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Mandarra 01-11-2012 10:48 AM

I'm hotttttt !!!!
I am losing it. I can't stand these hot flushes, they are making me crazy!!:dizzy: Last night, all night, no sooner had one ended, the next one began! I wanted to cry, scream, throw something. I'm embarrassed at work, I can't talk or be with co-workers because I am having one every few minutes. It's so awful when a male co-worker says out loud...."are you having a hot flash? You are sweating." I just want to crawl into a hole. :(I tried the black cohosh and it didn't do anything, but I'm going to give it another try because I need to do something, this is ridiculous. When does this end! When do I get my life back? Do I ever get my life back? I'm depressed, irritated, hot, sweaty, angry and I don't want my husband to touch me at all.
I don't smoke, drink or eat junk food. I am not overweight and I exercise regularily. Whyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee?????

SLEEPO 01-23-2012 08:44 AM

Re: I'm hotttttt !!!!
dear Mary... I had the hot sweats terribly on and off for 4 years and then have just had them for a whole year solid every 20 mins. now they are slowly peetering off and what a relief it is. i never thought they would end and like you had tried every thing. Sleep is only just returning and its like a gift. i actually look forward to going to bed now. i didnt want sex before because of being uncomfortable and was almost about to give up on ever being taken seriously again. i hope this helps you to have faith and stick it out. i too do not drink or overeat or smoke. i have put on a few pounds though but dont really mind that now as long as I can sleep.. Hope it continues no periods yaaaay!!!! xx

Mandarra 01-25-2012 10:21 AM

Re: I'm hotttttt !!!!
Hello Sleepo,

Thank you for your response. I sure hope this doesn't go on for years, I'm already losing it. I went to the health food store and bought a bunch of supplements, some containing black cohosh and after taking it for four days, the hot flashes actually became less freqent and less intense. :D I am thrilled that something is working. I still don't sleep at all, but at least I'm more comfortable.
I have a new issue that is concerning me. I feel that I'm more confused lately, and forgetfull. I left the curling iron on the other day, and I left my truck running for an hour and a half, I thought I had turned it off but I hadn't. I hope I'm not getting some kind of dementia, I hope its the peri that is doing this to me.


SLEEPO 01-25-2012 12:58 PM

Re: I'm hotttttt !!!!
It definately is not dementia , its all part of the process. Make sure that you read lots or take up some kind of studying to keep your mind active. It will really help. Make sure you look after yourself!!

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