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kristi800 07-13-2015 08:02 AM

Mild lymphedema treatment
I was diagnosed with lymphedema at age 13. At that time, my left ankle/foot was puffy/swollen, but not horribly so - just a bit puffy. I was told to wear a compression garment, which, of course, I was mortified to do at age 13. I never really wore it, and my mild lymphedema never really worsened.

I'm 38 now, and in the past couple of years, I'm noticing it getting worse. When I fly in an airplane, it gets bad (from the pressure?), or if I am on my feet in hot/humid weather, or if I exercise a lot (ie biking for an hour or more), both of my feet/ankles swell, and I can gain up to 5 lbs by the day following the air travel/exercise/heat. The extra fluid remains in my legs/feet for up to a week, particularly in the summer. The swelling is not only ugly, but makes my shoes painful, and lately even my knees are achy. So - I think it's time to take action, but what should I do?

I am a very busy single working mom of 3, so lymphatic massage near daily really isn't a viable option (can't spare the time or cost).

I was thinking to start off with thigh-high compression socks at night, particularly after a day when I've done anything that typically causes the swelling. Will this help at all? What are some other options? Supplements/herbs? foods to include in my diet? I've seem lymph massaging machines - are they any good?
I'd be willing to invest in something like that if it'll be worth it.

Kitt777 12-15-2016 12:03 AM

Re: Mild lymphedema treatment
You can try the compression stockings at night and see if they help. They might be more useful during the day when you're on your feet to keep your feet and legs from swelling in the first place. I use Circ-fit velcro compression wraps on my legs and wear/need them pretty much 24/7. They aren't visible under my pants and they allow me to wear socks or go bare ankle with whatever shoes I'm wearing. I also have a Flexi-touch massage machine which I use a couple of times a week. The machine cost $8,000, but my insurance paid for it because of my lymphedema diagnosis. If you have health insurance, it's worth seeing if your insurance will cover a massage machine to help you keep your lymphedema under control. The bonus is that the massage it provides feels great and is very relaxing.

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