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  • High blood pressure caused by menopause?

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    Old 05-12-2009, 03:16 PM   #1
    Local Girl
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    High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I've always had normal blood pressure but yesterday tested at 150/85. I am 55 and in menopause. Is high blood pressure associated with menopause? (Just about everything else is, LOL.) I'm trying to track down a cause for why my BP was 30 points higher yesterday than it was the last time I was tested. I am doing well otherwise with menopause now that my periods seem to have stopped. Thanks. -L.G.

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    taape HB Usertaape HB User
    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I was wondering the same thing if the hormone fluctuations can cause this. I also wonder if your having a heart palpatations while your blood pressure is being tested will the results be high. I've always had readings like 120/75 and sometimes now I have readings that are high but I also have chronic pain.

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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I have been wondering the same things about hormone fluctuations and blood pressure. If hormones can affect mood, mental clarity, skin, etc, why not blood pressure? My doc wants me on BP med, but I'd like to know the WHY my BP is up certain days, certain times, and treat that reason rather than treat JUST the BP. Heck, just driving to my doctor raises my blood pressure He makes me nervous and doesn't listen to me. Time for a new doctor....

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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    perimenopause can cause high blood pressure. Diebetes, all kinds of good stuff! ACK! Look at these symtoms I found on another thread. I have almost all of them! Oh what a joy! lol. I think not?

    We are all in this together girls! So hang on tight and ride the rollercoaster of womanhood! Weeee!

    Typical perimenopause symptoms


    I found the following list in a book of mine.
    Source: "Listening to your hormones" by Gillian Ford

    Some Typical Perimenopausal Symptoms

    *Changes in bleeding (heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, missed cycles, light bleeding, clotting)

    *Anxiety, fear, depression, irritability, rebellion, crying jags, panic attacks

    *Fatigue, loss of energy

    *Low self-esteem

    *Suicidal thinking

    * Inability to tolerate tension

    *Inappropriate emotional responses

    *Low noise tolerance

    *Sleep disturbances, insomnia, sleepiness

    *Inability to concentrate, short-term memory loss

    *Drying and thinning of the gastrointestinal tract (causing constipation, ulceration, stomach pain, colitis, diarrhea, gas)

    *Bladder infections, frequency and urgency of urination, burning, incontinence

    *Vaginal dryness

    *Low sex drive, painful intercourse, reduction of fantasy, lack of lubrication during sex, diminished orgasms, lessened skin and nipple response

    *Hot flashes, night sweats, chills


    *Low blood sugar, trembling

    *Numbness, tingling, crawling feelings on skin

    *Dry, wrinkling skin; loss of collagen, sagging breasts

    *Dry, thinning hair; growth of facial hair, male pattern of hair on body

    *Brittle, slow-growing, and grooved nails

    *Osteoarthritis, bone thinning and loss, loss of height, shifting joint pains, joint degeneration, backache, mid-bone pains, muscle cramps and spasm, muscle weakness, and loss of strength

    *Rapid heart rate, palpitations, heart pain, increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, shortness of breath

    *Headaches, migraines, nausea

    *Dark gloomy circles under eyes

    *Weight loss or gain

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    Old 10-16-2009, 10:02 PM   #5
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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    i have had my blood presure go up and down like a yo-yo no doctors can explain .but I am finding out that hormonal changes can do this . alot of doctor are not informed enough about what womens bodies go thru during menopause there are over 30 differnt symptoms

    Old 10-18-2009, 11:16 PM   #6
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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I too out of the blue showed high blood pressure for 3 visits mind you the doctor I saw went straight for the heart not thinking of menopause, I have found this lovely dr who put me on Blood pressure medication and my last reading was great, she even went as far as saying I will be able to come off it soon once my HRT kicks in I have only been on that for 3 weeks. Isn't it the worst time in a womens life

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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I was put into sudden menopause (totally pre-meopausal at 48) through zolodex shots to suppress my hormones d/t hormone positive breast cancer.

    MY BP was always normal but IMMEDIATELY shot up. I had to see several Drs. d/t my dx and everytime I went, they said your BP is really high! What my BP was always fine? Ayway, I am now on 2 BP meds. I have since read tht estrogen helps keep the arteries supple and open so BP stays normal.

    - So not surprising that many of us are experiencing problems in peri and menopause.


    Old 10-24-2009, 02:24 PM   #8
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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    I have a couple of thoughts. It is not unusual for women during this age period to develop high blood pressure. From all the doctors and pharmacists I have talked to, it can come with the territory so to speak.

    That said, bp can vary wildly depending on how it is taken, where, what you have been doing, etc. I found out I had hypertension about 6 years ago and my bp is well-controlled with a couple of medications.

    But even the maker of the machine I use has very specific instructions about how to use it at home, for instance. If I rush in with my machine, sit down, take my bp, it could be 150/85. But if I do as I am supposed to which is to sit down, rest, wait a few minutes, sit up straight, put my feet flat on the floor and then take it, it could then be 118/78.

    I was talking to the manufactures of my machine about calibrating my machine with my doctor's office. He talked about well you need to make the situation as similar to what you do at home when you are in the doctor's office. In the doctor's office I may be very nervous, my legs are dangling off the table, my arm is not resting on a table at the level of my heart as I am directed to use my machine---so there can be wide variations.

    Actually, Thursday I was at my lung doctor's office and the nurse took my bp and it was 134/78--I said that is high for me, and he said, well you had your legs crossed---that can make a difference.

    I am not saying that hypertension doesn't go along with menopause or this age group--but you need to take in a number of situations and at a number of times and get an average.

    And frankly statistics tell us that part of aging can involve hypertension as well as genetics and even people who are thin and look really healthy can have hypertension.

    The important thing is to talk to your doctor, take some regular readings, and if your doctor thinks you need to, try starting on a low dose of a bp medicine.

    It is such a cliche----but it is a silent killer and if you wait until it damages your kidneys because you have not been treated, what a mess.

    It is not like a lot of other things---most people don't feel differently if they have high blood pressure. And again, it depends on what you have been doing, where you are, all that.

    It is a number that can change minute to minute

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    emeraldsea HB Useremeraldsea HB User
    Smile Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    Yes, blood pressure changes can be related to the hormonal craziness that goes along with perimenopause and menopause...For the first time in my life, I also have had some blood pressure fluctuations since I began going through perimenopause. My doctor and I keep an eye on it, and have so far attributed it to that since no other causes have been found. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot writtten about this in literature discussing menopause, and a lot of doctors don't seem to be "up" on this issue either. It is frustrating...Keep a watch on it and hang in there!

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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    Oh yes, Menopause causes your blood pressure to rise. My last visit to the doctor, I was having a severe panic attack and the worst hot flash I think I have ever had. When they took my blood pressure it was 183 over 80!!! 183!! I couldn't believe it. My bottom number was completely normal. Yes, I do believe all of this crap raises your bp. My doctor wanted immediately to give me more bp meds, but I know at home my bp is normal to low. I was fanning myself in the doctor's office and she told me I wasn't having a hot flash, it was just stuffy in the office! Get real, this is rediculuous!!!

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    Re: High blood pressure caused by menopause?

    all I know is I did not have high blood pressure prior to menopause and as soon as my body started going through menopause ...I suddenly got high blood pressure. My pressure is low, high, up , down, all over the place and blood pressure meds do not keep my blood pressure stabilized . Bio-Ident HRT did not help at all.

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