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geezcourt 10-12-2012 04:36 AM

so many symptoms... people think im crazy!
I'll start with a little bit of history. I'm a 25yo female. I've always been healthy, other than some acid reflux. Late August 2011 (a month after having my little girl)I started having gallbladder attacks. I had a lap Dec 2011 and surgery went normal. Went home and woke up on the trauma table in the ER. I had lost 1.5L of blood due to internal bleeding in my abdomen. I had an emergency surgery to get it all out. Then over the next week in the hospital, I received 4 blood transfusions. The dr finally let me go home and a day and a half later I ended up right back in there for another week due to a gallstone being stuck in my common bileduct.I also had a severe kidney infetion. I had an ERCP. Within the next 2 weeks I had an endoscopy and i was diagnosed with GERD. Everything was okay after that for a few weeks. I then started having a bunch of weird symptoms. Which I'll list.

Multiple mouth sores (8 at once!). Nose sores. Swollen/stiff joints. General swelling. General over all pain to the touch. Even feel pain when my bones are touched. Shortness of breath just from walking. Rash across my face and on my chest. Abdominal pain. Alternating constipation/diahrrea. Mucous/some blood in stool. Extreme fatigue,neverfeel rested. Weakness all over. Fingers and feet cold,turn white red and purple. Body turns red and purple splotchy when cold.

Went to my general dr and was referred to a Rhuemy. It didn't take him long to diagnose me with RA and Fibromyalgia, after ruling out Ulcerative Colitis. Tried a few medications but absolutely nothing helped. This went on for months. I have since moved, am not on any medication, and trying to get into a Rhuemy here but new symptoms have occured along with all the previous ones and I'm at a loss for what it could be.

Vision starts to darken and I get a blurry ring of color until everything goes black.(lasts about 20min-1hr. Extreme light headedness/dizzy. Light sensitivity. Pain so bad in hands that i cant use them some days. Pain from head to toe some days. Other days I will only be hurting on my left side, the next day on my right. Alternating weakness. Sometimes I can't even grasp things with the hand on the side of the body that feels weak. Chill bumps only one side of body. Also, have seen chill bumps only in my wrist before and nowhere else. Stiffness all over body. Hard to walk somedays. Bruise extremely easy. Always seem to be sick with a cold, sinus problems, cough, sore throat. Nasuea, vomitting. swollen lymphnodes under armpits and throat. night sweats. so bad, my sheets and clothes are soaked. hot flashes. low grade fevers. dull back pain. Tingling/numbness all over. Hands lock up. I even feel like im more irritable.

and still having all of the previous symptoms. I just cant seem to get better. and my last dr asked if i was an alien bc no medicine was helping.

lala52 10-12-2012 07:57 AM

Re: so many symptoms... people think im crazy!
Wow. You poor thing. I thought I was bad. Have you been checked for Lyme? It sounds like you have an autoimmune disease, if not more then one. Lyme can cause that. I would suggest that you get lyme testing done by a company in California called Igenix. Call them. They will send you a kit that you take to your dr or lab and have the blood drawn and send back to them. Your dr will have to give you prescription for the blood testing at a lab. Sometimes with Lyme or Fibro/CFS, they get triggered by trama. You did have another condition that might have triggered something that was dormant. Good luck and keep us posted. LaLa

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