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  • Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

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    Unhappy Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    Last summer I went though 7 weeks of this. Started skipping periods in Jan. of 09. Skipped Jan., Feb., March of 09. Then got April & May normal ones. In June of 09 I bleed lightly for 6 weeks, then last week of that one ( 7th week ) I poured blood for 5 straight days. No health insurance I went to a friends doctor and had bloodwork and pelvic Ultra Sound. Blood work showed low Iron ( that made sense bleeding for 7 weeks ). Pelvic Ultra Sound showed no thickening of lining where a D&C would be required, but did show a cyst on my left ovary. Was told to take Iron. Anyway it bleeding finally stopped after 7 weeks. Got a normal period in Aug. of 08. No period since Sept. of 09. Then Feb.2, 2010 I started one and at present it hasn't STOPPED!

    At the very end of March it ceased for 5 days but when I had straining bowel movements blood was present in discharge. Then BAM bleeding started all over again. 3 out of the 6th weeks bled a lot more than in summer. Not so much changing a lot of pads but when i went to bathroom, a lot of blood came out of me. For last week My God, Blood Clots the size of base balls have been coming out of me. And the blood just pouring out. I have became TERRIFIED. None of my friends my age bled this long.

    Could this anyway be normal?

    Today started the 10th week, and I am going to have to go back to this doctor. Still have no insurance otherwise I would of been there weeks ago. Am not eligible for State help ( Stupid me I worked all my life ). So I will again have to pay for blood work and any tests out of pocket again.

    I'm just wondering if since the last Pelvic Ultra Sound last July something could of changed that dramatically. Like the thickening of lining. My God I don't know how I would pay for a D&C. The blood work and P.US. were costly enough. But I can't just sit here and continue to bleed non stop with being seen. I'm scared I have something worse that would require major surgery. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'll be 53 in less than 3 weeks. At this point I'm just hoping to still be alive. I have a horrid sinus condition that I've had for 12 years. I cough constantly and at times so hard I wet my pants. So I don't know if this could be aggravating this bleeding problem or what. Thankfully I never stopped taking the Iron.

    But has anybody else gone through this. Please tell me. 10 weeks of Bleeding, Blood Clots. Can all this be relatively normal? For God's sake if you ended up having to have a hysterectomy please don't even reply. I will have a heart attack.

    What in the world is happening to me? And has anybody else experienced this? I'm terrified of going to sleep for fear I'll wake up completely hemorrhaging.


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    Re: Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    I had this happen to me. My normal period was what you describe now. It was an every other month event; one month light per se' the other month heavy and mixed with clotting. I have Thalaseemia Minor as well so I'm always anemic. My periods would be 8 - 12 days long normally and there were times I would get it twice a month -- I started at age 13.

    I came into peri-menopause, I want to say probably when i was 46 or 48.
    I stopped having a period when I was probably around 50ish. I never tracked it because I was just dang happy I wasn't getting it anymore. I went 4 years without going to a gyno. Then in November of 04 I had a period for 19 days and decided I better go to my dr. But it stopped at that point. December '04 nothing and then in January '05, stated bleeding again but husband gravely ill and I didn't take time for myself. I bled through late Jan, Feb and March. It stopped in April, husband passed away.

    Went to doctor after all the nuttiness was over and she yelled at me for waiting so long, found a thickness of one side of the uterus and did a D&C. She then put be on progesterone. But I had to submit for quarterly biopsies of the uterine tissue. Off the progesterone, went awhile with nothing and then she saw thickness building up again and did another D&C in January of '09. another submission of quarterly biopsies until August and because all have been 'clear' for the most part, we are not doing anything again.

    Oh crap I think I just missed another appointment for a pap! crap!

    So I don't think its anything other than spiking of estrogen. But I would certainly head to the doctors and soon

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    Re: Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    i am going through the very same thing. bleeding mostly now for 6 weeks when i pee or wipe..clots also. any news from you on how things are now?

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    Re: Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    I'm a bit late to the 'party' here, but I came across this while searching for info on my own symptoms. I'm glad to see they aren't all that unusual, I just never expected to be having these kinds of issues at only 38 years of age :-p

    For all my menstrual history, I've been been like clockwork - a period every 28-30 days, lots of cramping for three or four days prior, a day and a half of light flow, three days heavy, then another day or two of tapering off to nothing.

    For the past two years or so, my cycle has been shifting a bit, and I'd go a few days longer or start a few days sooner, so that it was closer to every 23 - 32 days. I honestly didn't even realize this was happening until my partner pointed it out to me, and I honestly wrote it off as being the whole "menstrual synchrony" thing, because we'd recently moved in together.

    This past August, things changed drastically. My July period was heavier with more clotting than usual, but started and stopped at normal times, and I chalked it up to high stress - I lost my job and we had to move. August rolled around and I didn't start when I should have. Instead of my usual 32 days max, I went 48 days, and I've more or less been bleeding ever since, into my 11th week now. I think I've had maybe a grand total of 7 days in those 11 weeks that I haven't bled at all.

    For the most part, it's a light to moderate flow, though sometimes (especially near the days when I'd normally start my cycle, like today) I have ridiculous clotting and heavy flow and cramps. I remember once reading that if you have clots bigger than a dime, it's cause for concern. Well, I've had some I swear were tennis ball sized! The bleeding is heavy enough even on the lighter days that I need to wear a tampon pretty much at all times. On the bad days, I'll need to change at least hourly, if not more frequently.

    Of course, all of this has to happen when I don't have a steady job (temping at the moment, at least it's something) and no insurance and so I can't afford to go get checked out to make SURE all this is is perimenopause. But my experience is enough like what I've read here and elsewhere that I'm fairly confident of that self-diagnosis.

    I read elsewhere today that Vitamin B Complex and Omega-3s can help reduce the bleeding, even bring it to a halt. Has anyone else tried this with good results? I'm getting desperate! I've also been feeling run down and blah lately, so I think I'm going to start taking iron tabs, to counter what I'm sure is anemia.

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    Re: Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    I am 45 and had normal periods every 28 days for 5 days long. Then the last year or 2 they went to 2 or 3 days. Now this month my period missed by 10 days. I thought it was starting and for 2 or 3 weeks I have had spotting on and off. Light pink or darker red on the tissue. Its freaking me out. I haven't had the big blot clot thing yet but I have heard about it. I have been taking progesterone cream for 2 years and get my levels monitered. But I don't know what this spotting thing is instead of a period. It keeps going on and could run into the time when my next period should start. Is this normal?
    Hypothyroidism, Chronic Allergies, Acid reflux, Arthritis in jaw, Perimenopause,Panic and Anxiety disorder

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    Re: Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now

    well i had a 42 day break with nothing now its been 6 weeks of spotting and in the middle im sure i had a light period cramps,headache, legs aching, then hopeing it would end in a week but no !!!!! its very watery/mucosy sorry to be so graphic,and some days nothing and seem to only flow out when i stand up or am walking nothin through the night but first thing in the morning when i go to washroom bam or if im sitting i feel nothin until i stand up????????? i do have 4 fibroids largest one is 6 cm??? time to go back for another ultrasound i guess tried to give it a chance to stop on its own ???? thankfully here in Canada there is no worry of any cost for any procedures we are heading to florida for 10 days tommorow so i did take extra ins even though my husband work covers us out of the country i thought i would get extra just in case this crap gives me some surprise while we are there i always have the fear of the dreaded flooding some of you experience well heres hopeing driving me nutsooooo

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