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prim 01-03-2014 09:17 AM

swollen hard lymph node above elbow
2 months ago my 17 yr old son showed me a hard lump above his elbow. i kinda blew it off and said well if it don't go away let me know. i never gave it a 2nd thought. well month and half later he came to me and said "mom this things is still on my arm". i panicked and took him to ER. doctors did a ex ray and said its his lymph node but all blood tests came back ok except his red blood cell count was high. i took him to his doctor who said he had other lymph nodes swollen and she said she was a little concerned. she prescribed antibiotics. the antibiotics did not make the swollen lymph node go down. she has set him up with a surgeon to do a biopsy. i am scared. does this sound like cancer? i must say cancer runs real high in my family. my mom died of non Hodgkin lymphoma.what should i expect at the first appt with a surgeon? what tests should i ask be done? he has no other symptoms. the other swollen lymph nodes are neck, under arm, lungs, and in stomach but the biggest one is right above elbow. thank you for listening. oh and the doctor also said the lymph node is not attached to the bone (whatever that means)

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