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JudeNZ 12-29-2004 02:48 PM

Headaches - anyone else? Stress? Hormones? How to cope?
Over the past 12 months I've had a couple of times of terrible headaches. One was down to low iron count, but I am now on iron supplement so that should be on the improve. Also had my BP done recently and that was best it's been for a while. So there is some good news!!!

Last week I've had headaches off and on. Is from above head and across top of head, and also at times feel it across bridge of nose. Not severe, just constant nagging one. Feels like a stress headache, in fact have caught myself tightening my jaw, and am wondering if I've given it to myself, as I've had TMJ in the past, and am working on relaxing my jaw when I notice myself doing that. Or could it be hormonal?

I take paracetamol and seems to make no difference. Have been having sleep disturbances, although last few nights slept pretty well apart from up 2 and 3 times to pee. Am due for my period on Sunday, but still no sore breasts yet, and wonder if others suffer from headaches at certain times.

I had same thing back in May, and went to Dr, who checked me out, and said nothing wrong and gave me paracetamol and felt they'd go, and they did. But they affect me so badly while I'm having them. I feel so worn down and have to fight myself, not to let my imagination run wild and worry.

My Dr is overseas at present, but if still having them next week, I will go for a check anyway. Don't have any other symptoms though that says I am unwell (apart from all the perimenopause things lol).

Anyone who can tell me they've had similar or how they've coped, I'll hug!


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