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DazBentham 06-06-2010 10:27 AM

anxiety and lymphoma
Im 18, healthy, quite clever, happy person:). But my hypochondria and anxiety seem to be getting the better of me. Whenever im ill I always refer to the C word. Iv had a swollen gland under my chin for about 5 years (was 13 at the time) and it worried me alot, and that is were I started using the internet to try and diagnose myself. I went to the doctors with it after telling my parents and they ran some blood tests and diagnosed me with mono. A few years later, i realised them at the side of my neck also, and at the back of my head in symmetrical places. So I looked on the net and alot of people said the texture (soft, moveable and symmetrical) meant I had nothing to worry about. But I then looked on the net for other places around the body where I could find them, and I looked at my groin and felt around and found 2 identical glands either side with about 5-6 lymph nodes also. They have been their for like 8 months and caused me no problems other that anxiety, but my doctor was worried about lymphoma and sent off for blood tests (they took about 5 tubes so I guess they tested for alot of stuff). But I went back recently, and they hadnt changed in size, texture or become painful. The lymph nodes are hard and small and dont grow. But they worry the hell out of me. Would it of shown abnormalities on the blood test if it was lymphoma ? I think he tested for almost everything you can in the blood.

I cant stop worrying and its getting me really down :'( someone please reply.

a4nelson 06-06-2010 08:35 PM

Re: anxiety and lymphoma

I so sorry to hear that your going through all this. I know full well what its like to have anxiety from stressing over health issues. Right now I am going through a lot of anxiety my self over my own symtoms. All I can think about is the (L) word right now untill my dr gives me a clean bill of health.

Has your doctor felt all of your worrisome lymphnodes? I know that they always run blood test...everytime i came in they ran blood test after blood test on me as well. Did you get the results back on all your blood test?

As far as ruling out lymphoma from blood work... i have read so much information that they cant diagnose you through blood work alone. people has had lymphoma and maintained normal blood ranges. the only way for your dr to Dx is to run imaging test and then biopsy the lymphnode in question. At least that the information i have come across time and time again. I hope i was able answer a few of you questions. I hope all goes well and take care of yourself! keep an update of how your doing!

a4nelson :0)

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