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Just Unknown 10-06-2011 06:12 AM

Swollen Lymph node Collarbone
My friend is 20 years old, female, and about a year ago noticed a small moveable lump beneath her skin near her collarbone, but didn't think anything of it. About two or so months ago however, she noticed one night that it had gotten enlarged, I'm not sure, maybe an inch, half an inch, inch and a half? She poked it and it was painful to her, and when she tried to change her clothes it would hurt because of where the swollen lymph node was placed. She saw online that it could be cancer and started crying. She went to a doctor who told her it had to be cancer, perhaps lung cancer, right away without looking at it, just from hearing where the lymph node was. My friend had a chest X-Ray which came up negative and the doctor reluctantly gave her an anti-biotic, still convinced it was cancer only.

The swelling did not go down so she went to another doctor after discovering another small swollen lymph node (Or I think the doctor said it might have been a cyst) in her arm. This doctor felt the collarbone and arm one and said to both of us (And then me privately while she was having some tests), that he believed Cancer was low on his list of things he thought it was but she would probably need further testing (I was supposed to make a follow up for her two weeks later, I didn't, I feel so terrible!). She had another chest X-ray (Clear), blood work (White/Red cell counts normal), and urine test (Normal). However this was a month ago (See I am a terrible person not making that follow up after)

A few days ago she started feeling an uncomfortable feeling in her throat then two days later she was so hot and vomiting and saying everything was hot around her. By the next day she was feeling much better. (She was like this last year too, I think it was the only time she was sick actually that year unlike me who tends to have a cold linger). Now she has small pain in her knees, and joints she says but not sure entirely.

She had a pin hole red mark on her chest near the swollen collarbone lymph node (Which started to heal, not all the way, since the second antibiotic she was given) I think this might have come from one of the new kittens she adopted. I was out one day so she gave her four kittens a bath but when I got home her neck near her collarbone was a bit scratched up since they clung to her to get rid of the water and their nails must be cut. Not too long later the cut formed after the scratches faded and then later on she noticed the swollen lymph node. The first doctor rules out Cat Scratch purely because she had no fever or headache. The second one diagnosed her with it but not sure if that was only on my insistence that the mark might have been that.

Don't think the lymph nodes feel painful anymore. She says they're rock hard in the center but it felt a bit squishy to me and they still move (She thinks it can move up her neck now; hoping it might not be a new one entirely but like I said she was sick a few days ago). She's really thin (Less than 80 pounds) but petite and been that way her whole life so no doctor seemed concerned, since we would have noticed weight loss (Their hasn't been), No night sweats, She says she doesn't feel good in the mornings (But she is normally not a morning person and hasn't slept much). (Just in case it is Cat Scratch I took over caring for the kittens and trimming their nails) But we're hoping it's not cancer. Anything else it might be, she really wants this lymph node to be drained and go down. Haven't noticed a fever. She had chest pain and a bt of trouble breathing but that was during a major fight and since the stress has gone down considerably, she has been much better.

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