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SomeoneInCali 01-07-2014 12:36 AM

Is this lymes or not?
lyme EIA came back positive
lyme IGG came back indeterminate with P41 detected
lyme IMG came back negative

also other blood work positive ANA - homogenous and speckled at 1:640, thyroid micro 589

diagnosed with hashis a couple years ago

tess201 01-07-2014 03:35 AM

Re: Is this lymes or not?
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Lyme is diagnosed primarily by symptoms, tests secondarily. I'm not familiar with
EIA but if you're positive (IGG) than you're positive. Where was the testing done? Igenex is the premier lab for lyme testing. Lyme is treated by a lyme specialist, an LLMD - Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. No other doctor has the knowledge to diagnose or treat lyme.



SomeoneInCali 01-07-2014 06:42 AM

Re: Is this lymes or not?
heres a short background:

40yr female - 5 years ago some aches,pains / tiredness / irritable / freq heartburn / loud obnoxious stomach / gassy / constipation and diahrrea alternating / foggy, unable to concentrate like before / sleepless nights

cant stand it anymore and go to dr 2 yrs ago...and get a hashis dx. besides the thyroid peridoxase anitbodies being elevated at 341, nothing else was really out of the ordinary except the ana had homogenous and speckled both 1:640 (which i though was related to the antibodies from hashis) - i was NOt tested for lyme at this time.

then about 4 months ago i start getting hot flashes, like im gonna start menopause or something. instant hot and cant cool down. then the next 10 minutes im freezing. i chalked it up to being 40. also weight gain of about 10lbs in last 2 months which is uncharacteristic of me. then a month ago, my joints in base of the fingers start hurting me and look like stuffed sausages - i normally have very thin fingers. i have total weakness in my hand and cant really open a bottle of water without it hurting.

honestly if i now look at the list of lyme symptoms on this board i have a ton (list above was short just off the top of my head before looking at symptoms)

tests were done at RDL reference laboratory. i was confused cuz many things say you have to have 5 of the bands to be positive and i only have 1

tess201 01-07-2014 07:23 AM

Re: Is this lymes or not?

Not everything is Lyme. I think unless you get tested at Igenex lab it is difficult to determine the values you posted and, as I said, Lyme is diagnosed primarily by symptoms. That said, your symptoms could be due to hypo/hashi. I also have both and before I was properly treated for them I experienced similar things. Also, have you seen an RA doc. Your ANA being elevated, speckled and with arthritic factors, I would think they might want to also test for Lupus.

However . . . many, myself included, were first diagnosed with Lupus (and a host of other things!) when it was actually Lyme. I'm not a doctor so these views are just from my experience throughout the years. If you want a definitive diagnosis for, or against, lyme disease you really need to see a specialist, an LLMD. This person will send your blood to Igenex lab and review your symptoms. You might want to see an RA doc as well just to rule out other possibilities. The important thing regarding a lyme diagnosis is to be hooked up to the right lab and the right specialist. You might start researching to see if there is an LLMD in your area.


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