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dmmom 08-02-2005 05:10 AM

I hate to sound like a big worrier but right now I am. I'm sure this is probably perimenopause but how do I know for sure? My period ALWAYS comes every month - whether it is just 16 days or up to 28 days from my last one. The only times it didn't come I was pregnant. I am almost 48 years old and I did have my tubes tied many, many years ago so it has to be perimenopause, right?! The thing is I haven't had a period in 35 days and like I said, I am worried - especially since I am on a couple of prescription meds that I wouldn't want to be taking if I were pregnant! I just wonder what kinds of symptoms others have had going through perimenopause - and, again, how do you know for sure that it is perimenopause? I'm trying to get an appointment with gyno that I saw once before, but she has been on vacation so I still have to wait for an appt. Thanks for ANY input. I'm sure it will be helpful and make me feel less anxious.

1awesomegranny 08-02-2005 05:23 AM

Re: perimenopause?
You have come to the right place!! Worriers are welcome here, whiners too, trust me!!! My periods are usually about 25 days, this last one was 34-35 days but I've been under stress about some tummy probs. Its always a good thing to check with the doc and make sure you're a-ok, but at our age (I'm 49) you'll find that most of us have wierd cycles. I too was worried, not because of the preggy thing (no sex, no baby lol) and it does cause anxiety when your cycle is's most likely peri. Welcome! Read some of the other posts, it helped me immensely when I knew others were having the same symptoms as I was! There is tons of info on this board and these women (and me!!) are very supportive.
Take care,
Conni :)

dmmom 08-02-2005 05:34 AM

Re: perimenopause?
Thanx for reply. I knew I would feel better "talking" to others, but there is still that worry in the back of my mind. I can't even bring myself to buy a pregnancy test at the drug store just to make sure - first, I'd be embarrased because of my age and second, I wouldn't even know where to find them in the store (LOL). I will keep reading the boards to find comfort. Thanx again for replying.

beckyb46 08-19-2005 06:11 AM

Re: perimenopause?
Can I jump in the boat with you guys. I will be 49 in 10 days. Periods are a little weird. I would go between 19 and 26 days 2 months 28 days on the nose. Then I went to a new doctor. Who said my uterus might be enlarged maybe fibroids. But my period 2 months ago I had this red spotting with urinary pain, never had an UTI. Went away next period I spotting brown (TMI) for 2 weeks after. Then I had ultrsound and transvaginal ( aren't they fun ) all the report said was a cysts of 3.5cm which i knew of for the past 10 or so years ( can you tell I am afraid of sugery ) now this month I was sure I was going to get my period early by mood swings and cramps then it all went away sort of. Now I am a week late but get cramps at times and get bloated at times real bad . Retain water . lower back hurts. I need to quit complaining. My sister-in-law says just to roll with it. Also can your skin get greasy and I am warm all the time. New feeling for me cause I am usually cold all the time, especially my hands. Thanks for listening.


kittenlover 08-19-2005 10:51 AM

Re: perimenopause?
My period in december was 40 days...first time ever...I turned 48 in May.
DH had a vasectomy and I still worried....but my period did come eventually.
Now it's been a near perfect 28 days again....I'm sure that won't last long, LOL !

rmc12 08-20-2005 09:12 AM

Re: perimenopause?

I am 51 and know how you feel...I have never skipped one so far but my period is erratic. I am on day 46 now and it is not here, last time I got it at day 18, time before that I think was day 30 something and then all the rest of this year has been where it came on day 20 something. In the past two years mine has come sooner, like at day 23 or 22. But did have one time it went where I got it at day 50 a couple years ago. So it is all perimenopause and to be expected.

a good book if someone has not mentione it to you, is the book The Pause. It describes what symptoms we can have at this time and offers suggestions. Very good book to have and my copy is worn!!

Take care,


beckyb46 08-20-2005 10:41 AM

Re: perimenopause?
Thanks for telling us about some information I am heading to ****** right now to look it up. Also another book I have been reading is called the Change before the Change.
Have a good day

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