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ali333 02-05-2009 05:01 AM

Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Hi everyone, I am new to this site.
I am a 22 year old female, just looking for some advise and/or reassurance. I found a painless swollen lymph node under my left armpit 2 weeks ago. It is about 1.5cm in size and is moveable. It is also not visible from the outside. I rang and spoke to a doctor when I found this, as I googled my symptoms which terrified me! The doctor told me not too worry, leave it alone and check it in 2 weeks time and if it's still there go in and see her. I wasn't very good at leaving it alone as I have been so worried about it (not sure if this could prevent it returning to it's normal size)?
Anyway yesterday was 2 weeks and it's still there so I went to the doctors. The doctor gave me a breast examination and said it feels ok and she is not particullarly worried about it. She told me again to check in 2 weeks as it should go down. If still there in 2 weeks, she will look into it further. I cannot stop worrying about it, and spend hours searching for different possibilites on the internet. I have no other symptoms, except occaisionslly I have a twitching feeling (which I can only describe as a baby moving) in my lower stomache. It is not at all painfull, and mainly happens at night. Could this maybe be my spleen swelling?
Everyone I know tells me I am being overly paranoid, which I do think I suffer from slight health anxiety, which has got worse since I've had my son, who is nearly 9 months. I just can't bear the thought of leaving him, and know I prob wouldn't have been as worried before.
Anyway, I'm sorry for the long post! Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything out. Any help or advise would be much appreciated. Thankyou for reading.

fufu 02-28-2009 04:34 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
we always tend to think the worst especially when we find a lump on our body, we hear so much about cancer so that's the first thing we think of. the best thing you did for yourself and your family was going to the dr immediately. those lumps under the armpit can be normal especially because it is an area where us women shave, though they can also be abnormal. i think, if you still have the lump you should go for a second opinion.
it can be a sign of many things, you said you are getting info from the internet and that's great but the interenet cannot diagnose you. go see another doctor and get yourself properly diagnosed.

jackyboy0007 03-08-2009 07:59 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Hey, i have the same problem, but not in same location, i am quite scared myself and havent stopped worrying since it started. Well theres not much i can say to be hounest, i hope all is well mate :D

jimmy50 03-10-2009 11:02 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Hi, get blood work done that will let you know.

ali333 03-11-2009 02:29 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Hi everyone,
Thanks for your replys.
Just wanted to give an update, for anyone else who has the same problem.
I went back to the doctor a week after my last post as another lymph node came up on the side of my neck (same side as armpit, although unsure if it was related). I made myself sick with worry, as I was so convinced I had lymphoma! The doctor sent me for some blood test and after a nightmare wait:dizzy: they all came back normal :D I was sooooo relieved I couldn't stop crying! Anyway, that was about a month ago and as they are still both swollen (no bigger) i THOUGHT i BEST GO BACK TO THE DOCTORS JUST TO BE SURE. SHE CHECKED ME OVER AGAIN AND TOLD ME TO LEAVE IT ANOTHER MONTH, AS THE BLOODS WERE ALL GOOD. AND IF THEY ARE STILL THERE IN A MONTHS TIME, SHE WILL SEND ME FOR A CHEST X-RAY (sorry for caps). So even though I haven't been able to completly erase it all from my mind yet, I am feeling much better about it all. Thank you to you all again for your replys and kind words. I'll keep you updated.

fufu 03-12-2009 02:00 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
blood tests do not reveal lymphoma.

fufu 03-12-2009 02:05 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
I would like everybody to know something and this is not simply my opinion this is a fact.

ali333 03-13-2009 12:37 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Hi there,
I know that the blood test can not reveal lymphoma, but my doctor said it can tell them wether further testing is needed. She said if they come back clear then I can't have lymphoma.

fufu 03-14-2009 09:05 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Ali,i'm sorry but i have to go against what the doctor is telling you and insist that just because blood work results come back normal does not mean a person does not have lymphoma. In the majority of cases when the lump appears it can be at the beginning stage, the only time the blood tests will show something is when the lymphoma has affected the bone marrow and even then they will probably suspect causes other than lymphoma. Sorry, i don't insist unless i'm a huindred percent right and this time i'm gonna have to insist, the doctor is wrong!

lymphpre 03-14-2009 01:30 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Do not wish to be alarming anyone, but I have to agree with fufu that blood tests do not reveal lymphoma. It amazes me that in my 16 year history of lymphoma, many doctors have told me my blood tests are normal as though to reassure me. My blood tests have never been abnormal, other than when I was having chemotherapy. My understanding is also that the only time anything is likely to show on a blood test is when the lymphoma has infiltrated the bone marrow: and I have to say the consultant who told me that was not one in whom I had a lot of faith, so I am not sure how reliable that information is either.

Whilst on this topic, I am not certain a chest X-ray will be that informative. My GP sent me for a chest X-ray at the time of my last relapse. X-ray was fine, but CT scan showed enlarged lymph nodes.

If the lymph nodes are still up by the time you next see the doctor, I would have thought a biopsy might be appropriate. The ones in the neck are easy to access, and that will be the safest way to put your mind at rest.

ali333 03-16-2009 12:34 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Oh no, this is making me worry again! :-(
I've just booked an appointment with a different doctor for wed and am going to ask for a biopsy. I don't understand why the doctor told me that about the blood tests, or why she doesn't seem more worried about them. The lymph node in my neck is roughly pea sized and the one under my armpit about baked bean. They have both been that size for about a month and a half. Would they not be getting bigger if it was something more serious?

fufu 03-17-2009 07:22 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
please don't worry. does not mean you have lymphoma. would they get bigger?
not necessarily. lymphoma attacks the lymphatic system. glad to hear you're going for a second opinion. a biopsy is your best bet, it is a simple procedure and will give you answers. do not let them dismiss you, insist on answers.
good luck! and hope to hear positive news.

not sick 03-22-2009 06:35 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
I also agree with fufu that blood tests don't always indicate lymphoma.
Great that you are getting a second opinion and do insist on further
investigation. Good luck;)

Belle2003 05-20-2009 07:38 PM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Were you ever able to get a biopsy?

asdfjklqwerty 05-23-2009 01:16 AM

Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!
Ok a swollen lymph node could just be from a cold. Unless it starts getting bigger, to around 2 cm or larger, then you should go have it checked out again. Your doctor will probably prescribe you some meds, and if that doesn't make it better, then surgery may be needed to remove it. It's ok, you don't have lymphoma just because you have a lymph node. Googling your symptoms isn't the best idea because the descriptions can be extremely vague and cause you to freak out over a little cold or small infection of the lymph node.

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