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elloise 10-06-2012 08:42 AM

Struggling with the constant self-obsession
Hi all!

After 11 months of symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease a month ago!

My doctor put me on Plaquenil for the first four weeks (up to 4 tablets a day now) and starting me off on Minocycline today (after 4 weeks I'll be up to 4 plaquenil and 1 Minocycline a day)

Anyway that's not what my post is about really.

Just wondering if anyone else struggles with the constant "looking inward"???

In the past, I've always found that if I have things going on in my life, the best way to overcome them is to take your eyes off yourself and help someone else.

Before this, I never had any major health challenges. I find it extremely hard to find ways to help others when I physically can't actually move.

And lying in bed all the time gives me WAY too much time to conjure up things in my head... and I end up feeling very bitter and angry at all my friends (but deep down I know they are doing their best, even if it feels like I'm doing the journey alone, and I don't usually react this way in normal every day stresses)

It is very frustrating!!!

Any ideas on how we can look to others and help others from our beds????

layla1956 10-06-2012 10:10 PM

Re: Struggling with the constant self-obsession
I think just asking how the other person is doing and truely being concerned for them and there woes can make a difference even if you feel awful yourself. By reaching out and asking "How Are YOU??" and take the time to listen and give an empathetic response can help in lots of ways.

Lizalu 10-30-2012 06:27 PM

Re: Struggling with the constant self-obsession
I think having a support system while you're treating is really important. I have struggled with asking for help, for friendship, for whatever....during my treatment. I don't want to burden people and maybe you feel the same way. And some people just don't want to listen to the constant lyme news that we need to express.

I live alone, do you? I think isolation can be really hard. I'm 35 and i should be dating or married or have kids. These are all certain depressing things, to be out of sync with everyone else!

Definitely try to keep up with other people's lives (i know it's hard). I find that when i have good days, i remember what is happening with my friends/family and that they also need compassion and understanding, just not over the same issues that I deal with.


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