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Having a really bad day today-Meno.

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Old 01-14-2010, 06:05 AM   #1
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Having a really bad day today-Meno.

Having a really hard day today
I have been taking lexapro 5mg for a few days now. My anxiety has been so bad today and yesterday I have felt like I'm dying. Almost! On top of all this, my son and his wife have separated and he and my three small grandchildren have moved back in with us. Seems like all I do is cry. When I went to a new Gyn a couple of weeks ago, she didn't even do any bloodwork to check my hormones-- all she told me was she didn't think my anxiety was related to menopause! Maybe not all of it, but all I know is that until a little over a month ago I felt like a different person. I was wondering if I should go to a different Gyn. and can anyone tell me how you find out about bioidentical hormones. Is this something that a Gyn could help me with. I live in a small town in southwest VA and we do not have very many choices when it comes to healtcare. I feel so low today. I'm just a nervous wreck. I was wondering if maybe the Lexapro was causing it but I can only take 5mg because higher doses make me feel so awful. Any info would be helpful. It helps me to know that I am Not alone and Not crazy--but I sometimes wonder if my GP Physician thinks I am.

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Re: Having a really bad day today-Meno.

hello VSP

Welcome to the menopause came to the right place.You will find a whole bunch of us going through menopause with a number of symptoms...especially anxiety.

May I ask if you are post menopausal?I am almost 3 years post-meno.My regular GP dr. said once you hit meno the sx can last a lifetime(I did not want to hear that!).

I would seriously not go back to that gyno dr...she sounds very uncompassionate.It helps a lot when you get along good with your dr. and trust that dr.So maybe you can search for another dr.?I am seeing my current dr. since March last year...he is great...answers all my questions and right now he's helping to rule out what I don't have.The anxiety is definately meno-related...he confirmed that to me.

I don't really know beans about the med your taking...lexapro,but I do know what worked for me when I was a mess with the start of peri...I was taking klonopin and it was wonderful...except after almost 3 months I had to go off of it,because I have asthma and most of the anxiety meds are respiratory relaxants.

I'm sure your dr. probably told you though that anti-depressants take a few weeks to have a ful effect,right?

Well first of all ask your dr. to check your B12 level and if it's even low-normal have the dr. check your MMA...a raised MMA signals a hidden B12 deficiency and women in peri and meno seem to need more B12,because the fluctuations in estrugen will deplete the B12.I just went almost 6 months without a B12 monthly shot and I ended up back in the drs. office with a slew of sx and anxiety up to the sky!It just might be worth it to you to get that B12 checked.Normal range is 200-1100,but if you're under 450 you need the B12 shots.If dr. won't give you the shots then take the sub~lingual B12.Whole Foods sells it(made by Jarrows).It's cherry favored and it melts under your top lip...easy as pie.It will calm your nerves and if you are having any "pins'nneedles feelings "in your hands/feet it will correct that.

Yes I can certainly see how your sons troubles are effecting you.Why is it when we women are having a health crisis everything around us goes haywire?I tell you when my anxiety acts up...that's when evertyone in my family seems to have some kind of problem going on.It's like you have no time for yourself just to take care of you.

I certainkly feel for you and all I can suggest to you is to get your B12 checked out nd maybe you should ask your dr. about a different medication if the lexapro isn't helping.I hate all drugs...they seem like a miracle cure,but they're have to make choices that are good for you.If you find a med that helps then stick with it...if it doesn't help then you need to discuss that with the dr.Seems like most drs. these days do not take the time to really listen to the patient,but your health is important and you have to be brave and tell the dr. you need some help here.I never gave up...I kept trying until I found a dr. to listen to me....and who helped me.You can do it....I know you can.

Do you have any other sx besides the anxiety?Just trying to get a clear picture of all the sx you are having right now.

You are not a nut are a woman in meno and all of us here know exactly how horrible menopause is.You are cared about and hope to hear back from you soon~have a peaceful evening~take care of you~


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missy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB Usermissy222 HB User
Re: Having a really bad day today-Meno.


Sorry you are having a bad day. I know the anxiety can really be bad during this stage in our lives. It is probably the worst issue for me and I am trying to do peri-menopause all natural. There are days when I really think I can't handle it anymore, but I take a deep breath and try to keep myself busy. As far as anxiety meds go, I think they can take a few weeks to kick in and some people have more anxiety during that period. You may want to call and ask your doctor or pharmacist about it.

I hear what you mean about your doctor not checking your hormones, my doc wouldn't check mine either until my periods stop for three months straight. All they want to do is give out anxiety meds and refuse to believe that the anxiety is caused by fluctuating hormones.

You may want to google a compounding pharmacy in your area that does bioidentical hormones. If you are able to find one, call them and ask them for a doctor they can recommend to assist you.

I hope this helps a little.

Hang in there, you're not alone!!!

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Re: Having a really bad day today-Meno.

I suffer also from hot flashes, heart palpatations, tremors, and that awful anxiety. Even when I take the Lexapro, I still have the anxiety. Plus I am also having problems with insomnia. I think the hot flashes set off the tremors. I feel like all I do is complain but I never thought meno would be this bad. Seems like you can't find a doctor who can understand that these symptoms are meno related in this area, but I'm gonna keep trying. It gets expensive though changing doctors and having all these tests run. Sorry, I whine alot!

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sharon2010 HB User
Re: Having a really bad day today-Meno.

Hello, I'm so sorry your having such a hard time with this. My advice would be to go see an RE (reproductive endocrologist). They pretty much specialize in female hormones. I'm seeing one now, Im just about to start a third ivf cycle with donor eggs ( the first two failed). Any way, They will check all your hormone levels and will be able to give you a better idea as to whats goin on.

I totally agree with the anxiety thing. Mine would get real bad right before my period, so it' s def hormone related as with my allergies.


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Re: Having a really bad day today-Meno.

Hi VSP, I too, was shocked at the intensity of peri symptoms. I absolutely could not believe that nobody told me that it would be so life changing. I know they call it "the change", but still ... it's more like "the fall-off-a-cliff-and-become-uncomfortable-in-your-own-skin change." Don't think that you are alone in your angst. We are all here because it hit us hard and shocked us too. We are all trying to make it through. I have a friend that told me that she used to try to look at it as an exciting adventure. When she would feel the tingly and heart palpatations, anxiety and flash coming on, she would exclaim to herself "here it comes, how excting!" Maybe you have to know her to appreciate it, but I try to use that "exciting new adventure" thing and smile because it's just so silly. Own your adventure, and find relief where you can. I agree, you need a new doc. However, I just don't think docs are trained to deal with us peri girls. I found the natural remedies sticky at the top of this forum helpful, along with many of the past postings. Hang in there.

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