, filarial infection, etc, etc. A lot to deal with, but if you have a plan, doeable. I got rid of the parasites, most of the metals and am now attacking lyme and filaria and I am actually doing great. Just need to get a grip on the hormones, but decided to leave this to the time when my gut is up an running again, to see what problems are actually left.

All I can tell you for Asia is to do not underestimate parasites and gut issues . This needs to be fixed before you can actually treat Lymes, otherwise you wil be taking antibiotics for years and wonder why you don't improve.

Lut8 04-01-2012 04:02 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Dear Bianca, i Hope you will get this message.
I have had some issues with lyme here in singapore for the last few months, and i am going to germany on the 10th april to see some specialists.
I have a few questions before going there, and if you dont mind, i would love to speak to you in person to ask your opinion.
Let me know if you are available.
Thanks a lot in advance!

BiancaSing 04-02-2012 08:51 PM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi, no problem, happy to help.

I understand the struggle you are going through here in Asia, but don't put your hopes up too high for Germany please. I travelled for over 10 months in Germany, from "specialist" to "specialist", most of which were not. They might believe in Lyme, Nbut have not really found the one who really understood all it's implications. I ended up having a mix of doctors and doing a lot of reasearch myself and after 10 months I managed to find a therapy that seems to be workking for me, which is a little bit from each of my "specialists". I spent over EUR 120k (my insurance did...). You will see that there is one thing German doctors are really good at...invoicing. And that's where they get creative. And you hardly have any rights. Had to pay for 2 blotched surgeries, as the doctors brought me into a health disaster from where it took me a while to recover. Most imporantly, stay away from university hospitals or main stream doctors. They do have a tendency to classify everyone with Lyme as psychosomatic, if a Elisa does not give any results. And they don't even begin to understand co infections (most of "specialists" in Germany don't really do coinections either). So you have to do a lot of the testing yourself and you need to know which lab to use for which parameter. A mess.

Do you have family there? How long are you planning on staying? I planned 3 weeks, stayed 10 months to get to where I am now.

Are you going to the clinc in south of Germany?

We should really open a suport group out here in Singapore. There seem to be more people here then they believe who have lynes.

embooo 11-23-2012 06:47 AM

Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
Hi Bianca,

I just read your thread and was curious how you are currently doing ?

Did you make some progress treating your lyme disease ?

Hope you are well !


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