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annalisa9397 09-12-2012 05:42 AM

Lyme disease - healing can happen!
I want to write this to inspire people to have hope that their life can be restored while battling Lyme disease.

I am a 44 year old wife, mother of 3, and a very happy person who had really never been sick my whole life. About two and a half years ago my hair started falling out, having a severe racing heart, and insomnia. My doctor ran typical blood tests and nothing came back abnormal. These symptoms were annoying, but didn't really affect my life.

In October 2011 I started getting electrical shocks in my eyes. I felt like I was being electrocuted. These episodes would also make me nauseous. My doctor thought I was having abnormal migraines. I then developed a very weird sensation of pressure in my head behind my eyes. My eye doctor put me on steroids. This, I believe, started the ball rolling with the Lyme.

I then started having weird vision delays, brain fog, tingling all over, numbness all over my face, Bells palsy on right side of face, forgetting my kids names, not remembering anything from five minutes ago, a cold heart, bladder issues, and muscle weakness in arms and legs.

I went to the e.r and they admitted me. They did ct scans and bloodwork and heart tests. They found nothing wrong and sent me home with a diagnosis of stress and fatigue and an rx for a zpack in case I had an unknown infection.

The zpack put me into a herx. However I didn't know I had Lyme yet. I literally thought I was going to die. I became so sick I couldnt walk or take care of myself. It is now December 2011. I went back to the hospital and they did mris, a spinal tap, more cts, and more bloodwork. Everything came back normal. But I knew I was going to die. The way I felt is indescribable. The doctors told me I was a zebra amongst horses and they had no idea what was wrong. They told me I was having a nervous breakdown and should possibly reevaluate my life.

I knew then that we were on our own to figure out what was wrong. We searched the Internet and HIV and Lyme were the only two diseases that would come up. I had been tested for both - and both were negative. By the grace of God, someone I knew also knew someone who had Lyme. This person thought my symptoms were a lot like Lyme. She put me in touch with an llmd in California. By the middle of December 2011 I was on antibiotics for Lyme.

From December 2011 to march 2012 my mother in law lived with us because I was bedridden. I herxed for six weeks straight. Slowly I regained some strength and symptoms began to dissapate. I have been on several different meds, including supplements. Since March 2012 I have had many bad days with some herxed that last for three weeks. During those times I felt very fluish. Some days I would feel exhausted.

I was unable to work from October until August. I went back to work August 2012. There are days when I still feel weak, fatigued, and a little brain foggy. I am still on antibiotics. But I am living again! I can do about 90 percent of what I used to. I exercise, work, take care of my family , drive, smile, and want to live! When I was at my worst, I prayed I would die. Today, I have hope.

For everyone who is struggling: There is hope and there is a way to regain your life. If you can find an llmd, they can help you! Lyme disease is a devastating illness, but it is one that can slowly be overcome. You can do it!

martin457 11-26-2012 05:58 PM

Re: Lyme disease - healing can happen!
thanks for your post...i hope you are still doing well and this brings hope to others like me.

annalisa9397 11-26-2012 08:25 PM

Re: Lyme disease - healing can happen!
I just wrote back to you on another post. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

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