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andimay1016 11-23-2011 02:43 AM

what is this?
I want to start by saying I've stopped seeing doctors at this point after all the wrong diagnoses and false help, but I'm still hoping to figure out what's wrong with me, so heres my story (in short) I'm 25, and last may or so ( about 6 months) I started to develop an everyday rash. Decsription- started on my hands and feet, itchy but not too visible, then spread to my forearms and calves, which seem to be everyday now of varying savirity. The rash looks like small red dots 'marker tip to eraser size' almost always on my forearmes and calves and sometimes on my face neck thighs etc. Its also almost always flat but on bad days puffy like by my eyes and hands.. it also goes away when I drink alcohol but gets worse the next day when I'm hung over. Ive also been having a fluttering feeling in my chest 'like heart palpatations i would guess' and some random urinary incontinance, which started a few months before the rash.. After changing all my products and degergent I went to the doctor 'a walk in clinic doctor' and was first diagnosed with lyme disease. I was put on sterroids (one round) and antibiotics ( doxycycline) the everday rash didn't go away at all, so then I was sent to an infectious disease specialist. This was probably the worst doctor. He kept me in the hospital overnight and had a picc line puut in for antibiotics, and then the next day had it taken out because he said he didn't belive in chronic lyme disease and the antibiotics I took should have gotten rid of it. After that I was left with a serious bill and no answers, so I went to a new primary care doctor, who then, after some std and hep b tests, referred me to a dematologist. That doctor told me I still tested positive for borrealia, and also found strep in my urine, which the docto then told me was causing hives, but after taking the antibiotics for that, I'm still breaking out in a rash every day. I've tried quitting alcohol and weed and ibuprofin and gluten and seafood and evrything... its litterrally everyday, about an hour after I wake up, a rash all over. Lately I've been hearing a righ pitched squeeking sound everywhere, felt like sleeping almost all the time.. I don't remeber beig bit by a tick or having a bulls eye rash... I just don't know what to do! Could this still be lyme? Or where do I go next?

jenj770 11-23-2011 07:48 AM

Re: what is this?
deleted as it was placed in wrong posting area.

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