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Natural menopause in late 30's???

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Old 09-08-2010, 12:03 AM   #1
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Jennyk37 HB User
Question Natural menopause in late 30's???

Is it normal to begin menopause at the age of 37...or more like 36, since I was skipping periods before I turned 37? I am 37½ now, but I would say that within the past 6 months, I have completely skipped 2 periods, and I skipped a few before that as well. I am on the pill both to prevent pregnancy and to regulate my periods, but I never have bleeding between periods, I will simply skip them and then have them at the normal time the following month. So this has gone on for maybe a year, and I have never gone more than 2 months without a period, and when they do come, they are heavier like I am having double the period.

Now what just pointed me to thinking I am premenopausal is that within the past couple weeks, I have began having really bad insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and to top it all off, I am continuously hot to the point where I had to close all the curtains in our house and start walking around in my underware all day. I have the air conditioning contiuously running, set at 69 when it has been in the low to mid 60's outside for highs for the last few days. It gets down to 67 in the house and I feel like it's roasting in here.

My skin will sometimes feel icy cold to the touch, but I feel hot, especially when I'm trying to sleep. I will have the fan on me in bed with no covers, and just underware, and I will feel very cold, but as soon as I pull the covers over me, I am really hot and I have to pull them off. I have arranged it so that the fan is not facing me directly, and then I can sleep without the covers over me, and it is usually ok, but trying to get to sleep is very difficult.

Just last night I went to bed at 3:30am because I was afraid to before, and my husband had been in bed long before, and had to get up early. Shortly after I went to bed I began screaming violently, scared our beagle out of bed, and woke my husband up. He is used to me waking up like that from dreams, so he thought that's what was happening. I said no, I'm already awake, I just came to bed. I can't sleep, I'm cold! I'm freezing! He pulled the covers over me and I screamed that I was hot! I was crying hysterically and he first fixed the fan so it would stay in the sideways position, then he let me cry on his shoulder until I calmed down. I tell you, I am a mess! And all of a sudden.

I am on a lot of meds, and the only new one I am on, I checked the side effects, and none of them have anything to do with what I am going through. I will be seeing my psychiatrist next week, but I really don't think it has anything to do with my problems in that area.

I am married with no children, and to my knowlege I don't have any problems having husband's genes prevented us from becoming parents. We tried for four years with no results, and I thought it was me, I took clomid, and nothing worked. And then we found out about his family gene problem. So there should not be anything wrong with me.

So anyway, aren't I too young to be premenopausal? And if I am, I can accept it, but what can I do for all of the problems I am going thru now. Especially the being so hot all the time?

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Re: Natural menopause in late 30's???

JennyK37: You need to get yourself to an endocrinologist and get a full workup done on your endocrine system. Get your hormones checked and see if you need some progesterone. Have them test your thyroid, adrenal glands, and blood sugars. Even get your vitamin levels checked if they'll do it.

Get Dr. John Lee's books "What your doctor won't tell you about menopause" and he's got one of premenopause too. They're a woman's bible for menopause.

Research xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. If you eat soy, you might want to stay away from it. It mimics estrogen in your body. You'll be amazed at what you read about the xenoestrogens. In Dr. Lee's book he tells about how when your ovaries are shutting down and not producing progesterone that the adrenals pick up the production and some women end up with adrenal fatigue.

I hope you're not a smoker.

Some women are going into menopause at 30 years old these days. It's just like young girls getting their periods early because ofl all the estrogens we're exposed to these days. Red meat is full of them. All these added estrogens are playing games with our bodies.

The endocrinologist is the right doctor to see. Your PCP or gyno won't do the tests because they think they're not worth it. They just don't know how to interpret them so they shrug you off. Some of these other meds you're on could be adding fuel to the fire too. What are you on these meds for? If it's for depression then you might want to look into Vitamin B12 shots/pills to treat that.

I'm in the opposite boat from you. I'm always cold. I've got estrogen dominance. I've never had a hot flash but I've got epileptic seizures caused by the ED. FUN!!!

I wish you luck and try to stay cool - mind-wise as well.

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Location: Elk River, MN
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Jennyk37 HB User
Re: Natural menopause in late 30's???

Thanks for answering. At the moment, I am hyperthyroidism with a level off the charts at about 0.02 and it wont go up even when they lower my synthroid. I used to by hypo- but something weird happened and i've been at this level for about a year. My sugars are normal, but I do have diabetis. I was on the high level, but i lost some weight and the H1C went down.

I smoked for 18 years, but quit 2 years ago this coming December with no problems.

I see what you mean about young girls getting periods early, so they would go into menopause early, but I got my first period a month before I turned 14, so I was kind of a late bloomer.

I'm on meds for depression and anxiety I am on: 90 mg nardil, 300 mg topamax, 2 mg clonazapam and 40 mg geodol, (the three former ones I've been on for years, and the latter one I jsut started, but I looked up the side effects and it has nothing to do with this. I am also on something for cholesterol, high bp, diabetes, birth control, synthroid, iron, htcz, potassium, and B-12. For vitamins, I take 4000 mg fish oil, 1000 mg cinnamin, 2000mg calcium + 1500 IU D, 3000 mg C, and Women's multivitamin.

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HappyLefty HB User
Re: Natural menopause in late 30's???

No, you are not too young. I started going through perimenopause on my 31st birthday last October. My doctor says I am in premature menopause I guess because I am having all the symptoms of peri at a young age. What helps me is a product called Flash-Ease and you can only get this supplement from a compounding pharmacy. It contains phytoestrogens and several herbs which are listed on the bottle. It helps all my symptoms. It helps balance out my hormones. My doctor told me that the phytoestrgons are actually natural hormones because they are plant based. I hope this helps.

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