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Judiannmel 10-27-2007 08:01 PM

I'm 49. The results of an endo biopsy (after having irregular bleeding) said that I was not ovulating. I could feel my period was due soon. My dr wanted to make sure my uterine lining didn't get thick and had me start Prometrium (progesterone) 200mg for 12 nights a month that night 10/25. After 2 nights of pills my period is just starting (very light so far). But I guess it isn't a real period since I'm not shedding the lining.

My question is- after I do 12 nights of Prometrium, when should I expect a period? Does it take more than a month to get a regular cycle on this. What are other's experiences taking Prometrium for this same purpose?

Thanks for any replies!!


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