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  • Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

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    Old 08-29-2006, 07:27 AM   #1
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    Question Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    This started for me about 3 weeks ago. An ekg in my doctor's office came back normal, then I wore a haltor monitor for 24 hours which revealed minor premature contractions of my heart. Also, my blood pressure tested normal and blood tests have come back fine as well (thyroid, cholesterol, etc.)

    I'm 45; still getting periods on a regular basis, although they're changing -- some months lighter, then heavier, etc. I'm much more irritable than usual, and suffer from insomnia; not every night of the week, but at least 3.

    The palpitations were so bad last week, I thought I was losing my mind. She prescribed Xanex, which does help, but I only take it when I'm experiencing a really bad one -- sometimes they can turn into a panic attack. I'm not against taking meds if they'll help me, but I know that I can't (or shouldn't) be on Xanex long term. I've been googling my symptoms like crazy, and manopause always seems to come up in my search. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she sort of blew me off and said that due to the premature contractions the ekg showed, we should treat those symptoms. I'm now taking a low dose of Attenanol (25mg) at bedtime, which is a blood pressure medication to regulate my heartbeat. She also wanted me to start on a low dose of Paxil, but I wanted to do a little more research before committing to taking anti-depressants.

    Surprisingly though, the day before I started the bp meds, I woke up feeling better than I had in weeks with no fluttering. That morning I got my period (3 days early), and all I could think was these have to somehow be connected to's just too coincidental.

    I've also read that taking Calcium + Magnesium (Caltrate has been recommended) has helped other women experiencing the same symptoms. I admit, I'm bad when it comes to taking calcium or a multi-vitamin, but am really excited to start.

    Have any of you experienced palpitations, and could calcium be the answer?

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    liverpool sue
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    Re: Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    hi jules. i started getting palpitations about 2 years ago, but said nothing to anyone as i had a date to go in and have my 2nd hip replacement and knew i would be having pre op test. the tests showed nothing up with my heart, but for the first time ever my blood pressure was high so my gp put me on atenalol immediately as my op date was only 3 days away and there was some doubt as to whether the surgeon would go ahead. long story short, i had my op and my blood pressure came down slightly but not enough, so about 6 months ago was changed to ramipril and it has now come down to normal. the palpitations stopped almost immediately i started taking atenalol, so i think they were probably related to the high blood pressure, which i believe is yet another of those mysterious menopausal symptoms. about 5 or so months ago, when i found this board, i read the natural solutions thread and started taking calcium, magnesium, etc., and think they have helped me tremendously with all the other menopause stuff, to the point that for about 2 months now i can honestly say i feel 'normal'. whether or not they have also helped with the blood pressure - who knows? hope this is of some help to you.


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    Re: Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    Hello Jules, I don't think there is a woman on this board who hasn't experienced heart palps. They're horrible and frightening (I get panic too when I have them) but they are not dangerous nor are they a sign of a more serious disease, since all your tests came back normal. Aside from calcium-magnesium which helped me a lot (have faith in the combo) I also take a natural remedy that I suggest you since you're not that keen in taking medicines. When I have heart palps I take for some weeks on regular basis Passiflora incarnata, and crataegus oxycantha, both mother tincture, twenty drops of each three times a day. They are supposed to regulate the rithm of your heart and they really worked for me. Also, I have always at hand Ylang-ylang essential oil. You pour a few drops on an tissue or an handkerchief and breath in slowly. Ylan-ylang is very good at slowing down the heart when it goes to tachicardia and has a soothing and relaxing effect. Do a google search or talk to a naturopath, if you know one. This is what helps me to ease the symptoms a bit. I get them too when I'm pmsing or when I'm particularly stressed out. It's menopause, always menopause...
    But it goes away. It will.

    "I'm not young enough to know everything". O. Wilde

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    Re: Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    I have had palpatations for 10 years or longer. I've had all the tests, several times. Everything is normal, so I put it off to hormones. A day doesn't pass that I don't have many irregular beats. I take Tenormin 50mg. 2 times daily and that helps some. I have tried the magnesium and calcium and about every other natural product that has been rec. for palpatations. The magnesium helps with constipation, but I haven't noticed any improvement with the funny heartbeats. At first they scared me to death. I was scared to go any place for fear something would happen. Finally I just decided to fight back. The tests were normal, so I doubted I was going to drop dead on the street. We started traveling again, eating out, exercising, living a normal life. That's when they got alittle better. I still have them everyday, but they don't take over anymore, I won't let them. I pray when I get thru this peri crap, maybe they will go away. If they do fine, if not I will live with them. I spent too much time hiding inside worry about it. Now I have new things to fret about! Aways something. Take care, Ann By the way, I am 52.

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    Re: Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    I had heart fluttering/palpitations when I was anemic...or borderline, and in perimenopause. I would be short of breath too. I thought I was having heart problems. When I had my blood checked after an episode, the doctor couldn't find anything wrong. cholesterol was good, blood pressure low normal. Hemoglobin was like a 12.1 which was considered normal range. I didn't find out I had low ferritin until I tried to give blood and they said my hematocrit was too low. I now know that the fluttering/palpitations were due to being anemic. I would have periods in which I experienced flooding.

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    Re: Heart Fluttering/Palpitations (My first post here)

    I have had the same thing and also have noticed that they are more previlent right before my period. My doctor put me on half a water pill daily which has helped my blood pressure, seems to have decreased the palpitations and also seems to relieve some of my other symptoms, like bloating. You may want to ask about them. They have very few side effects listed and I have yet to have any problems with them after taking them for over a year.


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