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SoxGirl 01-09-2013 07:58 AM

Recurring Tick Bite??
Hi all,

Kind of a weird thing here, and I tried to google it without much luck. I have not been diagnosed, still working my way through other tests, but am suspecting lyme. I was originally bit by a deer tick back in November 2011, and although I never got the EM rash, the site of the bite remained swollen, red, and itchy for about 9 months. A couple of months ago, after it had finally healed, the bite seemed to come back. I thought at the time that maybe I was again, even though it seemed strange that I would get bit in the exact same spot.

It went away after a week or so, but just yesterday it came back AGAIN! At this point, I'm pretty sure this is the original bite, seeing as it's now the middle of winter...and really, what are the chances of getting bit in the exact same spot 3 times? Plus, I haven't been outside for any length of time since Saturday.

Has anyone else had experience with this, or know what causes it??

jojo 02-20-2013 08:10 AM

Re: Recurring Tick Bite??
[COLOR="Teal"]Just throwing this out there....sometimes there are parts of the tick left in. You might want to dig around in that area or have the doctor, to make sure no reminants of mouth parts or head have been left there.

I do agree it would do you good to see a LLMD, so you can be tested, treated for infections. If you got bit in 2011 and it is taking this long to heal. Something definatley is up.


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