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Is this Peri? I am Scared

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Old 08-19-2006, 05:31 AM   #1
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naomih HB User
Is this Peri? I am Scared

I am getting so scared...some days I'm sure I have endometrial or ovarian cancer, other days colon or stomach cancer! I've been to the Doctor LOTS lately, and they haven't been much help. In the last 12 months I've had an abdominal & 2 transvaginal ultrasounds and 2 pap smears all normal. The first gyno I saw insisted my symptoms weren't peri and wanted to put me in day surgery for D & C and Hysteroscopy under general anaesthesia....I've had alot of life threatening drug reactions in the past and my immunologist's advice is not to have drugs unless my life is threatened. She refuses to do a simple in office endometrial biopsy...won't do anything without an anaesthesiologist. I get referral to 2nd gyno (one recommended 2 me)...he reads my other results and does his own pelvic ultasound...he says the bleeding is not normal, maybe hormonal, but doesn't think anything like D & C warranted at this stage. I'm booked for another abdominal u.s on Monday & pelvic on Tuesday. Booked to see colo-rectal surgeon on 29 August. I really just want to be able to relax knowing that it is probably peri and I"m hoping for some comments on my symptoms so I don't freak out between now & test time!
I am 41. About 16 months ago, I had first really heavy period since I was a few months after that had long periods, spotting & some bleeding in between (at no set time), couple normal ones in between, more long ones, spotting, more frequent etc! Basically changing all the time. May & June & July this year I had normal periods, with a bit of spotting & swelling at ovulation (this ovulation spotting has become a bit regular over the last 6 months). Then this month was a nightmare...spotting just before ovulation, swelled really bad at ovulation, spotting after...swelling didn't go down, got my period after 24 days (instead of usual 27) but had worse PMS I've had in years with really painful breasts. About a month ago I started taking psyllium husk (for cholesterol)..I have taken it before, but this time, after a few days of taking it I noticed a bit of burning in upper tummy area, bit of nausea, stopped the psyllium & it went away, then back a few weeks later. I wound up with diarrhea, cramps & swollen sore abdomen til first day of period. Getting my period was such a relief & I felt great for a day or 2, but now a week after it started, tummy still not 100%...still gassy & a bit gurgly, but better than it was. My last 3 periods have been a lot lighter than they were in the 12 months before, maybe a little lighter than what I normally used to get.
About 3 months ago I was on a work telephone call when I suddenly noticed that my shoulders, neck & face were burning up....I became a bit frightened because I didn't know what was happening....while I was on the call I remember thinking, don't worry, this has happened before (though now I can't specifically remember it happening before) was gone within 2 minutes, but my face was pink that night. I thought it was a stress reaction at the time, but after reading about hot flashes I'm pretty sure that's what it was.
The docs say I'm definitely not peri, though they haven't explained the hot flashes.
Also, I've made them run hormone tests, both sets came back normal on everything but estrogen, which was:
May - 268pmol/L - midcycle reference range is 370-1500
August - 269/pmol/l - Luteal reference range is 370-770
All docs also say my estrogen is normal but how can this be when it is below the reference range on both tests???
Perhaps I should add that both of my parents died recently, my father 6 months before this started, my mother in October last year (from ovarian cancer that they didn't catch til stage 4).
I'd be so grateful for some input.

I should have added that in the last year I've also become intolerant of oats..if I eat porridge I pay for it for days with abdominal swelling etc.
Thanks again,

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Old 08-19-2006, 07:34 AM   #2
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Hopefully HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Naomi I'm sorry to read that you are having such a challenging time. Although I do not have any input hopefully someone will reply soon to your post. Here's a **************************{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, you've come to a very supportive board .

Old 08-20-2006, 06:33 PM   #3
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naomih HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Thank you for your reply Hopefully. Unfortunately no one has come along to offer any advice...oh well. Any idea why not?

Old 08-20-2006, 07:39 PM   #4
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kaytee52 HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

I havent had any symptoms exactly like yours, although I have hot flashes and crazy, irregular periods.. so I cant say whether all you're suffering is perimenopause.....It could be. You're doing the right thing by getting all checked out. What I can relate to is the Fear. I have an anxiety disorder and health anxiety is something I'm familiar with. I notice you said you lost your Father and your Mother so closely together. You lost your Mother to ovarian cancer. Is it any wonder that you're scared, worried about every little symptom? Why not consider asking your Dr about this....maybe he/she can give you something to calm you, to help you through the testing...It seems to me you are in terror of what happened to your Mother happening to you....perfectly normal reaction to what you must have been through in the last year. I wish I could be of more help to you....

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Belle2003 HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Dear Naomih:

I have found that Dr. John Lee's book "What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause" was extremely helpful. Women as young as 35 can suffer from hormonal imbalance causing all sorts of symptoms like yours. I too have had at least three vaginal ultrasounds in the past five years to rule out ovarian cancer due to symptoms caused by perimenopause. With the information in Dr. Lee's book you can learn what vitamins, supplements and exercise you can do to alleviate these awful symptoms. My doctor would never suggest these things, she just wants to put me on the pill (symptoms still stayed) or hormones.

Some people are not into reading, but you must read this before under going any kind of operation. I am sure that you can find it at your local library.

I too have had weird periods, though I have not had the spotting. I have had the bloating that went on for years. After taking the supplements in Dr. Lee's book and Anne Gittlemen's "Before the Change" I am now bloat free.

Hormone testing is a waste because your hormone levels change daily. (As stated in Dr. Lee's book) One day you could be in balance, the next day you are not. Testing is a big gamble.

I would start taking the supplements that pertain to whatever symptoms you have as listed in the two books I mentioned. Give it a couple of weeks to see if you have results. Also the regular exercise really helped.

A friend of mine reached menopause at 40, so you are not too young for the perimenopause. Everybody hits it at different ages. I wish there was a magic pill for all of us to take, but unfortunately there is not.

Old 08-21-2006, 12:00 AM   #6
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naomih HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Dear Belle,

Thanks so much for your reply. I think you recommended the books to me a few months ago too...I thought I'd get lots of info from the web, but it is all pretty standard, and I will go get the book to get the better info.

My docs also don't want to talk about it, it seems like a common problem. Even the gynos don't seem to really want to talk about it.

Re exercise, instinctively I thought the same & started heading back to the gym last week. It felt to me like it was something that could only help. And the appropriate supplements are important, and my docs have been unwilling to discuss this with me you, they offer meds or nothing. Hopefully I can find the books in one of our book stores as I have no idea where the local library is. When I go shopping tomorrow I'll have a look for it.

Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Old 08-21-2006, 08:20 AM   #7
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katidid95 HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Have you considered seeing a nutritionist? So many doctors just aren't aware of the havoc that peri and menopause can cause some women. I would consider finding a doctor who IS. I found a gyno in Portland that treated me with natural supplements and bioidentical hormones and was very informed about all the symptoms that we suffer from. Unfortunately, I have moved and am now looking for a new one!

I also have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks (racing heart, etc) and have greatly improved.

Old 08-21-2006, 08:50 AM   #8
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Les44 HB User
Re: Is this Peri? I am Scared

Hi Naomi. I just read your message and I feel so bad for you. I'm on a continuous dose of the bcp and started bleeding last March. It wasn't alot of blood but didn't actually stop until I ceased the pill end of June. Went immediately into the heaviest and most painful period I've ever had. Saw the gyno and she said she didn't even have to look at me, she just knew I have a bad case of endometriosis. My symptoms included significant pain in the lower back, pelvic area and ovaries plus the irregular bleeding. My gyno offered me lots and lots of choices of treatments but I'm going with a full hysterectomy. I know it will put me into immediate menopause but I'd rather deal with that then the bleeding and pain. Back on the bcp now until the surgery. So far the bleeding's stopped.
My gyno told me there is no test for endometriosis other than to do an internal scope like a d&c. The problem with having a d&c is that the endometriosis often grows back after a few months and also the deposits can hide so the doctor can't remove it all. The doc also told me that most docs don't recognize the symptoms. I certainly don't know if this is what you have but if you're not in peri and nothing has shown on tests so far it sounds conceivable.
I hope your 2nd gyno doc is helpful to you and offers you the treatment choices that you should be able to access. I know it can be tough sometimes but try to keep smiling.

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