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Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

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Old 02-25-2008, 08:49 AM   #1
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pud HB User
Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

Hi All,
Please give me some reassurance here! As well as all the other horrible symptoms of the menopause (my main ones being anxiety, panic attacks, depression, internal shaking, feeling physically and mentally ill!), I've now begun to become even more silly and totally losing the plot over simple things. I know forgetfullness is a symptom, but now I have other problems (as if I didn't have enough!). For example, in work the other day, I re-ordered some stock urgently as I searched in the cupboard for new stuff, couldn't see any, and we had nearly run out. My boss asked why I'd done it as there was plenty - lo and behold, on the top shelf above where I was looking - right in front of me!! I just didn't think to look there! Also, in my other relief job, I put all the case notes in the wrong files. Luckily, I had a suspicion I might have done this, so corrected it before anyone found out!

Then (and this is a classic), I had to leave my car at my mum's the other day, on the runway in front of her communal garage door. I hadn't left it there for years and merrily left it in front of the wrong garage! In some ways I can see why I did this (I hope!) as the man on the end built a fence between his runway and the rest of the garages, so this meant that mum's had moved along one, and maybe I still had it in my head she was in the old space. ANYWAY... the upshot of this story is that the garage I left it in front of belongs to a very awkward woman in my mum's street (she has fallen out with just about everyone in the street and at her work - it's a shame really as I think she has some sort of mental health problem). Of all the people to do it to, she absolutely played hell with my mum, who had to move my car quickly (and it was all frosted up this morning so no quick job, which only made the woman even worse!). Mum rang me to tell me all this, and at that point I decided I was REALLY losing it. Mum was sympathetic as she didn't have a great menopause herself, and so understands a lot, but I did feel bad, had a little cry when I got off the phone to her.

Please guys, tell me I'm not the only one to do stupid things like this. I can't believe it as I would class myself as a reasonably intelligent person - I've always held down good jobs before, but now I don't know where my head's at!!!

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Old 02-25-2008, 10:27 AM   #2
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cmpgirl HB User
Re: Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

Hello Pud:
I usually post to the Pain Management boards, as I have a chronic ilness, similar to Lupus, but have started browsing this site and have posted here a couple of times, because I now am at that wonderful time in a woman's life that I like to call "mentalpause". I can so relate to what you are experiencing, as I'm sure all here can. I never considered myself a genius, but always felt I was reasonably intelligent. Lately, I have been forgetting words that I've probably said at least once a day, throughout my life and feel like a complete dolt. I'll be having a conversation with someone, the word will be in my head one second and then gone the next! I walk into rooms and can't remember why I came there in the first place. I was never Martha Stewart, but I am now so disorganized that I sometimes can't remember where a pot or a pan is in my own kitchen. My hubby is very understanding, but I think even he is wondering if his wife has lost it! I too, have anxiety and see a Psychiatrist for that, and recently I asked him if I was actually getting worse, because of the forgetfulness etc. He assured me that what I was experiencing was completely normal and that "this too shall pass". He suggested that I find some mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles, to try and do every day. He said that even if one has a job that is mentally challenging, there is a difference when you challenge yourself mentally during your non-work time. He explained that the brain absorbs things differently in different environments. I've been trying to do a puzzle or something like it every day, if I can. I don't know if it's working yet, but I'm willing to give it a try. So, please know, you are not alone. Just having this forum to vent and commiserate with others is a big help to me. Take care and thanks for letting me share! cmpgirl

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JudeNZ HB UserJudeNZ HB User
Re: Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

Morning Pud,

You're certainly not on your own with this. Luckily I've not been too bad, but there are times when I feel quie scared for a few seconds as I can't remember where or I am or where I've parked my car. I stand and look around feeling oh help, desperately waiting for divine intervention.

The most frustrating one for me is I can't find the right word. I know it's in my head but it won't come out. I'm a drama teacher so language is my thing and boy do I struggle with that. That is so common so don't fear.

I've got a friend who during menopause, got so bad with her memory she finally succumbed to HRT as she was a wages clerk and couldn't get anything right at work. She was forgetting how to do her regular jobs that she did on a daily or weekly basis. She's fine now though. SO there is hope for us all.

We just have to take one day at a time.


Old 02-26-2008, 05:31 AM   #4
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pud HB User
Smile Re: Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

Dear cmpgirl and judenz,

Thanks so much for your replies - makes me feel one hell of a lot better about my befuddled brain!! Sorry you are in pain also cmpgirl, as well as coping with all the horrible menopause symptoms. I really like that quote "the mentalpause" - I am going to pass that on to others suffering the same as us!! Also judenz, I do feel for you being a drama teacher and struggling with this - it just makes you feel such an idiot, doesn't it? I'm sure some of the youngsters at work look at me and think I am really thick, but hey, never know what's going to happen to them in the future, they may get the same for all they know! Yesterday a friend was showing me her "brain training" game she got for her birthday, and we were discussing how doing these and puzzles may help. Only thing is, they are so expensive, but I guess doing crosswords, etc is a cheap way of doing the same.
Anyway, your posts have really helped. Keep in touch. I will also bear in mind the phrase "these things will pass" - I'm sure they will, but we all need support to get through them at the moment. Love,

Old 02-26-2008, 03:11 PM   #5
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pammcat HB User
Re: Now I think I've really lost the plot!!!!

Dear Pud, Hi....sorry To Hear About These New We Need To Suffer Just A Bit More...i Too Experience What You Have My Office I Constantly Look For Things That Are In Front Of Me But "out-of-sight" I'm Glad You Understand...i Also "loose" My Car Constantly...i Laugh About It Most Of The Time...keeps Me Calm...i Have Decided To Double Ckeck Myself Alot Especially At Work...i Also Take Deep Breaths While Talking To Myself With The Constant Reminder That This Is Hormonal And I Am Not Wacky....that I Know My Job And Do It Well Sooooo Don't Be To Hard On Yourself You Are Definetely Not Alone And We Can All Turn To Each Other At Our Low Points....through This Board We Have Begun As Strangers But As Woman With The Same Struggles Of Life We Can All Take Some Comfort In Writing To One Another....take Care ...pammcat

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