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Possibly early menopause?

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Question Possibly early menopause?

I am freshly 28yrs old and have given birth 5 times, my oldest will be 9yrs in October, my youngest is 19mths.
Since my last child, I had been having regular periods, once I stopped nursing him, and had them regularly for over a year until this past March or so. They were roughly 28 days apart, not much for variation. I was getting them on or very close to the 20th of each month and they were on time and expected each time. My period used to last anywhere from 5days heavy, to 7days light for a few days.
My husband had a visectomy(sp) 1yr and 6mths ago so I know, or hope, I cant get pregnant, or at least havent gotten pregnant since he had his surgery.


Since March or so(maybe Feb 2010), I have been getting my periods very irregularily. They were on the 20th, March it jumped to the 17th, April it was the 15th, May was the 13th, June was the 10th, July was the 11th and now I have it on the 5th.

My period now only lasts for approx 3-4 days and comes very unexpectedly, usualy overnight when I least expect it.

I have been very drained of energy and have to drink several coffees each morning to actualy start feeling 'normal' and still feel drained. I cant be as active as I used to be, I dont have the energy for it anymore, I used to be able to go biking, walking with my kids, swimming, dancing, playing with them all the time to not being able to get through breakfast without getting exhausted.
I get a single day, approx 1-2 days before I get my period, where I actualy feel normal with my energy and usualy spend it cleaning or doing a ton of laundry because I fall so far behind.
I get anywhere from 6-10hrs sleep each night. My kids sleep 12hrs, so Im very lucky.
I notice I can break a sweat walking to get mail, or even going up a set of stairs or out to water my chickens. I sweat bad if I vaccuum and get several heat flashes while I try to over-exert(sp) myself scrubbing walls/bathrooms/hanging laundry. I am approx 136lbs at 5ft 2inches which I think is a healthy weight, but I do have a few pounds I wish I could shed.
I notice my feet are usualy ice in bed when I feel "healthy/normal", but lately even my feet feel warm when going to bed but the rest of me has a slight coolness to it.
I get a lot of headaches(at least one a day), many which I can cure with a coffee or soda or a pile of water, but will take tylenol if they dont go away.
I eat fairly healthy with a lot of veggetables, meats and fruits, but drink at least one soda a day along with a coffee, but also drink a lot of water too. I dont eat much junk, as I like to show the kids how we should eat healthy.

I know raising young kids is going to be exhausting, but over the past several months I lost too much energy doing nothing, I also noticed I am approx 10lbs over my normal weight after having my children, which isnt much, but I can usualy shed them within the 1st year after giving birth with how active I usualy am.

Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with me please...

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Re: Possibly early menopause?

dtcmuma: Some of your symptoms do seem to be perimenopausal. Women are hitting menopause earlier these days and can start as early as 30 years old. Young girls are getting their periods at 9 yrs old these days where it used to be 12.

Get Dr. John Lee's book "What your doctor won't tell you about perimenopause" and he's got one on menopause too. They're a load of information.

The thing that jumped out at me right away was the being cold and the change in the period duration and headaches. Look up Estrogen Dominance. His book has a good explanation of it and you can find it on the web too. There are around 40 symptoms of it.

One of the books tells a story about a lady just like you. She has adrenal fatigue and can't get going in the morning without the coffee. When your body (ovaries) aren't making the progesterone needed to offset the estrogen then your adrenal glands kick in and start making it and then you end up with the fatigue. Maybe some progesterone cream could help you out. Progesterone is the calming hormone and the dominant hormone during pregnancy.

Our meats are overloaded with hormones these days, especially beef. That adds to the estrogen in us and it's not good.

Another thing I'd have checked is your thyroid. Hypothyroidism can also cause you to be cold and tired and lack energy. You might also want to have your vitamin levels checked and make sure you're getting enough magnesium, Vit B6 and B12 and maybe even D.

Be careful with the headaches because if they're migraines that's not good and they're in the same catagory as epileptic seizures. Dr's give seizure meds for migraines. I ended up with getting seizures because of estrogen dominance due to menopause.

You don't realize how much estrogen your body is really intaking. Look up xenoestrogens. They're chemicals that increase the estrogen in our bodies. Cleaning chemicals, bleach, smoke, perfume, nail polish and remover, candles, cigarettes, mold, plastics, chemicals sprayed on our food, and more.

You can also ask to get your hormones tested and if your gyno or PCP won't do it get it done by an endocrinologist and he'll do the thyroid and adrenal test too. Start there and see what happens. You can always get the progesterone cream at a healthfood store. It'll also help keep your libido up incase it's starting to disappear. Good luck.

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dtcmuma HB User
Re: Possibly early menopause?

thanks for replying, I appreciate it a lot.
I will take a look for the cream, hopefully that will help. I have to go into town also next monday and will schedule an appt with my doc to see if he can run some blood work.

I also forgot a symptom too, a small bit of hair loss on the middle of my forehead/hairline... unsure if it has anything to do with it at all, but I do know with my past 2-3 children, I noticed a small balding spot right in the middle of my forehead along my hairline, but it could be due to hormone imbalance too I guess, but it has been getting more and more noticable as I age.
I also have a very low blood pressure which is normaly between 90/70 or lower, if it goes up to a normal rate I find I get headaches. They are not quite migraines, but they are heriditary in my family, my mother had tons when I was little, but I could have been a huge pain in the butt.

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Re: Possibly early menopause?

dtc: hair loss is on the list too of estrogen dominance. Go look it up and see for yourself.

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Re: Possibly early menopause?

dtcmuma, Have you had your thyroid checked....when mine was low some of my symptoms were achy muscles, hair loss, no energy, easy weight gain...Hope you can start to feel better again real soon...

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Re: Possibly early menopause?

Hi ladies,
Dtcmuma, I think getting your thyroid AND hormone levels checked is the route to go. You seem way too young to be going through peri-meno (although it has happened). When I was your age, I had to have a chemical D&C (shedding of the uterus lining) because I bled for over 30 days straight. This happened about one year after the birth of my only child. It was simply hormone imbalance. This is just something for you to consider, because it's not uncommon. After the D&C, my body then adjusted itself back to a normal schedule. Take care & God bless, ~Kaz

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