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rshawsart 07-28-2012 11:18 AM

Positive titer; 2 pos. IgG; is it lyme?
I have been having lyme-type symptoms for about 4 months now but have not been positively dx'd by my GP, so I haven't done any antibiotics. My titer came back positive at 2.2 and my WB was pos. for markers 41 and 58 and neg. for all IgM.

My symptoms include dull headaches, constant hip and knee pain (no swelling), severe fatigue about 3 days per week, tingling and numbness in hands, feet, neck, and left ear.

I tried to make an appointment with a local LLMD, but had a very bad experience with the office manager (she was very belligerent to me and refused to provide me with the results of the igenex test until my appt., which would be about 3 months from testing).

I am working with my chiropractor, who is knowledgable about natural alternatives and has me taking "natural" herbal antibiotics. I've been taking these for about 1 month and have changed my diet to no wheat and no sugar.

Can someone let me know if my rest results may be positive for lyme? And has anyone had experience with natural remedies, and how long do they take to have a positive outcome?

Thanks for any input!!!

guitargal 08-02-2012 11:31 PM

Re: Positive titer; 2 pos. IgG; is it lyme?
IDK but after 6 Dr's 2 negative tests since last october then May this year. had one month of doxy after begging dr#4 to lets try it.. felt good for 4 days and then symptoms came back..
new dr #5 at 400$.. started me on ABX and ordered pcr/dna for co infections and get the results next week..and it has been two weeks on ABX and i feel like the pain is almost gone.
i can smile and jump and not sleep all the time.

was given drugs lyrica and cymbalts when one dr #4 said i had Feb.

i kept searching and talking to people and i am convince i have had lyme for over 10 years. it just took this long to get in my brain and cause total pain seizures..
nothing to mess with. i feel like a huge weight lifted. they way my health improved so fast.

many dr will start doxy while they wait for test results. just in case. ?
hope you find out soon.

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