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djl 07-03-2006 02:07 PM

vitamins for meno
I saw my OB last week for my yearly and to go over my meds that I am on for my meno. I had a hyst 1 year ago at the age of 39.
He put me now on Encora. This is suppliment vitamins to take, which is by perscription only. I am stll on 0.05mg of Estrderm and xanax when needed. I have needed the xanax alot lately!!!!!!! Also he put me on Ambian CR to help me sleep.
Has anyone else been or on Encora??? Any feedback??

deinee 07-04-2006 08:39 AM

Re: vitamins for meno
I have never heard of Encora. You need a Rx for it? Did your doctor say what symptoms it would help? I guess you could try to research on the internet, I would be very interested to hear what symptoms it helps for miserable peri women! Keep in touch. Ann

ainfante 07-04-2006 04:34 PM

Re: vitamins for meno
Is Encora a new vitamin, might be, yes? YOu need a prescripton for it so maybe it's like pregnant vitamins. Anyways, vitamins are so good to take with menopause. The xanax? Oh I can understand that one. My body swings all the time. That's because for 3 months I will get my period and then no period for 5 months and then back on and then here we go again. :blob_fire So all I can tell you until your body adapts is take your meds and take the vitamin, it will help.

djl 07-13-2006 03:43 PM

Re: vitamins for meno
Thanks ladies for your replys...
IThese vitiamins are by prescription. It even says that it helps mood swings...I dont see a change in that at all!! I still feel like a ***** !!:blob_fire a major one.. this heat is killing me!!:mad:

Oh, and tomorow I go for my mamo...:dizzy: GOD THEY HURT!!!

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