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lise larocque 01-25-2009 03:58 PM

is sleepless part of menopause and what can I do about it?

I C Hot 01-25-2009 07:31 PM

Re: sleeplessness
Welcome lise larocque, Yes sleeplessness can be a symptom of menopause, but it can be many things. I take fish, flax, and borage softgels and they have helped me with anxiety and panic attacks but also has helped a bit with sleeping better. Hope that helps,

mgobluefan 01-28-2009 05:32 PM

Re: sleeplessness
I had many, many, MANY menopause symptoms, including bad insomnia.
I was taking meds to help me sleep. When I started HRT, I no longer needed the sleeping meds!

bianca55 01-30-2009 06:24 PM

Re: sleeplessness
[QUOTE=lise larocque;3862188]is sleepless part of menopause and what can I do about it?[/QUOTE]
Insomia is one of the major symptoms of menopause. I didn
t know that until telling my doc about the sudden insomnia and she suggested an anitdepressant. She told me that she had suffered with insomnia with menopause and many of the other menopause symtoms and the antidepressant could help. It wasn
t a miracle drug for me but I do feel much much better. It helps in so many ways with mood swings, insomnia etc. Some people are against the antidepressants but I am truly thankful I tried them and it did help.

taape 01-31-2009 12:34 AM

Re: sleeplessness
I wish I had the answer because I keep waking up at night and can't sleep. I'm getting all kinds of books, magainzes, and newspaper read but then I'm tired in the morning.

sonic 02-09-2009 01:05 AM

Re: sleeplessness
YES! i am new to this & i fall asleep around 3-4;am...even after taking sleep still on edge...i read/watch tv...listen to my ipod...the worst is just laying there mind races.
good luck

bethsheba 02-09-2009 08:09 AM

Re: sleeplessness
Although sleep problems may be a symptom of menopause, it may very likely be a symptom of some other condition...some thoughts...

1. If you are taking meds for [I]anything[/I], check for side effects. I had a sleep study done, was diagnosed with obstructive and central sleep apnea and periodic limb movement syndrome (which is similar to Restless Leg) and found out by accident that the water pill for high blood pressure I was taking was causing my MAJOR sleep problem (and the periodic limb movements).

2. Screen yourself for the possibility of sleep apnea. My doctors overlooked my symptoms for over 40 years...until I took the self tests, and told my doctor I wanted to see a board certified sleep specialist. You cannot diagnose a sleep disorder...only a sleep specialist can do that...but there are some tools out there that will assist you and your physician with a diagnosis.

3. Many conditions, chronic and otherwise, can cause sleep problems. Id and treat these conditions.

4. Consider Lyme disease (and no, your doctor and your specialist is not the one to diagnose and treat this condition) can cause sleep problems, hormonal problems, panic and anxiety problems, stomach and bowel problems, etc. Antibiotics are used for treating this condition which is now epidemic in some parts of our country.

Orchid131 02-09-2009 11:18 AM

Re: sleeplessness
I agree with the rest that it could be premenopause or menopause what's causing your sleep patterns to change. I suggest you take Melatonin which is a hormone with sleep-inducing properties. It also works as an antioxidant and reduces cancer risks. It will boost the immune system as well. It's a natural hormone with lots of benefits. It's sold over the counter at any pharmacy (I get mine at WalMart). I get the 3-mg capsules and take 2 to 3 capsules each night. Take whatever works for you. Good luck.

bethsheba 02-09-2009 12:04 PM

Re: sleeplessness
[QUOTE=Orchid131;3879469].... I suggest you take Melatonin which is a hormone with sleep-inducing properties. It also works as an antioxidant and reduces cancer risks. It will boost the immune system as well....[/QUOTE]

Melatonin is highly overated as a sleep aid....check MedlinePlus, a government source of medicine and supplements at the following link:


Melatonin, administered for a variety of sleep problems, is rated by our government a "C" which means that there is unclear scientific evidence for this kind of use.

As far as dosage goes, melatonin is a supplement, and the FDA doesn't not strictly regulate herbs and supplements. so is no guarantee of strength, purity or safety of products, and effects may vary. Doses of 0.5-50 milligrams of melatonin taken nightly by mouth have been studied by researchers.

Side Effects and Warnings...There are lots and lots of these....fatigue, dizziness, headache, irritability, and [I]sleepiness[/I], disorientation, confusion, sleepwalking, vivid dreams, and nightmares;infection; difficulties with walking and balance; mood changes; psychotic symptoms; and the list goes on.

Despite this, many physicians continue to suggest melatonin, :eek:. Given the iffy rating and the lenghthy list of side effects, I personally wouldn't risk taking this supplement for sleep problems, or for anything else for that matter.

Buzzbabe3 02-22-2009 07:16 AM

Re: sleeplessness
I will try to keep this short...If you are drinking coffee or any other caffeinated drink ANYTIME during the day...stop drinking might be surprised how your sleep patterns change. I also tried the melatonin...and since I was aware of the controversy about melatonin I decided to use it very I take one tab maybe every month or so. I know that might sound strange but it works for me. The more I read what we women are doing and would seem smart for all of us to keep our diets extremely pure especially at this time of our lives. No caffeine!

bethsheba 02-22-2009 09:28 AM

Re: sleeplessness
[QUOTE=Orchid131;3879469]I agree with the rest that it could be premenopause or menopause what's causing your sleep patterns to change..[/QUOTE]

Women of all races (black, white, asian, hispanic, indian, etc) and of all cultural backgrounds (if they live long enough) experience perimenopause and menopause. [I]All women going through the change of life, do not experience sleep problems!![/I] (And, men, women, and children of all ages and in all cultures may experience sleep problems!!) For that reason I would suggest that although peri/menopause may be aggravating sleep patterns, it is not causing them.

My sleep specialists easily could have attributed my sleep problems to menopause (as I suspect many specialists do)...but they did not. And ironically, despite seeing doctors for over 40 years with my symptoms, not one of them suggested seeing a sleep specialist...I was the one who identified the symptoms and demanded to see someone who was better versed than the doctors who had overlooked blatant symptoms of my condition.

Too many things are blamed on menopause...unless the symptom is experienced by a majority of peri/menopausal women, it needs to be investigated for something other than female problems.

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