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rw82 07-22-2006 07:56 PM

Test say I'm not in menopause....
I have so [B]MANY [/B]of the symptoms of menopause as well as no period in several months. So I was [B]SO SURPRISED [/B]when I was told it wasn't menopause but possible thyroid problems.

Has anyone else been convinced it was menopause then to be told it wasn't.


marymk 07-22-2006 08:07 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
Hi RW,

I was tested last year, and it didn't show menopause yet, but I had been having symptoms, that have gotten much worse over the past year. My doc says the test don't always show it until your well into menopause and I am definitly in peri -menopause with all my symptoms.
I'm getting re-tested again in August, it'll be a year from the last tests. By the way, I am hypothyroid also, which I don't think helps with this. I am on medication for it, but since the meds are a hormone - and not an actual drug, my levels fluctuate alot. It's not an exact science and hard to control sometimes. I get that tested twice a year and sometimes need adjustment on the meds.

Hope this helps,


rw82 07-22-2006 08:11 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
Thanks Mary,

But shouldn't it show you are peri if you haven't had a period in almost eight months ?

marymk 07-22-2006 08:27 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
I didn't realize it was 8 months for you. I would think something would show after that long - but maybe not. When my mom was going through this, she went 11 months and then had a period and her doc told her to start counting all over again when it stopped again. She thought she was almost there, but not quite.
Make sure you have blood work for your thyroid, because that can mess up your period also. If your hyper, that can cause missed periods. I'm hypo and that causes heavier periods.


rw82 07-22-2006 09:30 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
Waiting for an appointment.


metobe 07-23-2006 05:59 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....

I would be curious to know what your symptoms are! I have been reading a lot on menopause and low thyroid my mom had had low thyroid almost all her life so I am kinda mixed as to what might be going on with me also.

I have had itching so bad I think it will drive me nuts in the female area and seems worse at night than any other time but some in daytime also. I have had depression and just feeling like I just don't want to do anything, I have had a few episodes of weakness with shaky feeling until I eat something (could be low sugar also),

I had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries removed also) in 1989 was on estrogen for about 15 years and when my doctor advised me that studies had shown that they no longer think it helps heart etc it was up to me if I wanted to continue taking so I chose to quit and that was about 2 1/2 years ago and for the last about 6 months I have really had these symptoms BUT I have never had any hot flashes which I am positive is a blessing!

I have had my thyroid checked on different ocassions but has been probably a year or more. Would just be curious to know what you/others might think....I just feel plain miserable so much of the time! I have fought weight issues all of my life! thank you

katidid95 07-23-2006 06:17 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
I know a lot of women here have reported getting their FSH tested and saying that it can vary widely. I don't know much about it, so can't help with recommendations if this is the type of test you had.

One good test for finding out your hormone levels is a saliva test. There are a few labs that do this by mail. I ordered one through my gyno, did the test at home and had the results sent to her. The first one showed that I was low in estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. She prescribed compounded bioidentical hormones for me and after six months I retested. We then adjusted the prescription (estrogen and testosterone were a little high).

As far as I know, a saliva test and blood tests are the only way to check for hormone levels and it's my understanding the blood tests are quite expensive.

rw82 07-23-2006 09:42 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
Hi Metobe,

My symptoms are of typical peri and started about 2 years ago.

I had tests ran for heart palps and HBP (never any problems before this ) mood swings, depression, shaky feeling inside, anxiety, problems sleeping ( always have),night sweats, a hot flash or two, hot when everyone else is comfortable, two periods a month, bigger clots, felt like I was going to start and didn't, then periods just stopped in Nov. 05. Still fell like I am going to start at times. No problems with itching.

Things I read on menopause boards could have been me written by me!

My last appointment was in 2004 - I know that's a :nono: At that time the thyroid test and whatever test are ran to check to see if you are in meno were fine.

I went to my GYN last Monday and test showed no meno but an overactive thyroid.

I still have the same symptoms but not as bad. The only new thing that I really didn't think much of is my knees or legs seem to be weaker. Harder all of a sudden to get up off the floor. I'm tired a lot but put that down to not sleeping well

So I can understand your confusion. I just knew I would be told I was definitly menopausal.

Hope you feel better soon.

metobe 07-25-2006 09:10 AM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
Well, I have an appointment on Thursday with the OB/GYN to do blood testing for hormones/thyroid/sugar so maybe I can get some answers soon!

I did call my insurance company to see if they cover the saliva test and NO they don't so since that is so expensive I will not be going that route even though I would sure like to.:rolleyes:

I started today drinking a protein drink with soy milk, brewers yeast, yogurt, strawberries and a small spoon of peanutbutter to try to boost the energy a bit. Also, ate big spoon of peanutbutter on a piece of wholewheat bread for breakfast.

We will see!

Korikins 07-25-2006 10:48 AM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
I looked up saliva testing online and it is soooo expensive. I would have to pay out of pocket too, and I just can't afford that. I can barely handle my medical bills because of all of this. If it isnt' done in a hospital, I have to pay. I have no idea what it's going to cost for my blood test for FSH and two other things. The results are that I'm in menopause, but I won't be discussing things with my doctor till tomorrow.

What to do.....:confused:


MommaBee 07-29-2006 02:24 PM

Re: Test say I'm not in menopause....
The problem is that your are trying to check if you are in menopause, when you are in perimenopause. The two are different. Menopause is when you stop having periods. Peri is the shutting down of the ovaries. Peri is the hard part of this transition. While your ovaries are going crazy, you experience all the symptoms like, irregular periods, depression, anxiety, etc. Hot flashes are a major symptom of menopause, along with osteoporosis. So getting tested for menopause before you are there is only a waste. It is just another way for the health companies to get richer, IMHO.
Be patient, you will get through it all. And believe me when I say, that the other side is great. I am 50.

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