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lymemommy 07-23-2012 10:37 AM

IGM 23 Present
Below are the results of my 16 year old daughters recent lyme tests. 2 years ago she received the same results, Everything Negative or Abent with the exception of the Igm 23 being present. She has all of the symptoms of Lyme and feel like the doctor is disregarding the possibility of a false Negative here. Any suggestions, ideas, input from anyone? Am I overreacting in assuming my daughter most likely has Lyme?

B.burgdorf IgG Negative

Lyme IgG p18 Absent

Lyme IgG p23 Absent

Lyme IgG p28 Absent

Lyme IgG p30 Absent

Lyme IgG p39 Absent

Lyme IgG p41 Absent

Lyme IgG p45 Absent

Lyme IgG p58 Absent

Lyme IgG p66 Absent

Lyme IgG p93 Absent

B.burdorf IgM Negative

[Lyme IgM p23 Present

Lyme IgM p39 Absent

Lyme IgM p41 Absent

jenj770 07-23-2012 11:25 AM

Re: IGM 23 Present
Where did you have the lyme test done? If the blood was sent anywhere other than Igenex lab I wouldn't trust the results. That said, lyme is diagnosed primarily by symptoms, not tests. If you suspect your daughter has Lyme you really should get her to an LLMD - lyme literate medical doctor. This is a specialist in lyme disease. I wouldn't trust her diagnosis or treatment to any other type of doctor. Also read the sticky at the top of this board titled "lyme newbies". I wish you all the best with this.


lymemommy 07-23-2012 12:44 PM

Re: IGM 23 Present
Thank you Jen :) This has actually helped me a great deal. Unfortunately I am no stranger to Lyme Disease. I was diagnosed in 2009 and believe I have had Lyme since I was 16 (now 41) as that was when my symptoms first started and when doctors chose to disregard me. :( I have had a few treatments which consisted of Rocephin and Intramuscular injections. I have been seen by a LLMD but he unfortunately does not except my daughters insurance :( I myself have not had the funds to continue with any treatment for the past 2 years. I have recently became more ill and am working on getting insurance that would possibly cover more treatments for myself and I will definitaly try to find LLMD that will accept my daughters health insurance. I never want her to have to feel the pain that I do right now.

Thank you again for your information on the lab to use and for your post.


jenj770 07-23-2012 01:01 PM

Re: IGM 23 Present

So sorry to hear this. It is a tragedy that so many are suffering from lack of affordable care. It is so important to act as soon as possible when it comes to lyme & co. (you both should also be tested for co-infections). If you ease up on treatment the "chetes" just gain a stronger foothold, which makes it much more difficult to treat as one then moves into a chronic state. I hope you can find help soon; however, I did want to mention the alternative treatment Salt/C, which cured my lyme of 20+ years. It costs next to nothing and you don't need an LLMD. If interested, I would suggest you do your own research and/or look at the book - [I]The Salt/C Protocol for Lyme Infection[/I] by M. Fett. This is an [I]excellent[/I] resource for anything lyme, not just the salt/C protocol. However you feel most inclined,again, I wish you and your daughter all the very best.


seniubr11 10-15-2012 10:42 PM

Re: IGM 23 Present
lymemommy- I have recently come across this article. I'm just posting the revised wb criteria. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link or say where I got the article from. But according to this , they would be positive.

Revised Criteria with Western Blot
1. IGG WB: 2 specific band criteria has demonstrated improved sensitivity and maintained specificity

2. Can diagnose Lyme if any one band (IgG or IgM) of 18, 23, 28, 39 or 58 kDa or if any 2 or more of the following bands are present; 30, 45,41 and 93

3. If negative or require further confirmation, can obtain IGENEX WB (adds specific bands of 31, 34 an 83, which are typically seen in chronic disease)

4. Positive if any one band of 18, 23, 28,31,34, 39, 58 or 83

5. If positive for Borrelia on any test, consider testing for neurotoxins

6. Consider testing for co-infections (discussed below)

7. Check for coagulation defect (See Hypercoaguable State in CFS and FM)

seniubr11 10-15-2012 10:52 PM

Re: IGM 23 Present
my wb also came back overall negative in 2007 with only band 58 reactive, I suffered terrible for years, and only started treatment one year ago, but I'm so sick now I don't know if I'll ever recover, makes me want to cry just thinking about it, which I do every day as I sit here and can barely hold my head up. I since tested positive beyond cdc guidelines, I think I was reinfected.

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